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  1. Im using Inaros Ramses Skin and Anubis Helmets. Primary and tertiary colors are set to white. If you go from a well lit area to a dark area with the stuff i said above on your inaros, the white on the skin changes drastically compared to the helmet. Like the helmet looks slightly darker but the skin turns dark grey. I think this was unintended as its such an unsettling change for it to go from a white that matches the helmet a little bit, and then it turns into a waaayyy darker color than the helmet when u go into a dark area. Stuff like this usually dont bother me much but this... it just seems soooo wrong lol. I was in mid mission and i actually thought i had accidentally chose black for the wrong part of my inaros because my helmet was white in the dark but the body was black. Went into the light and realized the body was actually a bright white like my helmet. Weird man
  2. Thats a lovely idea! Unsure if DE would be open to more skins for things that compliment warframe deluxe skins however if they would, it would be pretty epic! Like i could have all 50+ of my currently owned weapons iced out with frost's deluxe themed weapons! Or a themed kubrow 😳😳😳😳😳😳Take my wallet!
  3. That atlas helmet, id buy it immediately
  4. For the post you wish to delete, you can simply report it and a mod will delete it for you shortly. Just tap the little flag near the top of box containing your post. Also i like your warframe however i feel its missing somethings that add to the fun of using the warframe because as of right now i feel its just a warframe that will do nothing more special than some of the warframes in the game already. Like i feel if i have a chroma or equinox, that can allow me to already experience way too much (if not more) of what your warframe has to offer
  5. Rather it not be a augment, but become an actual part of her. Or maybe save this idea for an angelic styled warframe
  6. Yea i do think something like what you mentioned here is nice! I think DE should also turn mods like "peculiar bloom" into something like an orokin reactor. Rather it not take up a mod slot and be something like customization.
  7. The picture is not my creation, i chose it because it shows what a "werecat" would look like which should help you get an image in your mind of what im describing in the passive and 4th ability of this rework. Passive: if valkyr is moving and hasn't performed a attack using her primary, secondary, or melee weapons for 6 seconds, she will be quickly imbued with dim glowing energy that will make the warframe appear to have disappeared as a panther looking creature (with bullet jump, double jump, wall hopping, and rolling animations all remaining the same as current warframe animations) stands before the player, on all 4 legs. Sprint speed is greatly increased, while unalerted enemies who see valkyr this way will run in fear for 25 seconds. The panther look im imagining is definitely bigger than valkyr if she were to move like a qualdruped. (this picture is also not my creation of course) This raven is covered in a dark shadowy like material that can completely hide what the raven actually looks like beneath it. This is simular to what im talking about in the passive (and in the 4th ability later on) except what im talking about is just more transparent and can be all red, blue, or any energy color you see fit. 1st ability: has a 2m radius area of effect now, which means when she throws her ripline, if an enemy is within 2m of the line they will be attached to it. The line will penetrate through enemies which will allow her to collect more enemies to be pulled back to her when the ripline retracts. This makes her ripline more like a piercing grappling hook. 2nd ability: Perfect as is 3rd ability: This ability will now do 3 different things depending on Valkyrs position. Each attack will deplete her shields. If shes standing, she will dash forward and strike an enemy which will proc impact on enemies in a 7m radius of where she stopped and send valkyr airborne. If valkyr is airborne, she will kick in a slightly forward and downward direction making her fall to the ground quicker. Nearby enemies in a 7m radius of where she made contact with the ground will be affected by a puncture proc from the debree that jets out quickly from the impact she made. If Valkyr is crouching or sliding she will lunge forward sweeping outward with her claws on both sides of her, which will proc slash on each enemy hit. These effects are permanent, perfect for players using condition overload on her exalted weapon or melee weapons. 4th ability: The more damage and and status effects valkyr recieves, the more powerful this ability becomes. Over time this ability will become stronger quicker, the longer it has gone without activation. Additionally her ult now is duration based removing the penalty she takes from staying in her ultimate for a long time. Ability last for 8 seconds unless buffed by one of the conditions below. - Each time Valkyr takes damage, 10 points will be added to a counter near her ultimate ability icon. Status effects will add 30 points. For every 10 seconds that goes by without activation of her ultimate ability, these points will be multipled by 2. Meaning after 20 seconds, 40 points will be added when she takes damage, and 120 points will be added if she recieves a status effect. If Valkyr has 500 or more points, she will automatically use her ultimate if she takes fatal damage. - 500 points: Activating her ultimate at 500 points will give her claw attacks twice as much damage along with a light energy looking shield that will cover her body. Though its light (meaning hardly visible) to the player using her, other players who see her will see a barely transparent, dim glow around her body making valkyr look like a large panther. This will happen each time she activates her ultimate when she is at or above 500 points. Her ultimate last for 20 seconds now and upon activation of her ult, it will consume all of her current points. - 1000 points: claw attacks deal triple that of her original damage, and attacks will also have a 20% chance to completely remove enemy armor or shields. Ultimate last for 25 seconds. Consumes all her current points - 2000 points: Claw attacks deal 20% of enemy health as bonus damage, attacks have a 50% chance of completely removing enemy armor and shields. Ultimate last for 30 seconds. Consumes all her current points. So what do you think? Shes more like a werewolf now, maybe 1 day she can get a skin that makes her look like a werewolf and it changes her war cry into a howl.
  8. So like... i just got done playing this game called "Devil May Cry 5" (i rate the game a 9.5/10) and vergil has this creature that follows him named shadow. Heres how it looks All i could think about was my kubrow or kavat looking like it. Makes me feel like drooling... An infested kavat would compliment this skin well too! If you watch a youtube. video on how this creature fights in Devil May Cry 5, youll understand why. Do search up a video if you dont understand why lol. Its quite interesting. Also tennogen pet skins because i want someone to make a lion or cerberus skin for my kavat or kubrow respectively!
  9. Hydroid can turn into water, a warframe growing fur isnt too out of the box.....
  10. Only thing i want with chroma is to actually play as his 4th ability, would be sick
  11. Well said. I still like the challenge it could open up, but none the less youre right
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