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  1. I know my password very well. I can access the forums here using the same password absolutely fine. I changed my password and re-entered it just to be on the safe side. For whatever reason the Warframe client is having none of this and I've now been locked out of my account. I'm unsure what the problem is, but it's sure put a damper on my Saturday night.
  2. Hey there, So, I feel like the new metallic shader upgrade has really highlighted some... really weird lighting on the Grineer galleon tileset. I guess a lot of this will be to do with the art for this tileset being one of the oldest in the game, before PBR-style materials were a consideration, and a lot of these were present before the new materials, but I think it's worth looking at. The lighting of the character here is totally inconsistent with the scene lighting. Blown-out bright whites vs moody saturated yellow on the surrounding scenery. Also note the really weird blue tint on the light coming from the windows - it's way too bright and should blend with the yellow rather than just cancelling it out. Here the primary light source is behind Gauss, and yet his front is actually brighter than the light being cast directly onto the scene. What? Probably the strangest of the lot. Why are objects in this scene being lit bright red? There is no red light in the scene at all. The lighting in general here is just way too bright. There are some small point lights, and some coming from the windows, but there's no plausibility here. Where is all the ambient lighting coming from? Why is space casting such a bright light into the interior of the ship? Anyway, this isn't to rat on anyone at DE here. This sort of thing is inevitable when you have a big, sprawling game that's iteratively updated. I also understand the 'galleon' tileset hails from a time when Warframe's lighting system was pretty different, but if any tileset is in need of a bit of love from the artists, it's definitely this one.
  3. Wait, so it's not actually replacing alerts and is simply a list of cheevo-style challenges? Eeesh. Colour me kinda disappointed honestly.
  4. What do you even do? There doesn't seem to be any clear indication of what you're even supposed to do. Regular alerts are still in rotation and Nightwave just appears as a rewards list with nothing to tell you how to earn those rewards. 😟
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