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  1. When will we get rid of the Hologram lotus and just get uncle Ordis give us the info we need instead. (lotus is dead to us it's been so long now that i feel its time we move on from her for good.)
  2. All these new chances are interesting and all but I really do wish I could get an option to chance the forma/gilding stuff to something else because its something I have already done so many times that doing it for a daily is a waste of time since I don't have any need for more weapons to guild and forma to spend just for the sake of it I get that it's aimed at newer players but that's why I wish that there would be like a option at maybe Mr 20 or 25 or something to get an alternative weekly since i really enjoy most of the tasks. but when i have played the game for so long now that i feel like i'm being pulled back or low-key "punished" for having done all this stuff for years already.
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