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  1. monkeys9ab

    Update 15.13

    the rakta balistica is OP needs a nerf
  2. monkeys9ab

    Psa: Update 15.9 Status [Snowed In!]

    Canucks afraid of snow now I've seen everything ;^)
  3. monkeys9ab

    Update 15.6.0

    So um we can now avoid the rng of void by having to rely on the rng of a certain character popping into existence. noice
  4. monkeys9ab

    Warframe Prime Time #54: Tonight At 7Pm Est!

    Twitch: monkeys9ab pc IGN: monkeys9ab
  5. monkeys9ab

    Highlight Video: Update 13

    The ride never ends.
  6. monkeys9ab

    Update 12.3.0: The Grustrag Three

  7. monkeys9ab

    Update 11.3.0

    muh cyath QQ.
  8. monkeys9ab

    Hotfix 11.2.1

    sigh, you know I could handle the various poor decisions you've been making recently DE, but this brakk nerf goes to far. It is time to QQ like never before.
  9. monkeys9ab

    Update 11.1.0

    you broke the qt rage combo welp gg de.
  10. monkeys9ab

    Drop Tables 2.0

    kinda makes me hope you guys "accidentally" add a zero, and it starts raining fusion cores.
  11. monkeys9ab

    Hotfix 9.1.2

    doesnt seem like vampire was fixed burned through 800 health in 30 seonds
  12. monkeys9ab

    Hotfix 8.1.5

    quick work nice
  13. monkeys9ab

    Hotfix 8.1.0

    slide nerf DE why?