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  1. I cant believe your response to someone who said you should seperate youre ideas with paragraphs, was "its for de" You do realize that most readers, especially those in gaming like DE, love good format? DE also usually only checks out the most pooular ideas on the forums too, audiences help. You are just one person, and you are making something you spent years on blend in with other bad post in the forums. Youre work deserves more than that yea? make it stand out... Or just ignore everyone, 1 mind is better than 20.
  2. Yes ind3ed, i need someone that speaks english in an extremely proper way, like someone of royalty would Then i need one with a voice that gives you chills! Its not scary, not angry, just chilling. Idk how else to desccribe it. Just a voice that sounds like the person doesnt care Then i need one that thinks theyre a badaz, cracking jokes Just, yes
  3. Racing with warframe abilities lol Exaclibur special ability = slash dash, catches up to a nearby opponent and damages their vehicle Frost special ability = freeze, makes enemies loose control of their vehicle and slide Mag = pulls you behind them This trains you for combat while using a vehicle. Dodging and environment awareness while maintaining high speed Also i love the alternative game modes like conclave, happy zephyr, and frame fighter. Sorta wish these game modes gave you weekly 1hr resource boosters or something just for playing 3 games. Add more life to them
  4. Art 1's body i like better, i prefer mor bulky looking warframes Art 2s helmet i like better than the other tho. The answer to why i think is the same to why brown is in my top 5 fav colors, i just like it
  5. Is it that hard to not hit things? Seems all youd need to do is decast it, reangle yourself, and then recast. Going through objects seems like it wouldnt fix the problem as you wouldnt be able to see whats behind it, may just run into another wall if not worst which is fall through the world. We all know how warframe bugs can be If they could pull it off though, Going through things sounds okay. I do enjoy running into objects tho. Rather funny xD, just give me a giant head for my gauss to complete him ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ˜‚
  6. Ahh i see okay, explains the more powerful earthquake at the end too. Noice
  7. This just made me drool, 10/10 idea like yes please! More rubble, that was a golden idea! Mm combine the last two ideas with this post, this atlas rework would be really "Solid" wink wink The last 2 excluding mines that is. Idc if mine are added or not Yea im upvoting the post now, i am pleased
  8. Took me a while to picture how this would be possible, but i then thought that as atlas is stomping, he could be causing rocks to be available to him from creating cracks the ground. The rocks will build a wall when atlas decast the ability This sounds quite fun! Going to be doing a lot of ground finishers ๐Ÿค” but its nice crowd control Id definitely want an augment that staggers enemies during instead, then knocks them down at the end. But yea that sounds more fun
  9. Yea that sounds more pleasant ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™ And not just arby drones, add more enemies like nox where you can only kill them quickly through headshots. I mean, most (if not all) of us start the mission over and just do it again when enemies become too tanky anyways. Problem is deciding whats too tanky and whats not. Some warframes can continuously obliterate high level enemies making their increased damage non threatening because the enemies will already be dead. Ignoring arbitration drones and nullifiers
  10. Meh, i really dislike fighting bullet sponges that 1 shot you. Rather have my reflexes tested for difficulty. Normal for me is no challenge, level 80 is fine but i need more than just increased health and armored enemies after level 80. Id rather fight some level 20 enemies that 1 shot you for missing a button rather than enemies scaling up to millions of health and armor taking years to kill. Like i want to have more things like arbitration with the special drones, just make them a little easier to kill. Exploiter orb was a treat, loved that fight. That type of fight is what i like in warframe, just shorten the fight even more and pile me up with then enemies like the exploiter orb. Only thing is exploiter orb had no one shots (while alive). Staying alive wasnt challenging in the slightest bit. I need it to be more possible for me to die, but avoidable in a simple way. Ig jumping to avoid a 1 shot Work and reward me for my ninja reflexes instead of my weapons damage and warframes durability ๐Ÿ˜•
  11. Idk, i tried putting gas on my ignis wraith with weak damage and the damage it dealt was pretty bad even though it would proc gas like a million times. Even against high level corpus enemies it wasnt to pleasant This warframe would also only be spreading the status effects, adding a small amount of damage for the gas to strengthen off of simular to the weak ignis build i used. Players weapons will be the killers then after the ability, the ability just puts your procs on everything quickly. Well said well. Tested and i agree so ive come up with something a little different, check out the new grounded and airborne third ability ^_^ If you think i went overboard let me know I think the energy regen was a bit weird too now, and agree that it should do a little more with tagging. So i just replaced the 4th ability energy regen (part 3) with something else. Lmk what you think ๐Ÿ˜ˆ And thanks for the feedback! Love it!
  12. What if the boulder did more damage, the more rumble atlas collected, with no cap? Like a more focused equinox ult, just dealing impact and puncture damage instead of slash This is cool, but im okay with way rumblers attack at the moment though. My only problem is the damage. You have two giant rock golems that tickles enemies makes the ability feel so lame. With his landslide ability, what if the rumblers took some fraction of the damage atlas dealt for a short period of time. Basically what im thinking is having his landslide combo duration extended, and each time he attacks within that comb duration, his rumbler have a fraction of that damage added on to them and it keeps stacking as atlas attacks just as long as the combo counter hasnt reset So say you dealt 50k damage in 3 attacks with landslide and your combo counter is still up, rumblers will start dealing 1/2 of that damage (25k) per hit. The damage will slowly go down after each attacks because the rumblers fist start to get worn out or something, so atlas will either need to do more damage during landslide's combo duration or recast his rumblers Mmm lets do 2 or 3 seconds, 7 seconds is a lonnng time and typically players are always under heavy fire to the point where i doubt the 7 seconds would be noticed. Or maybe as he goes from 0 to 7 seconds without taking damage, he loses less rumble
  13. Yea gas procs would be pretty powerful, and i think so would the ability's increased elemental damage buff. Players could use it to get a quick buff on their elemental damage from weapons or let it charge up to hit a lot of enemies. Maybe more range is okay since mods like overextended would reduce the damage, ill definently consider. Ground attack was meant to just help set up the airborne attack which is why the energy cost is so low. Players using condition overload on their melee weapons i think would love this ability as it will help them deal a Lot more damage by casting it inbetween melee attacks Airborne attack, yea youre probably right but idk. Along with the 1st ability adding 500 elemental damage, and the passive taking the ability from 15,000 damage with all status procs on an enemy, to 90,000 damage it seemes powerful enough to kill most enemies. Theres also slash, impact, and puncture procs so it should hit 100k. And if players use his 2nd ability it gives 50% damage increase setting the ability to 150k damage Even deals health bonus damage but i wanted that to be a hidden feature like some other warframes have ๐Ÿ˜ so the ability should be effective early and late game. I might need to run more test with my weapons but it seems pretty strong to me haha It is pretty weak i guess ๐Ÿค” main goal was to have players use the ability just as you said though. Gain a bit of health back, energy if you want to spam your other abilities, and debuffs enemies for you and your allies. You get all of this at the cost of not using your more powerful weapons though so youd mainly want to use it just for debuffs instead of ability spam. 4th also deals more damage after the 2nd ability Ill give it some thought. Testing damage potential with my other warframes right after i send this
  14. Okay im breaking, let me know how yall feel. Is it boring, do you think its too powerful or not powerful at all, simply missing something? Hit me Even if you hate it but dont know what to say, just say "TRASH ๐Ÿ‘Ž"
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