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  1. For those asking I do tend to favor the 1 handed swords that apparently were specifically targeted as having issues, Mire, Pangolin Prime, Destreza Prime, and Nikana Prime being some of my most used weapons. I know I tried to use the Kuva Shildeg in the same time frame and had 'fewer' issues but still some. And before anyone asks I know it wasn't my keyboard as I'd often draw and just hold said weapon, and it wasn't just a graphic bug as I repeatedly got in their faces to see if it was possibly just a missing/broken animation(though that fact it also clearly effected slam attacks was a fairly
  2. Actually if you consider their 'pattern' of releases Nidus, Octavia and Harrow are the 3 'most likely' candidates(Gara would be 4th) for next priming based solely on release dates. I haven't been around consistently enough to know if they've ever been influenced by general appeal but the release order for most frames follows a very strong pattern of not deviating from 'the next 3' if you look at the release order of primes since 'the original batch'(with that in mind we could argue a Nidrus Prime doesn't make much since in terms of canon but I don't imagine that will stop them from making one,
  3. This is as much in jest as it is serious but I just finished the Xini, Eris 'alert' and I find it extremely funny that 4 players got less then 500 kills between us. The Mesa and Gara carried much of the weight in terms of kills for somewhat obvious reasons(the other 2 were Inaros(me) and Wukong) while most of my kills were as an Operator because 9 out of 10 times I tried to swing I got nothing...so hats off to ya DE! Lets add a new 'handicap' of No Weapons so it's all purely ability use, companion kills and bullet jumps!
  4. This has been addressed before and will likely just never happen without a considerable change to how mission queueing works. The thing to try is to give some sort of option to merge non full groups at the same or similar wave to reform the mission but even that I'm sure if chock full of issues, especially given all the issues people tend to have with normal host migrations.
  5. Maybe I'm just lucky but I didn't actually have much trouble getting her BPs at all...AFTER I got someone to run SO with me for a few rounds cause the biggest issue I had was the disinterest I had in having to run it alone and public matches always bowed out after round 4 or 6 at best.
  6. That's a fun and great idea in OTHER games where things like Day and Night aren't quite so random and arbitrary. Outside of the 'open worlds' there is almost no day/night cycle to speak off outside of the Grineer/earth forest tile set(I may be forgetting something but I doubt it) so really what good would that function do unless all you do is hang out on the plains?(Since there is no Day/Night on Orb Vallis or Deimos technically). Also your bias regarding it's potential is showing.
  7. And when did you realize this? Cause your realization is about 2 months out of date 🤨
  8. ....Do you even know what 3 effects 'the new frames' 3 does? Your suggestion makes 0 sense, same with Ivara's quiver being dependent on the target. While I agree there should be a better way to handle them your suggestions definitely don't make things any better.
  9. Honestly I see 0 reason for these and they honestly make no sense given how the entire rest of the games weapon systems work, especially if it's only a 15% chance that you're saying is entirely separate from the weapons normal status chance, and you're just trying to break the game even worse if you include the base status on top of the 'side status'.
  10. You have obviously failed to grasp DE's primary intention for Plat if you don't understand why there is a trade tax and why there always will be.
  11. As LoopStricken said you have to tranq and catch a 'Weakened Crescent Vulpaphyla' if you're looking to turn one into a pet.
  12. So I did a few bounties out in OV about a week ago trying to get some Debt Bonds and had very little trouble, but having gone back out there today it seems like the damage from both the Coildrives and Dropships has spiked rather dramatically. I'd almost put it on par with the Heavy Gunner damage bug in the Plains from a while back. Is it just me? I wasn't using any new configs or frames yet by simply passing a Coildrive on the road would leave a pretty real dent in my life(nevermind my shields that would be torn to shreds in anything above the T1 bounties). This was also reflected when a passi
  13. During Nights of Naberus I was getting them rather consistently from the T2 bounty(Not Vault), might be the 'better' option as far as Scintillant goes.
  14. I'd much rather the Capsule and Engine get a drop rate boost even though as far as I've seen you need fewer, as is I have 6 Damaged Weapons but 0 of the previously mentioned parts while attempting to craft my first Mech. RNGesus tests each of us in his own special way.
  15. ...So you're not at all bothered by turning a humanoid enemy into a pile of severed limbs, blasting their face off their skulls, turning them to ash, etc but having to kick a dog across the room bothers you? ...I guess there really are all types in the world
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