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  1. I've been waiting for this booster for so long, so straight faced right now. I need kuva...
  2. Theres just seems to be this intense paranoia that people have that such an idea would slow down combat in the game They cant picture fighting enemies and doing another task at the same time eventhough they do it in game already. One person thinks people would hate having to wait near a pressure plate for a teammate to arive (aka waiting near an objective), even though there are 10s of thousands of players perfectly fine with the game mode mobile defense that has you waiting near an objective 10 to 100 times longer. Theyre also are afraid that throwing in an enemy into the mix of enemies you already fighting, that has attacks you can dodge and weak points you can access, would slow down the fast paced nature of the game. Even though such an enemy sounds very akin to the Nox enemy type in the game currently, that doesnt seem to be doing any harm to the game. Change just scares people i think, it stops them from thinkin
  3. Maybe a specific type that spawns in groups but rarely spawns. Arb drones are cool but i do dislike it when theyre spammed Sounds kind of nice actually, or just add a knew enemy called the freeze moa, be cool Exactly! Or even enemy that deals a lot of powerful damage up close, but eventually he takes like a 4 second breathing period where he stops attacking. During this period lets say a heavy melee attack could deal a ton of damage to him. The faster you hit him with that melee attack, the more damage you'll deal. Issue? You need to get close fast to deal the most damage! What frames can get you close fast? Gauss, Volt, Ash, Nova. Note how these frames wouldnt be mandatory to deal with such an enemy, they just open up a new creative and effective option for combat. Just asking combat that keeps in mind that players have a brain. It doesnt have to be rocket science, just something they can go off of like what was previously mentioned. Youd need far more than this but its a beautiful setup to start making these frames far more attractive.
  4. I like the idea 🤔 only thing is youd just be rifting EVERYthing lol, i mean spam 24/7. Never any reason to think it through (for stronger players anyway). No game to it if that makes sense, no mental effort at all would be req Feel like there should be something
  5. Before i would have said no but now that helminth is a thing, fire away
  6. How even? Lmao it deals 8 damage 😂 Im Cool with there being an opt out option but getting your kills stolen, id have to see to believe
  7. Ifkr? But im sure it has something to do with aoe of these abilities. Being able to spam some if these abilities would be a lot more map clearing than any other weapon. So i think thats why DE trys to keep their damage low I think a nice way to bypass this would be either through special pickups or Devil Triggers Special pickups would be some shinny gold orb that uncommonly drops from enemies. Picking it up would randomly strengthen the damage, range, and duration for a random ability. The damage would be enough to 1 shot normal enemies while its trippled against others, range and duration are both doubled. Or Devil Trigger, after dealing a certain amount of damage and/or getting a certain amount of kills, a bar displaying your "devil trigger" would be filled up. Activate to gain a wide range of boosted stats nearly everything. This way players can use high damage abilities without being able to spam them
  8. Agreed, i like i like While true, this is still far too op. Maybe give it anothe requirment like meet X kills or deal X damage Else wise i feel he'd better at surviving than any warframe in the game right now. Just too much
  9. Interesting. I kind of like the way shes setup though. I think a closer comparison of how the op is asking for Ember to be is Garuda gaining damage as she loses health, but when she hits 2 health she also gains something else like spikes starts flying around her and deal heavy damage to nearby enemies. So you gain something as you go, and then you gain a whole lot for taking the ultimate risk! Its pretty unique, sort of final form kind of thing know? That accelerant idea though, i still like. Like maybe it sort of maintains a small range until immolation maxes out, once it does it gains like 3 times the range or something. Sounds hot
  10. I have no reason to want such an idea as i cant imagine much of anything looking right on other frameslike excalibur with rhinos arms, but what combinations do you have in mind?
  11. While this ability isnt trash, i feel like its a missed oppurtunity to go with something that adds to the trickster vibe. This would just maje him feel like a tank as opposed to a trickster Decoy was always duration based, do you mean it will no longer take damage? Good good, maybe change to where enemies who were targetting loki get stunned? Make it a little more reliable I think you should consider turning all of these augments into abilities that Loki has by default, where hes able to switch them around like a Vauban & Ivara Idk, i feel like this is too op and unecessary. Hes already hard to kill from being invisible for 25 seconds, this is overkill Not to mention the new passive you gave him 💀💀💀 I only really like decoy and the change of switch teleport. Those seem nice
  12. I like it but give it a bigger radius and longer duration imo. 20 seconds, 8m radius. I could use it then Maybe add seconds to its duration per enemy killed in it too, that'd be lovely
  13. Im digging the direction of these changes, especially the invincible part as i feel it makes a lot of sense. I def start using them a bit more if they didnt die permanently or at all, real nice!
  14. This is a brilliant idea, it makes a lot of sense and it keeps things from feeling like a complete punnishment, i love it! Very creative and cool
  15. My only issues with this is that id like half of these abilities on another frame. A hacker/tech savy warframe. For a shadow Queen, id expect something more frightening. Especially if youre going to be a Queen, stealth doesnt really cross my mind when i hear queen and thats what it seems like these abilities are trying to captivate. Id imagine a queen as someone in the front line, doing the best at something. Intimidating those who are beneath her. A leader. But aside from that, i do like the abilities, theyre something thats a bit fresh to warframe that i always enjoy
  16. This is more on point, i still dont understand what in the world you guys are talking about when it comes to bouncing around as in my experiencr it buys you little to no defense whatsoever against actual tough enemies (what level enemies do you guys typically play against?) Aside from that, yes, more situations that open up creativity is exactly whats being asked for here. A step away from simple tanking and damaging the player, to something more colorful. Especially ones that keeps players warframes' capabilities in mind. I mean what would be the point of making fast warframes like Gauss and Zephyr if every mission has super small rooms? Whats the point of making frames that can clone itself when the clone does close to nothing? Whats the point of making a warframe be able to crowd control, when no one is encountering any enemy that is a threat to their survival? Or trying to use an enemy to help you with damage when it only tickles them? It doesnt make any sense. If you want that much variety with warframes, give them something to do. Thus my point of the post
  17. Bolding "more tanky" in this quote, because i think the issue youre forgetting is That was mentoined in the very first post. Do forgive me if it sounds like im saying "i want this but not like that" but i did try to make this clear in the very first post that tankiness is focused way to heavily in the game, its about the only route that DE ever goes for So yes, im not asking for tankiness when asking for strategy... im asking for the many other things mentioned, reflex, memory, etc... And yes, i play other games when i dont feel like playing warframe.
