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  1. Trumna is fun as hell but ugly as sin and we have loads of skins for other weapons, why none for rifles?
  2. the whole point of conservation WAS to be OPTIONAL.
  3. Or people are upset they are being forced into a minigame they hate rather than actually being able to play the parts they find enjoyable, im fine putting effort in and i have done plenty of times. But conservation is just not fun or entertaining at all. i would rather be doing any other activity and Actually playing the game.
  4. I dont mind busy work or grinding... if that busy work or grinding is actually playing the core game.
  5. This, conservation is the least enjoyable activity for me, ive never wanted to do it and ill never want to do it. i dont mind it existing as an optional minigame, but Requiring it is a big no no. I dont want to grind hours doing a boring minigame just so i can progress. and its the primary reason im not playing the update right now, and i was really excited for it. i got the the part where i found out i needed 5 son tokens looked at how i got them then went welp i guess im not playing for a while.
  6. Not only do you have to do it, you have to hope oyu have the right ones show up and have the right tokens in the shop and it looks like its 12 caps per token. i was looknigforward to the update but the token system is just so so awkward to remember wait did i need this or that to get this token but oh wait it changed so now i need this. But i have lots of X fish but to hand in X fish i also need to wait oh and i also need to get Y fish/other thing aswell, AND THIS ALL CHANGES CONSTANTLY. This system is so horrible i think im just going to not play, and i was so hyped for
  7. Ugh... we HAVE to do conservation to rank up? i hate conservation so much its just so boring. and seems you have to do A LOT of it to get all the tokens as its not even one token per capture.
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