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  1. Eisvogel

    What's the normal timeline on help request tickets?

    Sometimes depends on the ticket category and you might get a quicker reply, but with mission rewards or hard to categorize tickets i agree with the times mentioned above.... sadly they are way too slow, and the bugs seem to be piling up rather than decreasing with updates
  2. Eisvogel

    Steam Achievement Sync Still Broken

    When will this be fixed? It has been there forever, while we are always told the same... "wait for the upcoming fix" Achievements/Challenges already unlocked in profile are not synced with Steam Achievements (and redoing the achievement/challenge doesn't trigger the completion again as to pop the achievement in Steam by repeating the already completed challenge)
  3. Eisvogel

    Unable To Login [Megathread]

    I understand that, but are players just supposed to stay tuned hoping to be there when it actually gets fixed for real? not to mention any left over syndicate missions and such. Rebecca only said the alert would be still there, who knows for how long or *when* it will actually happen and the crashing fixed
  4. Eisvogel

    Unable To Login [Megathread]

    Still this, omg..... the amount of things we've missed already, what about the potato alert huh? How comes DE never comes forward with how they will address this kind of things, always delaying info to the players and ensuring how these mistakes will be amended seems nothing has changed
  5. guess ill leave it for later, rewards might get bugged... dcs.... sleep time it is
  6. Eisvogel

    An Apology

    Thanks for the update Sheldon
  7. Eisvogel

    Soon The Dead Will Rise... Nekros Is Coming.

    At this point, i really just hope we don't get disappointed again
  8. Eisvogel

    Survival Weekend

    Nice May i suggest a detailed explanation of the event's conditions, whether if it can end upon completion of a 100% bar or if there's no goal at all, just let the time pass? In order to avoid some complain-happy people's flame wars in forums? To further prevent even more QQ threads, you could also detail how the new mod can be obtained (if randomly, etc) and what does it do. Thanks for your time and dedication Megan and DE
  9. Eisvogel

    Nightmare Weekend!

    There's a big massive difference between difficulty and lame cheapness/punishing. Nightmare mode is a good a example of a poor, meaningless joke devoid of any challenge.... just game rule breaking to punish the player, attempting to create a fake sense of "challenge" Take Dark Souls, that's a real difficult game that doesn't need to resort to cheapness or punishing. You talked about oldschool.... have you played meatboy? That's a simple game, that stays true to it's rules and provide a very hardcore challenging difficutly... again, without resorting to cheapness to the player. Also, nightmare mode is divided in 2..... General rule => play like any other mission and wipe em out No shields + Energy drain => play with rhino and cast iron skin before you lose all energy and hope you make it and no enemies spawn mysteriously behind you and obliterate you before you know it, or simply abort to save yourself the rage moments.
  10. Eisvogel

    Nightmare Weekend!

    Correction: Nightmare mode is pretty crappy Sometimes is cheap and punishing, sometimes it's not.... It's never challenging and it doesn't bring anything to the table :/
  11. Eisvogel

    Cells - This Is Warframes Endgame

    Keep at it, i really hope we see this or something similar to this in the game. Whenever someone claims nightmare mode is challenging or endgame i chuckle.... :P (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/98185-nightmare-weekend/?p=1110750) I hope update 10 is not another major letdown and brings something real to the game, something to make it more of a real beta
  12. Eisvogel

    Nightmare Weekend!

    You are the one without a clue.... check again, and pinpoint me the difference in what you claim from "no event mod has ever been claimed to be exclusive" and where "all vandal weapons are explicitly exclusive". Also, primed chamber was said to be in future events again probably, so that's not being exclusive (as opposed to weapons like vandals that even give you mastery rank.....) And i can't help to lol at the QQ about "exploits" and such BS, that's a sore loser attitude. I would go on about it... but i'll limit myself to say .... either prove it, or accept it and shut it, so much drama queen attitude lately in forums :/
  13. Eisvogel

    Nightmare Weekend!

    Then i sincerely hope you get em all as soon as possible, and with the less amount of punishing grief nightmare mode gives as possible Good luck kind sir
  14. Eisvogel

    Nightmare Weekend!

    it's the same for the primed chamber, it's a matter of time and place... release all, or none.... that's the only way.
  15. Eisvogel

    Nightmare Weekend!

    i really really really doubt there will be 10 new mods all of the sudden... i could be wrong, but from re reading the OP i am inclined to believe it's about the existing mods.