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  1. Given all the crap they get for other jokes they make why would they ever even consider something like that? There's nothing funny about it and it would just piss a bunch of people off. Floof's are NEVER worthless! Even when you have a room in your dojo full of just floof's they have value! Sorry but nothing about your comment is true, you get the drops for just 'tuning in', which is as easy as starting the stream muted in a tab in the background, something that even now can be automated with scripts/macros/autoclickers/etc that require no dedication, attention or even thought
  2. Too sad how many only care about the quality of the drops, yall make me very sad!
  3. Isn't that always the case? Those that don't actually watch but just tune in for the drops then later complain DE hasn't given any updates about things they'd know about if they'd paid attention, and then those that don't know what the drop is, how to check it/read the screen and claim account linking it 'broken' when it works for the majority? Really hoping Drops 2.0 helps a lot of that though there's nothing you can really do about illiteracy.
  4. Didn't your parents/guardians ever tell you Necros are gross and unwelcome in civilized society? 🤨
  5. OP must have been away so long they've reverted to newb mentality if they don't know DE doesn't do dates, just very rough estimates until a few days before launch lol
  6. So with some quick testing with Stropha(and with Catchmoon which I know previously was said to be of some use) it seems like the effectiveness of the punch-through is seriously reduced unless you take off their arms. Pre Arcana at least I'd go down and just blast away without worrying about the arms(though the area of Catchmoon did occasionally pop one off) just trying to get shots against the back as I didn't trust how far through it'd go. Was never as effective as using a diversion and sniping their back but it worked 'well enough' back then. Gonna try the Xaku method and see how that w
  7. So I know this topic has been done to death and I've certainly done my reading but almost ALL of it is about the 'early vaults' before the changes and additions Deimos:Arcana brought with it(or at least most of what I've been able to find is). Now I find myself trying to farm the parts needed for Bonewidow, the 2(or at least I think I only need 2) weapons parts(Arum Spinosa and Sporothrix), and all the other arcana isolation vault goodies. But the kicker is my previous methods don't seem to be working. I'm aware of the Ignis/Stropha/Punch Through 'Nerf' if you can call it that and that wasn't
  8. I'll tune in as always but I gotta say it's kind of like a kick in the balls every time the drops are something many of us have already put the time and energy into grinding, and I accept I say this as someone who appreciated some of the frame part drops around the time Helminth went live(Khora especially), drops that others had put the time into getting that I likely wouldn't have done for a long long while as some of those grinds are ridiculous.
  9. Depending on where you are on the map there may have been a cave you missed that the remaining enemies were 'stuck' in or spawned too deep to path out, just did that mission with 0 hiccups.
  10. While I didn't have that problem, I caught my fish just fine with the Plains spears, I didn't get credit for them. Have tried entering from Orbit and Cetus, neither has seemed to make a difference.
  11. Specifically Earth Fisher and Unlock Relics, I've got out fishing 3 times now, each time catching well over 6 'Rare' fish(unless the criteria for "rare" is no longer just 'Baited' for the Plains) and haven't even gotten credit for catching 1 fish let alone the whole objective. Frustrated with that bug I went and cracked a quick relic and also didn't receive credit for it, will try a few more relics before moving on to other objectives but very frustrated that something so simple has found a bug. Few more details: Have tried entering the Plains from Orbit and Cetus, has made 0 difference,
  12. I like how it even calls out the necro...this thread should be feeding some Daisies or something!
  13. Same issue with Operation, Reproduction Rate 4/4. Have not tested outside of operation due to shattered morale from consistent affinity loss!!! 😭😭😭
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