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  1. Sad day, garuda skin by vulbjorn i need in my life 😭 But yay!
  2. This sounds kind of interesting Could make the game better at giving the player the ability to sort of create their own story using this. As your character should be helping the fight in unique ways based on personality, story driven invasions could allow you to bring that personality out more. Adding passives to the player after making certain descions in story driven invasions could also be cool. Like imagine getting a weekly passive that makes some enemies scared when they see you, as a result of you taking out a high ranking enemy. Or maybe a weekly passive that adds freeze proc chance, as a result of you being given a cold battery as reward for helping some person's family. Could be pretty dope, especially if trophy decorations are given too. Could add more "game immersion" 🤔
  3. Its the same thing basically, and i get annoyed easily when im trying to have fun and some1s ruining it There is, and RNG is evil where as gaurntee is heaven. Its why i admire solo play more than teamfights My joy is more in my hands Play 20 minutes of kuvival with a team, then solo (survival sucks too but in kuvival its like whoa). Less resources, less capsules, less enemies = less fun And i do know why there are less enemies, just think it should be changed to a different type of "help" for solo play. Like lowering enemy level Or give us some commandable AI for teamwork Thats really fun too And its available when you are instead of when your friends are as a bonus
  4. Nah, but thank you. Appreciate it It truely was, and yea an actual *fair and *fun challenge for gaining invisibility, that you seem to be getting at, does sound rather pleasant however operators give us a fair amount of invisibility already i think 🤔; theyre slow i know but void dashing + zenurik makes it bearable
  5. When teamwork goes right, its fun, that ill admit. But in my experiences with teamwork in gaming, its oftentimes hell Let me explain: 1.) At times its like teaching a 4 year old, calculus, and it happens more often than i can handle. I be all like "Everyone listen carefully, dont touch the red button RIGHT here okay?" *5 seconds later the button gets pressed* So im all like "DUDE!" And the guy who touched the button is all like "oh that red button. Oops" OOPS?!?!?! 2.) Friends are time consuming. Everytime i make a new friend in a game, guess what happens if i go home and plan on farming some Neurodes in warframe 🙃..... "Hey!!! Come help me farm plastids!" "Hey lets kill kuva liches" "Hey! I need help, how to get off ship?" "Hey hey hey" 🙃😤💀 Its so bad, that ill occasionally block players after ive helped them or theyve helped me get something. 3.) #2 actually leads to my next problem. Its rare to find good help. Im in an alliance that helps usually, but there are times when all 3,000 of my active alliance mermbers dont want to help your boy get credits for a few hours when they all have millions of credits and are working on other projects. So i have to play something else if that mission is too focused on only being meant for teamplay 😤😭 How am i still here in Warframe you ask? Eventhough its a "teambased", teammates dont hold me back. Ive reached a level to where i can carry myself and enjoy the game when my teammates are sitting in corners and sleeping with their eyes open and tongue out. That possibility is what keeps me here in the game, aside from my clan. Lately ive been noticing how bad solo play is treated though, and it is why im talking about this. It started with normal missions and now that ive finally gotten my Railjack i notice it there too. Games a lot mire fun without the pressure of being a preschool teacher or getting blown up with messages imo (sound like such a loner lmao, im just introverted dont judge) It utterly blows
  6. This is actually a big problem that i agree with too A big problem i have with railjack is i dont understand why the tutorial is non-existent when it has so much to it. The thing about not having a tutorial is people can get caught up in a lot of frustration and miss things that were meant to help them like the game mode youre trying to introduce. Also, being basically forced to study using outside sources for gaming is not fun... it ruins the immersion 10 fold.. (I also really hate the pressure theyre trying to put on team play. I truelymissed where it felt optional, i do not like being a preschool teacher or having to make new friends to bother me when i dont want to play with them. Much prefer they leave that frustration to raids, not the games "core".) Limbo and khora's abilities are overpowered, im sure DE knew this on release but didnt care. Problem with making warframes too overpowered is they easily will trivialize certain game modes eventually. DE also are heading towards 100 warframes or more it seems, so balance is "essential". The more they focus