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  1. Clan name: Turian Sixth Fleet. Clan tier: Storm Clan platform: PC Clan Role: Warlord/Primarch Due to the amount of pictures, I have chosen to post it through Imgur gallery: https://imgur.com/a/3bqUy0j So I wont clutter up the forum. A taste of what to expect.
  2. This one isn't really Captura, but I found it awesome nevertheless These however, are. "Spartans never die, They are only missing in action" "Welcome to Crystal Lake" "Wrath of Caranthir" "The Horseman" "The treasure hunter" The Twilight vigil "Cold Blood"
  3. Submitting pictures from the dojo of the clan Turian Sixth Fleet https://imgur.com/a/bdVejDq Clan name: Turian Sixth Fleet Clan role: Founding Warlord Clan tier: Storm Clan platform: PC Participating clan architects and contributors before this event: Papa-Stak, Wayloxia, Voidless, Thesnufflingpug, Pandaintheframe and Elmo-NL-
  4. Missingno. found Warframe. Swell with level 200 Warframes
  5. They were lost to the void.. Forgotten. These Tenno were trapped in the shadows for near a century. Now they hunt their targets using the very shadows that held them. They still hold true to the old order. Destroy the Orokin, and find the Stalker. The last remnant.
  6. Firefright Treasure Hunter Sanctus Bellator
  7. We should team up then, perhaps do Arby and Chief.
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