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  1. If they nerfed frost idk how id feel lol. Id just wonder why
  2. Veryy true! I suppose youre right πŸ€” and i see what you mean about zephyr since frost globe usually only protects you from gunfire, explosives still cant hurt Okay rework 9.6/10 now to me
  3. Ooo a frosty rework i like!! Passive suggestion, YES lol, thats all i can say to that xD. His current passive was cool to me when i first saw it, but it only freezes an enemy like once every 3 months because i dont let enemies melee me lol First ability suggestion, Ice lance i feel like i still wouldnt use it much but ice glaive sounds pretty "Cool" (i love cold puns)! My favorite weapon is a long sword or scythe though. As a personal preference id want to incase my weapons in ice to deal extra damage to cold proc enemies. Melee to gain energy or shoot to strips some extra armor Second ability suggestion, 100% agree that its a weaker version of avalanche (Much weaker). Everytime i use ice wave to mess with a bunch of enemies that are bothering me, it does no damage and provides pretty bad cc. The cold procs going away so quickly. "I shoulda saved energy for Avalanche or Snow Globe" is what i always say to myself lol As for the idea, i use snow globe for area denial. Though ice wave impendance will be less annoying to teammates, i feel like it should just stay an augment Instead, id want ice wave to be able to deal tremendous damage! Simular to vaubans orbital strike ability thats coming soon, id want ice wave to scale in damage depending on the amount of enemies frozen. There is something.... SOO satisfying about using ice wave and seeing enemies just break into pieces! Oh just imagine seeing all the snowflake particles gently fall down after youve shattered enemies, its so beautiful! πŸ–€β„πŸ–€ Third Ability suggestion, hmm, this one is good too but id want it to be different from all the other frames like nehza and rhino. Maybe when frost puts down a globe, it gives everyone a blizzard like effect. Working like a pickup simular to wisp The blizzard would stay around the player, reduce enemy accuracy, slow nearby enemies, and grants weapons extra cold damage that doesnt combine with other single elements on the weapon being used. Players obtain this effect from simply going in and out of the globe. Effect last 15 seconds Fourth ability suggestion: definently! 9/10 rework id give this, i see people have already said that hes a solid warframe and shouldnt be prioritized for a rework amongst other warframes. Though i agree, i also disagree cause i love frost πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ Looks good ^_^ Edit: this dang thing was acting like submit didnt work, accidentally sent this 3 times....
  4. What? This goes against your post? If you bought the plat two days ago, what does "not playing a game for over a year" have to do with not spending the plat? Only spending the plat during the two days would matter then yea?
  5. Lol saryn, mesa, frost, and more warframes say thats not a negative. We can do more than that, a lot more
  6. Like any ability in the game, we have the power to make it not promote afking.... including a turret 1 of the billions of ways this could be done, is making the turret require ammo to use. Every kill the player gets, the turret gets 25 bullets.... Just 1 example Like with so many abilities able to kill like 50+ enemies in seconds, it seems ridiculous to think a turret would be able to promote afking. I couldnt imagine it promoting afk any more than wukongs clone with a soma prime would which DE seemed to be okay with, along with chromas effigy, and trying to add the operator and umbra excal effect to every warframe. A turret can be no more afk promoting than a flipping sentil lol. This argument is old and extremely closed minded. If DE said this, im pretty sure they were referring to a turret that dealt a ton of damage and required nothing to keep it up and running, rather than the turret being utility based like vaubans Bastille and banshess sonar, and people misinterpreted as every turret will promote too much afk lol More turret ideas to help open yalls minds:
  7. I hated embers energy drain. Real fires keep burning the more things around them, not randomly go out lol Feel like ember should be simular to this, gain energy from heat proc affected enemies near her cause she has more things to burn. The more a fire has things to burn, the longer it will be there on fire, ember should be the same I also feel like ember should give heat procs a special effect when near her. Like only when ember is near a enemy on fire will it begin to strip armor With those two things, and her new rework? Ember will be as scary as a forest fire. Energy pfft, you cant stop the fire once it really gets going 😈😈😈😈
  8. I had a qualdruped warframe, was a werewolfπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
  9. Banish should be removed all together imo lol. Its an ability that prevents your allys from attacking some enemies, like old hydroid pool ability did lol.
