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  1. It be like that Buffed i think is a better word than overtuned (impact, puncture, and radiation maybe. The rest i highly disagree) Plus, i dont see how puncture shot to the leg magically reducing a bullets damage is seen as thematic. Or radiation procs increasing the damage dealt to the enemy by only its allies fits. Puncture creating a puncture in armor, radiation making players go radioactive (more deadly and charged up like Godzilla) would seem loads more fitting There are a lot of status effects in warframe, and for them to be special and not overpower the other in terms
  2. I was following but you lost me after the 3rd line Its meh, i believe armor values can scale really high on enemies though. Id have to test it but it seems like this will lose a lot of use in high level content Yea i thing mag should increase damage too but no bubble. Thats void damage's stupid effect Huh? Why? And what do you mean new status? Not talking like heat right? Doesnt make sense But if youre talking about another poison proc i dont see the point 🤔 Going to be alot of explosions coming from the glaxion and Guass Idk how that would work
  3. You dont have to infer, i tell you which get removed and which dont in the post already lol. First 2 sentences Ive added extra clarification in an edit if its really needed "Complete change" means its been changed completely. If it had its previous mechanic still in it, it wouldnt be a complete change. Therefore the words together mean that the previous mechanic has been overwritten, replaced, removed Then magnetic reads "removed"
  4. Viral to health, magnetic all, max stacks 650 achievable That or prehaps add some sort of cap. Magnetic alresdy suffers from being a pretty bad damage type regardless tho, so i didnt find the cap to necessary. Oo or a better idea, tie virals increase damage to health to melee only, magnetic to projectiles. Something like that could be pretty nice in creating more variety Least magnetic will not be tied to corpus only scenarios whereas viral and corrosive had oppurtunity against every faction. Bit unfair to other status effects doing that...
  5. Slash is fine because DE allowed you to proc it, but since DE doesnt let you proc puncture and impact as much you shouodnt be able to deal extra damage with them? What? As for the rest idk why you guys are saying i removed anything. Did everyone skip the first 2 sentences on the page? ~85% of these are additions
  6. The idea is cool but its not really team friendly, like heat removes armor which everyone can benefit off of despite their build Removing cold resistance unfortunately only helps those using cold
  7. Nah these are additions haha I hear, i dont know if youre seeing these things as additions Impact, puncture, and magnetic only ones that werent so much additions Hecks yeah! Cant wait to get my hands on him Well, on him again. My frost wants his vail rush lol
  8. Hel i say add that and multi-finishers imo What do you mean? If you proc right after the next you deal 50% damage first with the damage that came with the impact proc, 100% extra damage on the next impact proc that has damagae following it, etc Words that bring death to innovation This advice is best given to those who dont really know what theyre doing. To those who know more, they turn planes into jets. Dont say not to make a new viral damage. Cmon, no fair! Couldnt agree more, but yeah. Its very situational, very Plus ive heard that the creatio
  9. This wont include heat and slash as i think they are in a good state. The rest of the purposed changes are mainly ->additions<- (addition means to add to something) to what the status procs currently do Edit, with the exception of magnetic, impact, and puncture Universal effect rework Stuns impact procs, electricity, freeze, etc (excluding heat) pause the time it takes for an enemy to aleart nearby enemies. Simular to finisher animations mechanics. Stopping the enemy from alerting others while under the effect Impact Completely changing this 100% chance to
  10. Good change to energy and armor but why not add health? May as well for armor to benefit more off of it Bleh. I mean its definently more active than his current passive but fun? Imagine Nidus's being reduce to something that is the equivlent of a 20% slow in 3m, like 10 health regeneration per second... Gaming is supposed to be fun experience that takes you away from reality. 3m for a 20% slow doesnt really accomplish that. Where enemies are primarly further than 3m and frost abilities are designed to keep enemies away from him and frozen, this passive will remain too inactiv
  11. Idk why you do. A cone slow for a few seconds costing 50 energy If you like to just play frost to clear low level trash i could understand, but if you wanted frost abilities to stay viable well off into sp content (even just sortie content) ice wave is pitiful
  12. Nekros -2.0 The abilities do not capture enough of a ghoul, and it doesnt do it in a unique enough way imo. I dont see any fun coming from abilities, just another inaros or old wukong. Then to top it all off with allies damaging you. Its just not it for me
  13. For a hard mode i actually love 1 shot threats, its just not being able to do nothing about is the oddest thing : /
  14. Thats the problem, you cant fix that ugly currently. U still get a trashcan with limbs in the literal sense, visually speaking. Like Im almost willing to the bet that the designer of this thing was throwing balled up papers of failed concept drawings of the nec mech into a trashcan, and at their lowest point of feeling bad that they couldnt come up with something beter, they looked at the trashcan and was like "uh... i shouldnt but... fudge it.." On that night, born was the look of nec mechs xD H8 them more than Xaku except xaku's more personal. 20ish likes on the concept as opp
  15. So you think the game is better to have a sniper spawn randomly behind you, turn a corner, and use Rng to decide if it will 1 shot you while you are aim gliding through the sky? As opposed to being in the same scenario with shield gating giving you the chance to decide to take cover or continue to risk getting 1 shot? Shield gating isnt the best but its hands down better than playing "flip the coin" (rng) to decide if you die or not >_> Call it a "bandade" if anything. Rng deaths are far more stupid
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