  18. I use this and it doesnt work well. Idk if im missing something here, but around the time you even need to start doing this enemies become so tanky and start dealing so much damage that it becomes a huge waste of time killing them and they still down you eventually. Less accuracy doesnt matter when 1 bullet is enough to take you out, or when you are still getting hit by enough bullets to keep your shields from fully recharging. Thanks but this is already known and is not what im asking for in this post. These enemies are primarily tanks or Bullet sponges, they arent inviting any strategy. Especially a bombard. Prioritization is good though, it offers a really nice change of pace to content. It gets a bit overdone in this game tho, but i digress Id argue that warframe is a game of experimentation. Its about figuring out how to handle situations better than before, typically through modding. Theres a lot of number crushing and things to learn in this game that id argue requires much more heavy duty thinking than something like standing on a pressure plate. I think its false to say that warframe isnt a game of thought. Only thing that seperates the thinking required in this game from complicated thinking game is that its not designed to stump you. (Atleast the good parts of warframe arent designed that way.) You think most people would be opposed to fighting enemies in their normal way until their teammate arives to hit a pressure plate for a quarter of a second, and then continue to fight off enemies? May I ask why you think this in relation to the game's current state? I think missions such as survival suggest players are 100% fine with having to stand near something for a second and then continue to do their thing. You'd feel forced to use Nyx if there was an enemy that can one shot others... Or youd feel forced to use loki if there was a mission with 2 pressure plates.... One doesnt feel forced to play Gauss when theres a lot of room to go fast? I dont see how the creation of enemies and missions that keep warframes abilities in mind, forces anyone to feel the need to play warframe over others, unless its in a state of being absolute like steel path where having a frame that can take hits and output lots of damage is highly mandatory. Now that gamemode forces you to play things However simply having a few rooms for warframes like zephyr and gauss to move in instead having everything be extremely tight? Forcing you to play zephyr? No... I cant remember doing the second dream quest, but i will say i hate puzzles that dont have anything obvious about them, stopping the flow of a game. Im a huge fan of this game called Devil May Cry but the moments where it hits you with puzzles that left you a bit too unclear of what to do next, i dreaded them. So if thats what youre thinking im asking for here, the answer is no. Warframe is fast paced, any puzzle brought into the game should be just as fast to deal with. A players first time dealing with it should only be a minor set back like people's first time fighting a nox, but once you figure it out the enemy is easy and fast to dispatch of. Its a hard thing to describe to players who have never played games like Devil May Cry before. DMC is fast paced, where the difficult part about it is reaction time and paying attention. Testing what can you attack and what cant you. Not much different between Warframe and DMC if you look at them with a slight open mind. Its whatever, i figured i wouldnt be able to explain this right. Its hard to make any fight that requires thought sound too appealing to players through text, without making people think your asking for rocket science.
  19. Yea i know, i just think it would be more fun being able to swap to a sniper rifle after using a shotgun when your situation changes to a bit of long range combat. Archgun is extremely difficult to use and i feel like secondaries dont be cutting it half the time. Perhaps its more of a personal thing that ijust desire than it is objective, really seems like a cool and fun idea to extend players combat options without having to hit the arsenal as often And 100% agree, weapon swapping for primary to secondary i think should be instantaneous too, cause doing it with melee be feeling so freaking good!
  20. Agreed! And yes the design of rooms certainly limit the attractiveness of weapons and abilities Arguably i feel having a large open field causes this issue as well. Its one of the reasons i made a post earlier about allowing us to carry more weapons. If DE really wants to open up rooms, i think allowing the player more weapons wouldnt be too crazy of an idea. It would allow for a lot more creativity when it comes to combat which can make it a lot more entertaining. For example, If you love shotguns, you wouldnt be severly disadvantaged in open spaces as much if you were allowed to at least bring a rifle too. I digress, just really agree with the points youve made
  21. Youre thinking with a mind thats to narrow, the point of what was said is not to trivalize an entire mission but to make oppurtunities for unique interactions that dont habe to be "intentionally" made for one warframe. Yes LOR could be done with pure cc but there were ways to make the mission even easier through use of others warframes such as trinity and lokis decoy. My point for bringing up LOR is that it encouraged players who wanted the best results to play differently due to the mission condition. Also the part about bringing nyx, the skill part is players having to avoid the 1 shot enemy, for loki it was about having to use good team coordination, i mentioned those 2 frames only to show ways to make things easier and to have more fun, and what was suggested is not so op that it trivalizes anything. Must see the big picture of whats said here. By making the game more skill focused, it lessons the focus on being meta, nyx isnt meta, but if you have an enemy that can 1 shot you then you wont care as much about using the current meta (like Inaros and wukong) to take on this kind of enemy, instead nyx because slightly more attractive for fun alone. In a sense, whatever becomes best to use is meta, so technically in a game where everything performs just as well as everything else, then everything is meta. So perhaps my word choice is bad here, some better wording would be expanding strategic options instead of what we have now which is heavily just reduce the damage you take, and deal more damage focused gameplay.
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