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  1. Herotos

    Hotfix 18.0.6 + [Spoilers!]

    This is a huge issue isn't it..... Just tried it for the BOW only sortie
  2. Herotos

    New Contest: Caption That Moframe!

    Mirage: MORE NANOSPORES, NEKROS, I PAID YOU FOR NEURODES, NOT MORE SPORES Nekros: You get what you get, try your luck again, only 200 more platinum
  3. Herotos

    Hotfix 13.7.2

    I dislike the fact that Nyx absorb is resistant to Mag damage now. It basically screws people over who have magnetic damage and want to help nyx make a bigger boom.
  4. Herotos

    Update 13.7.0 + Depths Of The Void

    I feel so happy. T4 KEYS WOOOOOOOOO
  5. Herotos

    Update 11.7.0 + 11.7.1

    THE FUZZY TEXT IS mostly GONE WOOOOO. You guys have no idea how much this means right now.
  6. Herotos

    Update 11.6.0

    The new weapon sounds fun.
  7. Herotos

    Hotfix 11.5.3

    that. Is. amazing.
  8. Herotos

    Hotfix 11.5.3

    DOUBLE RARE CHANCE. I love this day. Finished finals, warframe, good updates, no junk-punch, free soda.
  9. Herotos

    Update 11.3.0

    My god, those fixes sound and look so sexy.
  10. Herotos

    Update 11.2.0

    I love those armor buffs.
  11. Herotos

    Hotfix 11.1.2

    What an interesting way to start the day
  12. Herotos

    Hotfix 11.1.1

    How many times have i seen this. 10 times? 20 times? NAY. I'VE SEEN THIS EVERY TIME I SEE A POST BY THE DE. It's actually really interesting. so, Thank you DE Danke DE спасибо DE Merci DE Grazie DE Gracias DE 謝謝 DE ありがとう DE Obrigado DE Teşşekkürler DE For the nice new fixes.
  13. Herotos

    Update 11.1.0

    Kind of sad that Rage/quickthinking combination was taken away. It was THE BEST. But not anymore.
  14. Herotos

    Hotfix 11.0.6

    Agreed, i personally think that impact should be made stronger against corpus shields (+50%) because otherwise impact will basically become useless. The only reason anyone got impact was because it was good against the corpus.