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  1. Why'd he rush to get the Paracesis? He wanted to! Why'd he post the story on the forums? He wanted to!
  2. What you're trying to say is that Primed Chamber was a trophy, a real trophy toward which there are no shortcuts or cheap tricks. Such are the rigors inherent in its acquisition that merely possessing it implies a grand story. And now that trophy signifies nothing. I don't share your frustration, but I understand.
  3. There would be little point in addressing these issues now. If they have further ideas about how to improve the system, they are either small changes, or still in the draft phase. It's also worth noting that for changes of this scale, they usually wait until they are almost ready to ship before demonstrating. Often DE will do episodes like this when they are about to release a big feature set. They've been working on Squad Link, Railjack pt. 2, the new ORB, and several other major projects for several months. These are probably nearing release, and discussing changes to systems that are about to be greatly expanded on in just a couple weeks is not particularly productive. tl;dr: Huge new update soon, they probably want to save deeper commentary till after the update's consequences for existing content are understood.
  4. Yo, is that a new gunblade in the teaser image? Man I hope it's a launcher. Ideally I wanted a greataxe with an underbarrel launcher. But I will settle for a sword. The important thing is the melee weapon can launch explosives.
  5. I boosted my first liche to rank 5. It was a Shildeg liche with Mag's kit and a spinning dash which it used to pursue me relentlessly whenever I wasn't in melee range. It would often setup the dash with a Pull cast. I fought it with Mesa. The fight took about 6 minutes because of the poor matchup. It was really enjoyable being forced to use the game's mechanics intelligently for once. Lured the prick into a two-tile hallway with a door, and used operator to kite him around for Peacemaker openings. Ballistic Battery headshots chunked its health, and Magus Repair kept me alive while I repositioned. Played out more like a boss fight than WF's actual bosses. Most fun I had with the game in ages (apart from Empyrean, anyway).
  6. The all-devouring hivemind that crippled the empire, the awakened scourge of all life organic and synthetic... defeated by a handrail. Enemies as mobile as Tenno sounds great, if they can make it work.
  7. You have redeemed the entire WF forum, sir. As they say, what's good in the bush is good for the hand.
  8. Careful, guys. You're gonna get dashwire nerfed. I can't use wallhang effectively because of my aiming setup. Crazy high sensitivity for camera, and slightly reduced sensitivity for aiming. Removing the timer would help me, but I don't see it happening for the reason taiiat mentioned. You might not experience dashwire failcast at bs locations, but DE would prefer you did. I'd settle for a separate slider for wallhang sensitivity. 1-100 acting as a multiplier on your aimed sensitivity, with 50 matching it. Scale accelerates at the 25 and 75 marks.
  9. What do I do? I play other games. If the cause of my frustration was other people, I detox with something single-player. All online environments are the same in my experience, game-related or not. My patience for cliques and pointless arguments has sanded to a nub. I can only take Warframe in small bites these days. There are entire mechanics I just don't bother with because the game as a whole requires more time than I'm willing or able to give. There's nothing to be gained by choking down a leisure activity you aren't enjoying. It's your leisure time, do whatever you want with it.
  10. This information doesn't disagree with my suggestion. Let me clarify. What I'm suggesting is the humanoid form we call Natah was ripped from her shell, and modified into the Lotus we're familiar with. We know she was captured at some point, but no trace of a former gigantic Natah body is explicitly identified. Depending on the Earth invasion's placement in the timeline, the Eidolons could be the remnants of her former body. I was asking if any lore places that invasion's timing, which would either support or eliminate the possibility. Hunhow has a humanoid form, too. It's visible in the transmissions during Natah and Second Dream. Looks like a burn victim. It even has a similar silhouette. What purpose this form serves to a giant living spaceship is anyone's guess, but it's there. I suppose Natah could have always been nothing but a humanoid form Sentient, hitching a ride on her dad. But that doesn't sound right to me. That they have humanoid forms at all begs for explanation imo.
  11. Hey, so... I had a thought. I'm not totally up on the POE timeline. The fragmented Sentient attacked Earth during the Great War, right? It wasn't after the Collapse? So... what are the chances the Orokin tore Natah from the core of that Sentient when Gara destroyed it? That'd be a pretty metal revelation. We know Natah and Hunhow were the vanguard, traversing the rails ahead of the main fleet. But we're never told how the Orokin retrieved her, as far as I'm aware. And we never see her body. Is there anything that immediately disproves this idea?
  12. Oh, believe me. I've been playing WF since pre-Steam integration. I know I'm in for a rough ride. I'd be surprised if the entire crossover feature set rolled out at once. They've got a lot of licensing issues to work through, so it might be broken into chunks. If people throw a big enough stink, DE will get around to improving controller support. But every time I bring up the subject, it meets with the same five forum responses. You know the ones. I don't personally care, so you shouldn't either. I haven't experienced this problem. I'm not paying attention, but must find something to argue about. Just try [solution that doesn't pertain to the problem]. Git gud. Oh, and of course the ever illustrious [barely legible stream of profanity and insults]. If they ever patch the ability pop-menu, I tell you, I will declare a holiday and pour some of the good S#&$.
  13. He might be correct, but I don't believe so. It depends on how many people keep duplicate frames for different builds, and how many frames those folk bother to duplicate. My belief is that very few players bother to duplicate more than a handful of items, but that belief is anecdotal. If I am right, nearly everyone will apply extra Forma to the one copy they keep so they can use additional builds, and Forma sales will increase. If he is right, then the Forma a person would use for duplication decreases, and Forma sales decrease marginally.
  14. I... actually like this. A lot. That's rare. I've always wanted a frame that can confer existing status from one enemy to others. Regarding Psychic Barrier... If you've played around with Mag at high level, you'll know these kinds of nukes don't really give a crap about armor until you get to around lv300. With smart use of Magnetize, you can get explosions worth millions of damage at lv150. Mind Meltdown and a corrosive weapon can soften a whole area (unless this is not your intention, and only one instance of each status can be spread), so giving it finisher damage shouldn't be necessary. I'm wracking my brain, but I can't think of anything to add. You've put a lot of thought into this. It actually sounds fun to use, in addition to being very powerful and versatile.
  15. Ability pop-menu says hi. Then it laughs at you, and doesn't update itself for five years. It's actually slightly worse, because certain controller options are not present in the PC version for god knows what reason. Last I checked, anyway. It has been a while. Would be nice if you could use DS4's touch pad on PC. It's nifty for gear hotkeys. I have archwing on swipe up. I'm waiting to see how cross-progression unfolds. If I can bring all my slots and builds over, I'll switch to PC in a heartbeat. My rig at the time could barely handle Terraria. One of three reasons I'm still on PS4, the others being A) colossal leveling/research investment, and B) TennoGen for plat is dope. I'm not sure I can play without a controller at this stage. Too many years of muscle memory. Last time I tried to adapt to Warframe on a keyboard, it was like having synesthesia. I couldn't even bullet jump>jump>roll vault without learning Mandarin and finding the last digit in pi. I've seen what some folks do with mice in obstacle courses and it makes me jealous. Hopefully I can retrain these fingers in time.
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