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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Newly built Xaku frame, I went into Helminth room, and stabbed Banshee's Silence on his first ability. It took my resources, but no ability changed. VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: Just take a newly built frame and try placing a Silence on the first ability. Dunno about others. EXPECTED RESULT: Helminth to say that my frame is not ready and not take my resources. OBSERVED RESULT: My resources were taken and no ability was changed. REPRODUCTION RATE: I only tried once, Helminth is kinda expensive when overused.
  2. Yeah, the text in the second image "Your Warframe will be consumed in the process". If you bring a prime frame it'll say "Prime Warframes cannot be Subsumed". Thanks for the first check though, I wasn't able to check cause I was subsuming one already.
  3. I'm not going to test actually Subsuming Excalibur Umbra, but the message "Your Warframe will be consumed in the process" currently implies that it can be eaten.
  4. Haven't really looked very closely, but haven't seen this thought mentioned. Does anything think it'll be possible to replace one of the abilities on a Warframe with one of their own abilities?. Say, replace Regurgitate with Nourish. Would you simply have two Nourishes? One requiring eating and another not? Or do you guys think it just won't be possible? I mean, something like double Warcry would basically be all the attack speed.
  5. +1 I actually thought my settings were changed, but yeah, color correction was still off when I went to look.
  6. Just finished Jordan Golem. It was just 10 min of trailing behind the boss and shooting him. Probably need to change it a bit. My archgun is kinda maxed out, though was using a Kuva Ayanga, perhaps another gun would have fared better. Hm, admittedly, if I wasn't solo, with 4 people shooting him, 2.5 min would feel better. Still, was kinda a boring battle. In addition it also didn't really feel like an infested battle, probably cause there were basically no other enemies around. The little guys usually swarm you in normal infested missions, but in this one there were just like... 10 floati
  7. It looks cool, it's decent for Warframe maneuverability... but enemies have no way of getting around. They need teleportation pads or something. Most of the time, we're just waiting around for the enemy to climb the stairs, or just run across the map to you from where they spawned. If you get an interception Fissure mission with that map, you better let the enemy take one or two points, because the enemies are going to take a while to get to you. The last two interception fissure missions were left with the entire team at 9/10. Yeah, not going corpus for a while I think. During
  8. Right now you are only focusing on one item. Their job is not simply this one item. No one is going to be hired just to only look at stat sticks. There is no one who has time to take care of every single little system in Warframe. So, yeah, I'm fairly certain that they don't have time to take in every single detail regarding this problem. This little thing is not worth losing focus on their current projects. It's kinda like, why do people high up in management get secretaries? It's not that they can't do the work, it's that they don't have time to do the work. They are definitely working
  9. I think it's a time thing rather than not understanding. I'm a programmer, and I've had to fix and maintain things. Warframe is a much larger project though, and the time invested into it probably doesn't leave a lot of other time. In addition, sometimes the problem is that they have too much of an understanding of their game. Being too close to the core makes it hard to see all the details that we do. I think they understand this, and that is part of the reason why they post here. They're the devs, they don't have to tell us before making these changes, but we have more eyes than they d
  10. Don't really like this, but only cause I don't like arbitrary interactions. It's another thing that would confuse new players in the future. I do think that there should have been a change, but honestly don't think this actually helps with the core problem? The problem: Xoris was really only a swap of limitations, from combo counter maintaining > weapon. People who like Xoris will just be bound only to Naramon in the end again, or particular weapon builds. On second thought, even those good stack stick weapons were limited in the first place to ones with good riven dispositi
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