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  1. I've not heard anybody talking about Jupiter's new spy tiles yet. They're completely different from the old ones, and they've been really fun to try and figure out. The one with the giant rotating beam array in the centre still has me shook. Flippin' excellent work all around.
  2. So after a bit more time mulling the fight over and getting a night's sleep, I have a few more thoughts on the Ropalolyst fight overall: Conceptually, I really like the direction DE are taking boss battles. Having patterns to suss and light environmental puzzling feels good, and having challenge that can't be inherently trivialised my minmaxing is IMO a huge step in the right direction for what should constitute high-level content. Where it falls down however is, unfortunately, execution. Quite apart from the current bugs which I'm sure will be ironed out in the coming days, the whole thing just feels like it needs a bit more polish. At the very least, some textual prompts in the style of The War Within / Kuva Flood would be incredibly helpful for newcomers trying to figure out the flow of the battle, but more than that, I feel like the Ropalolyst itself could do with a good deal more visual info regarding its state. Does its shield need depleted with a void weapon, or is it just in an invulnerability phase? When should it be considered vulnerable to being grappled (random quips from Alad V aside)? Further to that, there were a lot of random shield depletions, magnetic damage, stunlocking, nullification, ability locks, one-hit kills etc that came out of absolutely nowhere. I'm sure maybe they were telegraphed by something at some point, but I feel this leads back to one of Warframe's ongoing problems, which is that there can often be so much visual clutter it can be difficult to figure out what is going on during more intense combat. I want to love this boss and I hope DE iterate further on its mechanics going forward, but it currently replicates a whole bunch of bugbears that have plagued the game for years.
  3. I personally don't feel like the damage those beams do is a huge issue, especially in a squad, and the telegraphing isn't all that bad, but currently I feel the dodging could stand to be a touch more forgiving. There were quite a few times I died due to the lasers covering a large enough area that I simply couldn't evade in time. Other than that, I agree. In terms of problems with the fight overall, it's definitely least concern type stuff imo.
  4. It's currently pretty unclear what the exact context and criteria for grappling the Ropalolyst is. I've seen squadmates doing it, and I've had the prompt flash up for split-second intervals at completely random moments during the fight, but have never been able to trigger it reliably so far.
  5. Wait, so it's not actually replacing alerts and is simply a list of cheevo-style challenges? Eeesh. Colour me kinda disappointed honestly.
  6. What do you even do? There doesn't seem to be any clear indication of what you're even supposed to do. Regular alerts are still in rotation and Nightwave just appears as a rewards list with nothing to tell you how to earn those rewards. 😟
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