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  1. I was the exact same way. I just finished the quest today and it was sooo gooddd, everything felt right! The art, the enviornment, the added information, everything EXCEPT for the music and length imo. To me the music should have been slower, something that gives you a feeling that you should be embracing what youre seeing and also make you feel like youre in danger. The music that played just made me feel like i should be focused on combat instead of actually enjoying everything Maybe thats just me though
  2. Ive been waiting for the 4 legged warframe for 6-7 years lol. DE just will not bite whatsoever Sad day
  3. Thus let all frames be able to do it through some form of balanced ability! It could be part of the helmith system actually 🤔 Half skeleton half zombie looking dogs/wolves
  4. Speak for yourself!!! 😲😡 I need 10 kubrows at a time, 9 of them will have no revive option when downed, and wont be able to use abilities
  5. That sounds like its more of your ps4's problem though, like a update was downloaded incorrectly or had an undetected error during a download. Have you tried deleteing and redownloading the game?
  6. Honestly i dont see why not. Every warframe has a special place in my heart and i still have room for about 60 more warframes Well.... all except barruk... i like having a monk warframe and i like that his unique mechanic which is key to making warframes feel as tho your playing another game, however i h8 that first ability for salty reason after making my ghost warframe idea >_>.
  7. Honestly i hate it on console too. Holding a button for using 1 selected ability is terrible
  8. They were thinking with the same mindset that said it was good idea to ragdoll on impact procs, or they gave all critical attacks the ability to make you go invisible for 10 seconds That mindset is "lets just throw this out there and see what happens" instead of "lets think about what could go wrong and fix it" Albeit tho, some of them are atleast thinking a little by not making every warframe ability available. Still someone in there whos living in that mindset i previously mentioned, is really holding the game back from uts full potential it seems. I really want DE to snuff them ou
  9. Limbo is bad design too. Unless you want a defense mission to be that easy And they know he was that op too when they made him on paper. Ability range is a number, and freezing enemies is self explanatory A 2 year old knows limbo is not designed to make a game mode fun, hes designed to allow players to turn their brains completely off. Nyx makes more sense than limbo in terms of cc. Is her cc the most efficent? No BUT IT makes sense for it not to be that efficent given how POWERFUL cc can be. Nyx's cc makes the a game, still a game, while limbo turns the game into an infinite
  10. I spent a lot of time and platinum trying to get my kubrows to be as big as possible. I finally had this but in the last couple updates it seemed they had gotten smaller I couldnt confirm it was a bug until i looked at the armor on on one of them, the armor seemed to be around the actual size of the kubrow that i remember, only now its basically floating on air from the pretty big drop and kubrow size
  11. Preach my mans preach And the game doesnt have to be about damage only, the problem is game design. DE stopped designing enemies and levels to be fitting for more crowd control frames is all Its like giving players a car with no road to drive on
  12. True, and i hope they would Id enjoy that Thats sounds like a really really cool ability! I like your creativity And yea, if they listen to people like you then i guess i could be down for "mixed" warframes. We shall see if they will in time, as im actually almost certain that the creation of the 2 frames you mention are inevitably coming to Warframe someday. Id be willing to bet next year for the lava warframe
  13. Not just xak, Chroma too Though combining warframes isnt really my thing. As long as its something like the lava frame you mentioned id be okay with it, otherwise i wouldnt be interested because of the likely repeated abilities.
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