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  1. Im not against this idea, no likes to be 1 shot unfairly (meaning theres little to no hope to escape it). Till warframe adds more fair 1 shots, im 100% cool with inaros getting some health gating.
  2. I think i used to be against this idea, but after playing Devil May Cry recently, my position on this has changed, i love the idea of it now. How would it work? For a Playstation controller, press the up directional button to change the 3 other directional buttons to something ill call "Combat Mode". In combat mode, pressing the left, down, and right directional buttons will switch your current weapons to your 2nd primary, secondary, and melee weapon respectively (thats right, you will be allowed to have a total of 6 weapons in mission as opposed to 3). You may choose to equip more than just 2 melee weapons too, simply dont pick a 2nd primary and secondary to be able to equip up to 4 melee weapons! Why is this a good idea? Some weapons are fun in this game, but are an absolute bore to use repetitively. This idea can help alleviate that feeling of the boredom suffered from repetition by allowing the player to mix up their plan of attack even further on the fly! It also allows for some more unique loadouts for players who may wish to join a fight with nothing but guns or nothing but melee weapons. Thoughts?
  3. Currently i think the game isnt really designed well enough when it comes to missions and combat situations. What i mean by this is that most missions heavily ask the player to only be more tanky and output more damage. Missions are not designed to engage the player with anything else such as reflexes, speed, memory, coordination, etc... Why is this a problem? Its the whole reason why most players want to use the most op gear that nukes everything, and use frames that can take tons of hits without ever going down. Its the reason why frames who arent able to deal or take damage, fall so far behind. The options for combat are far too limited. You cant really avoid damage well in the game, nor is there way to ensure you continue to deal reasonable damage. So your only real options are to become more tanky, and use items that deal more damage. Back in the day of LOR, these issuses were less problematic, as goal for the mission was building the best squad to handle different puzzles (Thus a strategy other than taking and dealing damage was created). This lead to people caring less about dealing damage and being tanky, to caring more about finding good squad comps that would allow players to complete puzzles more easily (LOR was one of the reasons Loki was more popular than he is now because of his ability to activate multiple pressure plates with his decoy and rad disarm making it hard for enemies to touch you). Whats my point in saying all this? Its to ask that warframe does away with this heavy focus on just making enemies tanky and deal rng damage to the player. Its killing variety Missions, Warframes, and Enemies should be designed in ways that allow interesting interactions. Strategies should be possible out of these interactions where the player should be asking themselves whats the best position to take out an enemy, what move can they use to avoid an attack, when should they attack to deal more damage to an enemy, etc... and the outcomes of failing or succeeding should have different outcomes too, like increased enemy spawn rate for failing to catch a runner, or a single free insta kill ability cast for taking out a kuva infected enemy. What will happen to warframe if it focuses better on enemy design? Lots of underused frames and weapons can become far more fun to use. Nyx for example, if you add enemies with the ability to 1 shot kill anything in the game every once and a while, imagine what nyx could do with that. Make a mission where 2 players are needed to stand on pressure plates to call in some allies, Loki will lowkey become more fun to play. As for weapons, you cant really complain as much if a mediocre weapon is granted some sort of option or skill based feature to take down enemies somewhat close to the time it takes for the strongest weapons to do it. For example, after hitting an enemy X amount of times, enemies begin taking a percent of their health as true damage from your attacks for a short time period. Kills can amplify this damage further (and for anyone concerned about balance, there could be new enemy types that could remove the damage buff in a way thats both fair yet difficult to prevent) After the next quest gets here, im hoping to see some design choices that begin considering these ideas, enhancing the warframe combat experience through increasing the amount of possible interactions that players can have with enemies. It wont get players to 100% stop caring about nukes, but it would at least get people to consider picking up their least used things.
