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  1. so after the introduction of the secondary energy color i notice something wierd... Yes those blinding things are the Ki'teer Sekharas, after that mission i tried to change the color but nothing really noticeable happend, tried same color as the main energy color, nothing, tried no secondary energy color, nothing, looks like the prism is just white for any color i choose and the energy around it changes a tiny bit but is barely noticeable
  2. Well, BOOST to the % just like Razorback and Fomorian, i scanned the data hashes just for the sake of some minimal lore drops and it was not rewarding for just that and a close gate tied to a comunity goal and timed event, running along side other boring mobile defense event that at least had rewards an introducted new mods, and having the new warframe tied to all this not cool or smart
  3. Still nothing on this, 27/30 on the challenge but 30 on the map run all the caves at least 2 time... DE fix this =/
  4. Also 100th visit will be on the just recent rebuild and amazing Strata Relay?
  5. For the 1000+ the milestones are kinda ok besides the 3 forma and weapon slots and "6 Telurium", but looks that is going to be better
  6. Just take primed mods and weapons (not the BPs for random ones) out of the Daiily tribute, make the rewards feel at least ok, ressources, booster, plat discounts, cosmetic stuff are ok, just make the quantities be good (10k credits feels uttering bad) Mods and Weapons should NOT be locked with a timegame that can go as far as 3 YEARS Well let's see what happens
  7. Ok but they spawn now? because i already replay 2 times and yet got one of the 2 sogns and is gettig so annoying to think that i need play the quest AGAIN with unskippable cutscenes, this is just making me really hate the sacrifice quest...
  8. yeah 1 somachord after replaying 1 time... walked around every single room and yet just 1 scan =/
  9. Nice but... DE u broke the launcher for soo many people .-. my update is going for a while =/ Was going... now just stay on Verifying Download Cache forever and goes to this every time "Update failed! Please try again later The update will be restarted shortly" for the last hours fix this DE
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