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  1. id rather we have a Equip melee button... like before... 😞
  2. same for zenistar and glaives. this whole "melee" update is awful for melee.
  3. Sigh i used to love using melee, now its just a massively unsatisfying mess. and still no word from the devs? Why does a MELEE update make melee less fun?
  4. So DE ignoring all the feed back? just give us a toggle atleast.
  5. i wish prime weapons could use their non primed skins, like frames
  6. i hate how auto block locks me into a block animation when i dont want... Thanks game... i hate this new melee system it has so many annoying problems.
  7. Soooo 34 pages of feedback, and no response about our concerns? come on DE
  8. https://imgur.com/4VFA3wc with the tennogen skin, the hands (particulary the right hand) is misaligned, the left hand holding the blade is ok, but the right hand is literaly grasping thin air.
  9. when it happened it didnt seem to increase the damage he takes at all. so even with an optimized gun and frame it still takes over a min of firing annnd having 0 risk of death.
  10. Yup i have corrosive and slash status weapons to deal with armoured targets (as it was a kuva flood) and then this stupidly high armoured targets is immune to whats meant to deal with high armour values...
  11. Tennogen is pay to win? Hildryn was availble early foooor... one day and could trade plat to get her inventory limits dont stop you from taking the best guns and they are like 12P for 2? If you cant trade and get 12 plat thats your problem, how is any of this pay to win especially tennogen?
  12. Considering im a GM founder, i know how to play, but when his armour reduces all your damage to barely a tickle, and is immune to status? (and apparently shattering impact though cant verify)
  13. Stripping his armor has no effect because under he has another layer of alloy armor under his alloy armor which appears as red bar. And both layers have the same damage reduction. Thats fro mthe wiki, whether its accurate or not i dont know, but even if it does work requiring 1 mod, otherwise you have a 40 min boring bullet sponge fight? Thats not good boss design
  14. according to the wiki while shattering impact "works" his health is also the same armour as his armour and isnt reduced.
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