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  1. The Harrow buffs are great and all except...

    Why is Thurible still such an anti-support ability? His teammates should be able to be receiving support from Harrow by defeating enemies within his range (Or possibly also by those affected by Condemn outside his usual radius which is rather small).

  2. 2 hours ago, Haldos said:

    Greetings, Abekrie. 

    Much appreciated for reading the rules and real life always comes first here. No need to worry about that.

    Looks like you've already entered a clan so I cannot send an invite. If you wish to rejoin, feel free to let me know.

    Oops... that's my fault there. Forgot to leave my previous clan so I could join, but that should be all fixed up now.

  3. I've returned to Warframe after a good while break, being college as the time sink it was, and it has saddened me that I have to part ways with my current clan.

    Everyone in it is pretty much inactive now.

    I bring myself here as I am looking for a new clan so that I may not have to traverse the planets alone anymore, and I can't imagine any clan being more welcoming and friendly than the one named after the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

    I read the creed rules, and they seem quite simple and easy to abide by. None of which I should even have to consider a problem.

    My IGN is "Abekrie", and I hope to hear back soon on how this pans out.

  4. fMBl47N.jpg


    Need I say anything about this, or have you not noticed the large amounts of complaints on the matchmaking yet?


    Addressing the problem is better than nothing


    If you have addressed it before, make sure you keep doing that. Game breaking bugs are not to be ignored.

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