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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Orphix hit detection is inconsistent for hosts and clients. Some AoE attacks against Orphixes result in 0 damage when playing as client, namely, Ironbride heavy attack and Cortege special. REPRODUCTION: Execute heavy attack with Ironbride or Cortege special against Orphix while playing as client. EXPECTED RESULT: Ironbride heavy attacks damage Orphix from any direction, Cortege's special projectiles deal damage when hitting the weakspot, just as when you are hosting. OBSERVED RESULT: 0 damage. REPRODUCTION RATE: Always TYPE: In-Game
  2. I would recommend this if you have already tried smaller tweaks: playing around with hardware sync, in-game overlays, HAGS/Game mode settings; installing driver/OS updates, reverting updates to the point before the performance drop, SFC/DISM, reinstalling graphics driver with DDU. Also, I had performance drop in all games, even singleplayer titles with no recent updates (but not in synthetic tests), so OS repair was a reasonable next step for me. As for formatting OS drive, I don't see a point in this.
  3. Slam attack with warfans end abruptly in the air sometimes. I think the bug only occurs when I do a slam attack after bullet jump before its momentum has expired. I was able to reliably reproduce it with Quassus and Arum Spinosa, with both normal and heavy slam attacks, on any warframe I've tried.
  4. I had a noticable performance drop in all games since around the beginning of november, only now I've decided to download latest win10 installation ISO and reinstall (while keeping apps and settings). And it helped, everything is like it was before: CPU usage is lower, GPU usage is higher. Between dx11/dx12 and classic/beta renderers only dx12+beta rendering combo has fps drops - GPU usage graph looks like saw teeth with frequent jumps between 90%+ and 20% usage - but even there stutters are gone.
  5. As of 29.5.4, the stuttering is mostly gone, but I'm still getting a lot of frame drops, especially when there are decorations around (orbiter and dojo), whenever visual effects start stacking up or UI elements are present ( in arsenal/foundry/modding or when pressing TAB in mission). Graphics settings do almost nothing - lowest and choppiest framerates are ~55 on 720p low and ~40 on 1440p all high, gpu usage at 2k barely breaks 60% in missions (around 80% in orbiter though). Renderer and DirectX settings also do not have any discernable performance differences. The problem persists acros
  6. You say GPU usage is different, but is it lower or higher now? Since few updates ago my GPU usage decreased by a lot, bringing my fps from capped 144 to unstable 60-120, even lower in co-op. GPU temps remain the same though, and performance in other games is unchanged.
  7. Similar problem - used to have 144 fps pretty much everywhere with occasional drops to 120, now it's fluctuating randomly between 60 and 120 with noticable stuttering.
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