on balancing warframes and not making more overpowered warframes and weapons in the future, the less game modes will be "trivalized", the less time will be needed to be spent on reworks, and the more time DE will have on their hands to make players say "Yayyy" instead of "Booo". DE needs to learn what makes people play this game for hours and then create a tutorial that guides their "new player" audience to the things that we love (NOT what DE currently Thinks we love "Grinding". Grinding is only okay when we know or feel our time will be worth it) Either that or make transitioning from rank to rank more entertaining. Mining is not warframe please god no lol, no more DE knows this, thats why they gave us beacons for assassins Idk why theyve gone back to the same system of so much RNG. Time is still money man, at some point in time rng should not be a factor anymore, like beacons and void trader helped to relieve. Its really good on your players mental states lol Bring more of that (ways to get what you want, over time, gaurnteed) so that i dont get left in the 5% of people farming something with a 10% drop chance but never get that thing for a year while my friends get it in a day. Its not okay Completely 1000% (yes 1000) disagree. Dying waste affinity and uses a revive Process takes 3 seconds Not dying is a backflip Process takes 3 seconds. You can argue about falloff damage being the new self damage problem but other than that no way m8 Primed Sure Footed? The healing ones are overpowered still... for now Lol yea, some of the mods were made without consideration of their use Bullet jumping (though cool) disregarded a lot of ingame features, making a lot of enemies and mods absolutely terrible. Imo it wasnt ready to be added to the game and has become that of a double edge sword. Leave the movement system in game the same as is and struggle with making "Fun" (emphasis on fun) difficult content, or remove it and deal with serious backlash. Id choose to keep it in the game but yea, it wasnt ready for release and still wouldnt have been with the content we have now. Crits used to give invisibility on naramon DE didnt know it was overpowered "on paper" I wonder if their balance and design team is not given enough time to work on these things, or if theyre just.... no it has to be time. No. I hate that whenever something is good, the reaction is to make it universal. It kills the idea of variety, just buff the other options. What would be better? - Making unairus reflected damage actually having a chance to kill enemies. Like taking damage for 3 seconds causes an enemy or 2 to loose almost half their health or something - Vazarian giving the warframe passive health regeneration from orbs and more healing to nearby sources. Damage reduction per enemy killed Etc... Or dont release so many trees..
  7. Id start small, im like 50% interested so no promises that id look through them all lol Id rather have just a replacement of the current passive abilities, or just add all 3 together as 1. Not to say that 3 wouldnt be cool to play with. Could be entertaining for a little while
  8. After grendal, id love to see what you could do with Valkyr! I use her gersemi skin and its nice and all, but her helemets arent good enough for me. I need something creepier
  9. Oh this sounded like some sort of passive to one of his abilities I need more description on how this is applied. Does he throw something or scratch something or And whats the range if effect? Also thought this was a passive cause i didn't understand what "null" meant lol. Tbh that sounds like a good replacement for Nyx's 4th ability really, especially if she could use it while on the move. Yea im struggling to decipher what part is an actual ability and what part is a description of an ability. If you could seperate the abilities through line spacing (enter bar) for some better formatting.
  10. Kinda weird. I cannot picture how it would look like is it hard to aim through the zombies like nekros's shadows? Kinda sounds like atlas Maybe this wall should be traceable meaning the zombies sprout up as i trace my reticle around the map Weird but okay again. Decent passive though the mod restriction seems a bit unnecessary. Think its better to weaken the warframes healing potential from other sources instead. I didnt see a 4th ability This frame seems like it could be somewhat cool. Give it a good 4th ability, and add some more description on what the behavior of zombies and how many he can summon I was thinking an ability where hands sprout up from the ground and scratch enemies would be pretty cool too (Someone may comment on the format too. For your abilities a common go to is to seperate the abilities with paragrapgh spacing any labeling each ability idea)
  11. "No love for a zombie theme warframe?" Well revenant and nekros give a rather satisfying feeling of making undead/infected enemies relating to a zombie themed warframe on some level.
