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  1. Venari is her Passive ability unless I've missed something and have somehow overlooked what other ability she may have that fills her passive 'slot'.
  2. So maybe I'm just not getting something here but after several rounds in the simulacrum and various Capture runs(just for a quick testing grounds) with different builds I can't figure out if the Deconstructor actually benefits from the 'Thrown Melee' mods or not. I'm sure they may not be optimal but I don't need optimal, just 'Solid'(I'll worry about Optimal once I have the Prime counterparts). I've dug around on the forums and Wiki a bit but answers seem to quickly fall under old version applications and aren't necessarily true today. Also any build suggestions for the Scan happy lil Murder Horseshoe would be most appreciated since I seem to be batting 0 on anything that performs 'well' against level 40+ targets(which may just be me hoping for too much but plenty of posts talk about Helios P melting over level 100s)
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