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  1. I believe DE will give some "7 Days Boosters" to compensate your troubles. BTW: Get used to it.
  2. Since the beginning of this journey called Warframe, Scanning for information is a real nightmare. When DE will stop neglecting Codex?
  3. I quit playing Empyrean and I´m bursting while waiting for the update to come. Plus, we´ll have to wait for certification extra time. All these past years, I have learned that I need to be patience with/for updates and fixes for updates. Everybody in each platforms have their own complaints, so don´t think you are a Christ in a cross.
  4. Before: - We´ll never get Fae Ephemera!! WHYYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOOODD!!! Now: - We have to pay?!!? WHYYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOOODD!!!
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