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  1. cyrus106

    Warframe Is Getting Boring....

    u16 really didnt add much.The 2 big things hyped in the trailer (parkour 2.0 and the sentients) weren't even added, so if you are bored now u16 wont help much. Just take a break for a few months then check back, like I'm doing
  2. cyrus106

    Is Primed Streamline Really Worth The Wait?

    Primed streamline was the first primed mod developed. It was created during the massive discussion about "homer's drinking bird" and press 4 to win. Then according to dataminers the devs quickly made primed continuity and released that instead of streamline. Guess what? There is a high chance they scrapped the mod. So please stop bringing it up and whining until it actually appears, if EVER
  3. cyrus106

    Hotfix 16.1.4

    Thanks for stealth nerfing chroma's effigy credit bonus without even making a patch note
  4. cyrus106

    Math On Why The Synoid Gammacor Is Massively Nerfed

    Doesnt matter, the proof is people crying that it runs out of ammo in 40 seconds. Also, my loadout is shown at the end, watch the video next time please
  5. cyrus106

    Math On Why The Synoid Gammacor Is Massively Nerfed

    /thread. Never ran out of ammo once
  6. cyrus106

    Hotfix 16.1.3

    You realize this was a nerf, right -_-
  7. Having a mod lock this topic, because it has gotten way too large and warrants a fresh 2nd edition topic. I will request them to post the link to the new topic, but just in-case they don't here is the url
  8. cyrus106

    Hotfix 16.0.4

    Re-read the patch notes, they just buffed it
  9. Actually, it's no longer a "leak". Rebecca slipped up and gave away it was volt prime during a dev stream. Everybody can stop crying now and mods can relax
  10. If it hasnt been addressed by U16 I will certainly make a new thread, excellent suggestion
  11. cyrus106

    Eyes Of Blight Progress?

    don't spread false info, if he tries to show up at a destroyed relay he doesn't abort he just changes relays, there is zero incentive to save them
  12. cyrus106

    Double Credit Weekend On Now!

    The default amount is 20k, so the doubled gives you 40k and the bonus gives you 80k
  13. cyrus106

    Double Credit Weekend On Now!

    I think it is working, some players found that a relog fixes the 4x not working :). Spread the word if you see any complaints
  14. cyrus106

    Double Credit Weekend On Now! Im gonna test it myself and edit this post so, nothing confirmed yet just thought I'd share : ) edit: Ran a t4 ext, got 84k credits, seems to be working!