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  1. Custom obstacle course is now more difficult to do if you have rooms prepped and placed laser plates. As the lasers now beam through every wall you set up, rather than stopping at the walls you place in front of them. Making some areas that was supposed to be accessible in order to complete your personal course, now impossible to pass unless you remove laser plates. Which renders it a rather pointless trap item since it wont be limited to the area you want them to be in. Also: I understand that animated items can go up to 20 capacity. But floofs? And Ayatan sculptures, if you place a fully starred sculpture in the dojo, they now lose their stars and thus stop moving. Old ones you placed before still got their stars intact though, but not being able to place new ayatans in the dojo without them losing their stars is a bit annoying. I get dojo bugs might not be a priority. But I just wanted to put it out there.
  2. yeah, I bet. same with ayatans still costing 20 capacity, despite that they don't have their animations when you place them anymore ( Even if you donate a fully set ayatan sculpture with stars, they lose their stars when you place them now. Old ones that is already placed still got their stars tho.) . After the Old Blood update, as well as laser plates in custom obstacle course got bugged so they now beam through every obstacle rather than stop at a wall when placed in front of them.
  3. Speaking of crews, I wish we could have NPCs in other places of the dojos as well.
  4. A little issue I have noticed now is that the trap beams we could use to set as an obstacle in one place, which would stop when hitting a wall, now passed though everything. Meaning places that aren't meant to be a trap zone becomes a path now inaccessible. As an example, I got a maze. the trap beams would be obstacles / traps I set around some corners. They used to trap just that particular area in the beginning. but now the beams also blocks paths that were necessary to get to the goal. These trap beams used to be a trap for the bullet jumpers on this spot. It used to work well and the beams never went past the wall in the way. But now there is that one problem.. beams go through everything and is hardly detectable and some places around my maze that was a crucual path, is now completely blocked because of these beams crossing a narrow hole, as well as other places. Including the goal itself.
  5. Would be a lot better with decorations made for this, imagine an interactive dance floor and a Somachord-like sound system where you can make your own dojo music to play, colored lights and dancing holograms. I'd love to see content like OP suggested :3
  6. I like the new combo system, just one hitch. I can't seem to be able to use my thrown melee weapons as I used to. I can't toss my wolf sledge anymore, did that become removed?
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