  4. Playstyle encouragement. Rewards you for using a warframe in a intended way I enjoy the ability myself visually speaking, the range is poor tho My problem with this ability is that she is not a close combat warframe. Her design encorages movement as opposed to getting close and dancing with an enemy. For it to never deal any real damage and only be made for "fodder" when we know good and well a long range melee weapon can get fodder out of the way much more efficently puzzles me. I like the ability, but the frame of choice to put it on i dont feel was thought out enough. After the rework, its helped but its still a small range and if im not mistaken you still get locked in a animation I wont say yareli is trash, i like her, but i dont think DE has given themselves enough experience with how the game works to notice her obvious flaws. The K-Drive is not all that weakens her, her abilities do not make fast gameplay fun. Warframe is a thats become more centered on movement, so naturally most players are going to enjoy abilities that keep the flow going while theyre on the move. Yareli fails at this - Yareli's 1 has poor range making it not ideal for moving about and dealing with rapid situation changes against ranged enemies. We typically are fighting ranged enemies and yareli is always on the move. She isnt designed to sit next to one enemy at close range that this ability asks for. - Yarelis 2: we know the issue - Yarelis 3 has poor range and low damage making it not ideal for ranged gameplay or killing high tough enemies. Melee weapons exist in warframe for making quick work of close enemies, especially good at killing fodder enemies. So adding an ability that does it so much slower than a melee weapon isnt going to be special in most eyes. When enemies reach a high enough level, they start to deal serious damage to the player. Here we have an ability on a highly mobile frame asking for the player to sit close to an enemy and not move too much to deal small amounts of damage while a hoard of enemies that are easily outsude of ability's range are shooting at you. - Yarelis 4th: meh. Its beautiful to watch, does a little damage, and slightly groups enemies. Im fine with it atm, but i need to test it more since the rework Warframes only come with 4 abilities. Making just 1 ability feel underwhelming can massively effect how fun the warframe is. 3 of them? The current outcome should be expected
  5. I like your idea better as just a helminth addition. It would make sense for it to be able to alter what a specific warframe's abilities since its already able to give us its own
  6. This is just a compilation of ideas that I would like to see in an update, placed in alphabetical order. Comment on whichever part of the post that you want, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Topics in this post: Balanced/Hard Gameplay Option Combine K-drives with Archwing & Add More Archwing Skins Devil Trigger Frost Rework Helminth Abilities & Skins > New Warframes More Steel Path Missions Split endurance missions up into Endurance & Non Endurance options ❄️Balanced/Hard Gameplay Option ❄️Combine Kdrives with Archwing & Add More Archwing Skins ❄️Devil Trigger ❄️Frost Rework ❄️Helminth Abilities & Skins > New Warframes ❄️More Steel Path Missions ❄️Split endurance missions up into Endurance & Non Endurance options To be continued...
  7. Added a quick short summary of the rework to the top of the post, and changed Ice wave and avalanche slightly.
  8. Were you playing in solo or in a squad? I havent had much of an issue playing solo Its been a min since ive played survival though. I usually play defense because life support has never been a fun part of survival imo.
  9. I would just say to allow us to get multiple rewards as you continue to play, or throw in mini bosses that drop such rewards
  10. I think this would create the same issue of the enemy getting killed by something else or by that accidental extra bullet. I think the 1 second thing when theyre out of health or when they drop below a health threshold is good enough. Increase the reward for doing it maybe, elsewise id leave it alone
  11. I just had the worst experience ever fighting SoP (corpus lich). I really dont want to do it again. She dealt little damage to me (aka basically she didnt hit back), She was SUPER bullet sponge, SHE teleported to a different room every 5 Seconds, and She hid in a puddle to rebuild her shields every 10seconds. I know you guys wanted to make liches a fight but i think you tackled this the wrong way entirely. What makes an enemy boring and too easy to fight, is not the fact that you can 1 shot it Its fact that it did nothing to you. The enemy never did anything to entertain. This is what makes an enemy boring. Making an enemy require 1,000,000 more shots to take down alone does not fix the issue that the enemy is still not doing anything to entertain. All you will have basically done is put 1,000,000 1 shottable enemies, into 1 enemy, so that we can shoot it 1mill times instead of 1mill different enemies. Doesnt really improve anything you know? What the SoP enemies does do besides be bullet sponge is hit you with a near hitscan weapon. Hitting a player with a hitscan isnt adding much entertainment because if you ask yourself the question of what the player can do with about it, you will end up with the answer that "they can do nothing but take damage". Placing much emphasis on "nothing" here because people seek entertainment to avoid doing nothing. Modding is entertainment, getting a new warframe is entertainment, helmith system (my hat is off to you on that one as id say that is a really unique and not too overpowered of adding additional) entertainment. Love all of it But these enemy designs have been falling behind. Bullet sponge or Damage mitigation gets leaned on wayyyy too heavily that it seems to be forgotten that you are supposed to be giving the players something to do. We need things to do whether that be dodging attacks, using special moves, aiming at a multitude of different weakpoints, etc Entertainment... Thats all i wanted to say, much love and best of wishes
  12. The changes are better, i just have to say this. I can remember 3 other occasions (zephyr rework is the most recent) where ragdoll on enemies was adjusted because ragdoll causes us players much pain. This is the 4th time I just wish to ask that 1 member at DE remember this please lol, Ragdoll bad! (Unless youre a Rhino with slow effects)
  13. I mean those were reasons, but theyre not ones you should expect players to clearly get. Collecting those abilities is not going to be seen as something pointless by players, as some share in the thought "i dont know when ill need these. I dont want to wait and grind them out later when i find out i need them". So instead of procrastinating they worked ahead Plus the abilities being good or not, is opinionated, not fact. So under no circumstances should DE treat it like it like its some sort of puzzle, by HOPING the players can figure out that DE intended for them not to subsume every ability. We are not mind readers and do not share the same opinions, punnishing us for that is not a fair thing to do. Also DE does not always screw over players. They just made some railjack changes fairly recently where players were repaued very VERY well. So it is not entirely foolish for people to think DE would pay some attention to early adopters this time round You can try to place blame on players all you want, but DE still takes a HEAVY part in that too.