  10. Mmm there is a way to link post but idk how to do it. That would be a nice addition to have in your spoiler tags for each warframe you come up with. That way people can like individual ideas, while also having a way to view your other warframe concepts
  11. Comparisons to things outside of warframe? Arent there over a billion (if not more) ability ideas for things outside of warframe? I dont think thats a fair standard for anyone lol, and even then. Warframes like ash exist who summons clones to assassinate enemies simular to assassins creed 2, hildryn is the woman version of ironman, nidus is like the guy named james heller from prototype Seems to be little to nothing wrong with abilities compared to others in other games, and i dont know what DOTA is lol im just assuming its a game lol Spiders only do so much, lay eggs, spray webs, cocoon prey, pounce and heal from eating. Pretty sure any game you think of with a spider character will have abilities simular to things found in every other game that has a spider as a character. Its near impossible to not have spider abilities have comparisons to other spider characters, while sticking to theme of what a spider does lol. Like frost for example, his abilities are EXTREMELY simular to other ice characters in other games, im willing to bet its impossible to remove all his simularities. His theme has been far too popular for many years. Frost got a shield, ice spikes, and freezes enemies. How many games (even popular ones like Crash for example has had frost ability's b4 frost was created) can you think of that have abilities simular to frost before he was brought into existence on warframe
  12. Whoops, yea i dont usually do stats lol. I tried using my frost as a reference and didnt realize i was looking at his base stats. Good catch
  13. Ash feels like an assassin from AC to me fully. Especially with the ability to basically summon assassins, my god i love that feeling The teleport doesnt feel like its from assassins creed but i absolutely love it anyway, prefer it over something like valks ripline. Its like, because ash is still insanely fun to use, i feel like any rework would feel pointless unless its a slight tweak to his abilities. Like allow the clones to live for a little time after to continue fighting enemies
  14. (Okay so as usual, if you see any ability ideas here that you like, do take them and use them in your own warframe creations! I do not care if im not mentioned πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ–€) Abilities are all i like to talk about really Passive (Webs): Holding the jump button creates a 6m radius of webs under your warframes feet, wherever you go. If used while airborne, it will create a platform of web that you and your allies can stand and move on. If used while on the wall, you and your allies will be able to wall latch twice as long when touching the web. The web will give Arachne and allies increased movement speed and bullet jump distance. Enemies will be slowed when touching the web. She can only cover 36m of the map in web before her web begins to disappear. First Ability (Abduct): When activated Arachne will fire a string of web and pull herself to her last aimed location. Enemies in a 5m radius will be taken with her and wrapped in a cocoon of web. Range mods decrease the time it takes for her string of web to reach its location and pull her (starts at 8m per second). Can be cancelled early Cost 25 energy Something i think will be cool when using this is: Second Ability (Feed): Coat enemies in thick webs in a 8m radius that will crush the enemies, dealing up to 50% of their current health as damage. Attacking this web, with melee weapons, damages all enemies in the web and gives energy to the attacker. Arachne must charge up this ability before dealing full damage again, granting an additional 1% of enemies current health as damage on ability cast for every second the ability goes without being casted (up to 50% as previously stated). Using other weapons will damage 1 enemy rather than damaging all enemies in it. Last 7 seconds Cost 50 energy Third ability (Spider house): Arachne spins a web together at her last aimed location, that is untargetable by enemies but can be damaged by them and destroyed. If the web recieves damage it will be destroyed in the next 5 seconds, still blocking enemy attacks in the meantime, however allies attacks will go through without damaging the web. Players within the web cannot be seen by enemies when the players arent attacking, enemies in the web will be slowed. 4m radius web, up to 4 can be placed at a time. 25 energy Fourth ability (Little monsters): Create a nest of 3 spiders, all inside of a case of webbing (egg). It will require you to kill 10 enemies near the egg, or eggs, for the spiders to spawn in. After killing 10 enemies, the spiders will hatch and attack enemies. The baby spiders (Near the size of a pet kavat) will have a hunger for the same type of enemy that was last killed near them by arachne. When they find it, they will jump on that enemy, and instantly kill it within 2 seconds. The spiders will live for 25 seconds after theyve killed something. Only 3 eggs can be laid out at once, spawning a 4th egg will destroy one and spawning a egg while 9 spiders are alive will kill 3 spiders. Cost 75 energy Best of all, spiders are immune to nullifiers. Theyre more like a companion than energy from an ability Question A: What is this going to look like? Question B: Is it too powerful? Question C: The range of the ability is a little small, what can help players get enemies within the radius of the ability excluding range mods? Stats at level 30: 300 shield 350 health 100 armor 200 energy Okay So - Decent damage check - Decent survivability check - Decent mobility - Little bit of crowd control check - Fun Extra Check But thats my opinion, whats yours? See anything that might be problematic? Improvements? Changes? Too scary? SHOULD spiders wear glasses????
  15. That... is well said... couldnt agree more
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