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  1. Please don't mistake the fact RNGesus apparently loves you for anything but that, I have slain a total of 20 'Nemesi' since Sisters dropped and have gotten 2 Oulls... that is not 'like crazy all the time', and I'll easily got 4-5 runs/rounds with a full group just to get 1 Requiem mod(usually the one I already have the most of) so there's no chance of me making a stockpile that'll last several lifetimes. Honestly the Scintillant grind pre Deimos: Arcana felt like less of a kick in the nads then what it takes to keep up in Requiems(and I still hate that the sisters use requiems! Should have had their own similar system or a lore reason needs to be given why 'Kuva Mods' are so effective against them)
  2. So after reading through all your whining I'm gonna plainly say this game is not for you. It's a grind and a slog, you have to repeatedly do some things 10, 20, 50 times to get what you want or pony up some money/plat to buy them. If you can't even take the time to find a few medallions in a mission then you definitely won't do well in the long term if your mindset is "oh I got 'cheated' because I didn't maintain a steady rate of advancement for every second of 'work' I put into the 'chores' of this game." Guess what!? There's gonna be wasted affinity, chances to get syndicate rep, chances to trade in materials for syndicate/faction rep, missed rewards because it's too boring to open all the containers, lockers, breakables, etc. If you can't just relax and have fun taking 10-30 mins in an exterminate mission that you finished in 5-10mins learning where all the medallions tend to be in this 'game' then you should seriously consider playing a different kind of game.
  3. Maybe I missed it but isn't a better question WHY there's a Nidus Prime in the first place? Unless I'm mistaken wasn't Nidus sort of 'out of the picture' during the Orokin age and therefore not exactly around to be 'redesigned' as a prime? I seem to recall his origin and roots were shrouded in a lot of uncertainty. Granted I haven't played the Glast Gambit since it first came out so maybe I should just replay it.
  4. That would require Ordis to realize we don't want him simulating her in those transmissions and even with all the codex scans and what not he's still too broken to be on that level, if you want them to stop clearly we have to sell Ordis and install a new cephalon into the orbiter! Or just ditch the orbiter and make the Railjack our new home, I mean do we honestly need 2 large ships?! ...You must be new, DevStream Friday has been something like a tradition for quite a long while now(I want to say forever but I don't think that's true)
  5. But it's worth so little you'll go and comment here which takes MORE TIME then it takes to collect a drop given all you have to do is START a stream and at some point that day COLLECT the drop? Unless you can't manage a mouse/touch pad the time it took to type in your ridiculously close minded comment took more time then the drop would! Please do however continue on your ridiculous little monologue about how FREE ITEMS aren't FREE ENOUGH because you've had to pay for something to access the internet via, the electricity to power said item, the privilege to access the internet and then waste your 'oh so valuable time' doing things that may or may not need to be done. Your entire point undermined by the fact your time suddenly becomes cheap enough for you to watch if there was no reward in the first place... just wow.
  6. Thank you Captain Obvious for that delightful quip, please do entertain us more with complaints about basically free stuff and how it doesn't measure up to your standards 🙄
  7. So I've actually tried doing this for the last 3 Liches I've had and setting aside the fact I've proven to be a HORRIBLE record keeper for fast paced things like this(on multiple occasions I straight up couldn't remember how many stabs I did once a mission ended so I resorted to tally marks on scratch paper) it also doesn't seem to be even, though that may be some sort of miscounting part when I managed to 'accidentally' get the right Requiem as I'm not SO determined as to go in with a Requiem-less parazon. At least from the Wiki and what one might think of as common sense the number would just 'carry over' to the next Requiem but I'll keep plugging away at it. Once I get the Zarr and Grattler I'll be 'less annoyed' by the system overall and won't mind as much taking my sweet time working through it. Just wish DE would give us the hard numbers! I'm already annoyed enough about why the Sister need Requiems when there doesn't seem to be any connection between them and Kuva and this far Requiems are still 'unique' to Kuva Fortress Rifts(I know, silly me wanting some lore to back up these decisions/mechanics)
  8. So this is part of what I suspected, unfortunately the Wiki uses the same exact values between the 2, both pages stating a Hound/Thrall grants 1 Murmur while Testing a Requiem on a Sister/Lich grants 10 Murmurs. Now if this was true then the fact you can potentially get more Thralls in a Single mission then hounds would make you think Lichs would go faster IF they both require the same numbers. I do know each 'failed attempt' at a Sister or even simply depleting a life bar and not going for the Mercy seems to trigger her spawning another hound(some testing is still required but it's an observation I've taken note of several times), and on the flip side should you mercy a sister active hounds all 'self destruct'(or so far I've noticed this and it is often triggered by a voice line by the sister, perhaps some personalities/quirks are an exception to be more interesting but I doubt it) where as after Mercying a Lich the thralls persist to be cleaned up in a more calm fashion. The more I think about it the bigger the differences between the 2 seem to be and the less I like it lol.
  9. ...It's been almost 2 years man ...ain't no reviving that! and while Nekros is cool NERCOING isn't! 🤢🤮 But to be a good commenter I will add Xaku's Gaze works to hold them in place but recent tests make it seem like the damage storing effect doesn't work or it does with a ridiculous amount of damage 'loss'.
  10. ...Ahhh that's cute, you must be new, DE doesn't understand the term 'schedule' outside of the daily Livestreams and TennoCon 🤣
  11. Fair enough, I forgot to add the 'new content' caveat, looking back at how much easier things are after some fine tuning the stress's of engaging in brand new content immediately upon release in this game may be why I'm starting to go grey!
  12. So assuming you mean a converted Lich you could trade them away! otherwise in my experience they only spawn when things are 'going downhill' in a very loose definition of the phrase, like if your shields get nuked a bit too often. I can honestly say I've never had my Lich pop up in any of my 'Candidate/Larvling' runs as nothing in them poses enough of a threat for him to get off his butt lol.
  13. General Rules of Forum Decency would direct you to simply comment on one of those threads instead of bogging down the board with the same topic in another new post amongst dozens of different posts, it will also help localize information for support to collect/address as well as allow a single answer to reach more people!
  14. Not to slap a label on to quickly but if you're serious enough to play Warframe and have a post history on the forums 'we' pretty much already fall into the 'Early Adopter' category, they're just not limited to it via Warframe alone! 😋
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