  12. Im impatiently awaiting this skin on ps4 😭😭😭
  13. Not really a fan of being asked to bullet jump near a group of enemies How does landing from a bullet jump sound instead? Weird, im having trouble picturing what this is doing exactly. Why a crit damage buff for water? Id give it a normal damage buff since Crit damage requires crit weapons, and Banshee already has this ability. Also maybe make it somehow useable while the player is shooting This could get really massive really fast to the point where the player could become unkillable right? If so, definitely add some form of cooldown ability to this. Cooldowns are usually done with energy but energy is too easy to aquire for something this powerful. Make some sort if 2nd energy storage system that affects the duration or requirements to cast this ability (or both). I dont know how this relates to water or a crocodile. Thus not relating to the theme -Snip- Edit: Just read your reason for instant teleport. I hear you but still i feel there has to be something more theme related. Even if its simply surfboarding a wave of water or making a surfboard out of water using k-drive mechanics. Something more fitting to the theme Sounds kinda cool. Maybe make it reduce the range in which enemies can target you, forcing them to move closer as they almost treat the rain like its a wall. For me, this warframe is a 7/10. Its definitely a little different which is cool however the abilities i dont feel match the theme well enough, and one of the abilities might be a bit too overpowered. Interesting warframe idea. I also see two warframes in one in this idea (Storm Theme and Water Themed) i dont see the crocodile theme unless that was just for appearance but even then i wouldnt do that as its unfitting to the ability theme. Save crocodile appearance for a crocodile ability themed warframe know? I also would move away from water theme and go full storm themed warframe because Hydroid is supposed to be our water warframe. A storm warframe could be like how Chroma is to Ember, Frost, Volt, and Saryn (fire, cold, electric, and poison). Your Storm frame would be Zephyr, Hydroid, Banshee, and maybe Revenant. (Wind, Water, Thunder, and Electricity). Be cool having a storm warframe 🤔 The rain could deal toxin, cold, or magnetic damage based on energy color (or changable in game, i no longer care which after an old update) The lightining from a storm cloud could deal deal adaptive damage like revenants 4th ability, the lightning would come from him being simular to an eidolon meaning im gaining inspiratrion from the Hydrolist Eidolon. Also Chrona is "sentientish" so why not make our next mixed warframe also "sentientish". Be kinda cool Something like that. I have some ability ideas for a storm warframe if you want, could be fun.
  14. (I dont know how many others will agree with me but in my opinion: ) 1.) Synergy 2.) Seeing a "commonish" amount of oppurtunities where each of the abilities (even the passive) are useful. Ig Frost Snowglobe, blocks enemy fire all around him, this is useful even during survival missions. Making it a fantastic ability. - Its even better if all of the abilities maintain their usefulness despite the enemy level theyre being used against. 3.) Fun! What makes a warframe fun (outside of its usefulness) is the way it performs its attacks. Imagine a buff that just lets you do double damage, its meh but now imagine a creating 4 turrets each dealing 25% of the damage that you do. The creativity in that is far more entertaing and fun, than simply a damage buff to the player. 4.) Smoothness. Things like an ability that stops the players movement for longer than 1.5 seconds or abilities that require you to spam or hold a button A LOT to benefit from it, bring severe interuptions to players gameplay. Want to make sure you stay away from ability ideas like that for a better warframe. 5.) It keeps up with other warframes in terms of how much easier the warframe makes the mission. Enemies have hitscan weapons, nullifiers, and use RNG to determine factor of wether you'll be hit or not. So make sure the player has sufficient abilities to keep enemies off of them so the player doesnt start struggling until about enemy level 100-120 WHEN modded properly. Unmodded should be about half of that enemy level, if not lower. 6.) Uniqueness. Another Fire only warfrane wont be as entertaining as a Explosive only warframe. Bringing something to the game that players dont have adds the delicous cherry on top sort to speak. Adds sprinkles if the ability mechanics are newish as well in anyway
  15. Yea, on the topic of necessity for more fun gameplay wise, the idea ive come up with here is near pointless, i see that now
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