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  1. Still no fix for a plethora of Dojo Decoration bugs... https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1126605-a-few-dojo-decoration-bugs-that-made-decorating-a-nightmare/
  2. PC Saint of Altra update broke the dojo even more now, and I dont see DE acknowledging.
  3. Decorations sometimes rotate without any input (ever since Fortuna update). Fully donated deco (blue color) are partially invisible. Deco sometimes get less resizing increments/options than normal. Moving deco sometimes only move the invisible meshes, but the textures stay.
  4. Ah, I see what you mean. Yea, it's pretty much RNG for me to get the deco line up right lol
  5. A way to work around this is putting a transporter on the ceiling and work from outside of the room itself. Hope that helps
  6. My only question, and probably every dojo decorators out there. Will there be a fix for a bug where decorations randomly rotate without any input?
  7. Clan name: Elusive DawnClan tier: Ghost Clan platform: PCClan role: Founding Warlord Banquet Hall Other screenshots:
  8. Please DE, making a team should be more rewarding than playing solo in a multiplayer game. 😑 Just make assisting kills give some Pearls and it would be perfect.
  9. I'd love this to be for Gara instead. She's the ugliest frame in my eyes, only reason I almost never played her despite her superb kit.
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