  14. I second this so much Yareli was extremely dissapointing. I dont think anyone gave attention to her abilities. She was bad on paper as on paper it suggested that Yareli would Low damage, stressful survivalbility, clunky movement in tight sight spaces, moderate crowd control that is pretty poor protective wise, etc... Those numbers on paper do not lie. Please have someone look her over Pablo, we need you
  15. Peeps also were 100% sure warframe would die 8yrs ago
  16. I think its okay to have things exclusive to a pack, but it should be prehaps discounted if you already own the frame as to not discourage players from grinding the frame out, or making them feel bad for doing so That way everybody sorta wins
  17. Urga Bracket - Diversified Denial Precept Fabricates 3 Specters that fight for 30s that each deal 85% of the Hounds damage. They spawn in as tiny bots? Please tell me this is a bug? Instead of summoning something akin to a wolf pack, we summon wolf puppies??? I get that this update had some serious focus in being cute but jeez. That sucks
  18. man by large, im very excited for this update, lets see how it goes 💙
  19. I was thinking the same thing, except for the helminth changes. I have no interest in the abilities whatsoever as theyre things we can already do and those things arent too useful, but i have tons of intrest in the invigorations as we cant do any of it outside of arbitrations. Would to change up some builds on my less used warframes 💙💙💙 But as for no compensations, im with you there. Im okay with it but i truely wasnt expecting us to get nothing
  20. Nah i meant actual quest where youre visiting cutscenes. Its as if youre watching the movie of warframe as opposed to playing the game. An option to skip the gameplay parts so that you can watch the scenes back to back. It would make quest replays slightly redundant but i dont see the issue in that. If people prefer cutscene replays of quest instead of playing the whole quest out, then the idea would seem more akin to improvement or replacement of replaying the gameplay part of a quest, than a mere meaningless redundant feature Idk about operations. I feel like it would be better done a different way like adding similar game event to a past one for a little while, just under a new 'mask'.
  21. Hopefully im not alone in this, but for me it is sometimes kind of hard to reemember everything thats happened in warframe. Im sure there are youtube videos out there that could help you recap things but i just kind of thought that it would be better as an ingane feature coming straight from DE Themselves The way it could work is through the player's dreams. Add a bed to the game that the player can lay on and began to dream of past events. When you begin to dream, you will bemet with options to recap the main story so far, recap a side quest, or maybe even experience a new dream that exposes how some side quest connected to the main story. The operator themself would be narrating it here in there to help set the mood and occasionally provide deeper explanations on certain bits. What do you think?
  22. Need more enriching characters period. I feel like the interactions with everyone is incredibly dry. Lotus was the only one who was sort of interesting to me but rip her shes now a lunatic Id absolutely love to have some actual tenno npcs. Id be 10,000% interested in what each and everyone of them is doing. It would also create a sense of belonging in the game which i think is great narritive wise. Theres far too many buisness relationships in the game, with a kid who just seems completly lost in the solar system just fighting whatever comes their way 24/7. Also a bit starved story telling in general. Happy that they said theyre about to hone in on it a little more. Also kind of need like a cutscene marathon
  23. I need - 300 more skins for warframes - 100 more universal weapon skins - A 15x bigger personal space to decorate along with more decorations - Archwing Skins - Railjack Skins - Ability Cosmetics Asap I know DE has an enormous amount of things on their plate, i just hope that this could become a priority one day. Just like how they had a time dedicated to QoL changes and Weapon Balancing, id love for there to be one for cosmetics. Maybe even let us vote for frames and weapons that will get the skins Really just need to express a lot more of the creativity i have lol
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