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  1. I will try not to be sad when I say he was an 18th century writer and poet who became famous post-mortem. You probably read The Raven in high school; it's his most famous short story. He invented half of the horror/macabre tropes you're familiar with. To be fair, to be forgotten probably wouldn't pain him much.
  2. Really? Most people seem to think Path of Exile. I always think Edgar Allen. Depressingly, if you google "poe", Path of Exile is the first seven results, followed by some vocalist named Poe. Edgar Allen is at the bottom of the first result page... and it's not even his Wikipedia article, it's just a site hosting some transcriptions of a few of his works. That's tragic. Getting beaten out by a shoddy Diablo knockoff.
  3. Rage is actually an AOE, the same as Rest. The augment makes it great, too, since it's based on incoming damage and not your outgoing weapon damage. Meaning it's multiplicative with all forms of outgoing bonus damage. Very powerful ability. The speed buff is... questionable, though. I'm not clear on the reasoning behind it. Unlike MP, it doesn't accelerate spawn rate because it only affects local enemies. That being said, I completely agree with your sentiment. Equinox should not lose her buildup when switching forms. Being able to auto-dump Mend & Maim is nice, but not as useful as u
  4. A Mirage with SS can push the framerate on PS4 down to 15fps and below. Pub is rife with the build. Mirage's performance issues are legendary. There are several weapons Mirage can murder the fps with, SS just happens to be popular because of its CC and easy AOE headshots. A nerf to the weapon or Mirage would only be a bandaid, really. And Mirage isn't the only thing that cripples performance on the PS4 version. But when an extremely popular build makes the game physically unplayable on two-out-of-three platforms... it may piss people off, but I'd vote aye as a temporary measure.
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