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  1. We've already lost a lot. That's our point. You have to if you consider that, those frames which have been rendered useless now, might have been a viable choice for you to play. But we're being forced into specific metas. Which we don't like. Warframe is supposed to be about choices, not a meta.
  2. That's fine, we're all upset because of something in game at the moment. It's just best not to fight amongst ourselves when the problem isn't the players faults.
  3. @FaeliecanSagus As do we all. But knocking down someone else's post by mocking it, just means that your immaturity is worse than his. Be polite and get your point across. If you agree you agree. If you thought he was rude, why not just ask instead?
  4. We as the players are sick of this, and if you read over this entire post and see the other issues please read this. We as players need to speak up so that things can be done to fix the problems. If we don't nothing happens. Dear DE and the playerbase, Look we all can agree that the changes being made ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. FIX THE GLARING ISSUES!!!! There are Literally HUNDREDS if not over 1000 issues in the forums with bugs and interactions that aren't local or specific to one person. After looking over the Forums and complaints of other people, you still wonder why you're losing Veteran players? This column does a good job of giving you a sneak peek from everyone posting here. My 2 cents worth here, is that you need to focus on quality, not quantity. It's what made you popular. It's what put you on the top 10 games to look out for, the the top 10 games played. THIS STUNT WILL CAUSE YOU TO LOSE WHAT YOU'VE BUILT. Look at other games in the market that tried similar things you're doing currently and you'll see. My personal experience was with a select few other games, but one that was a rising up and comer, was Puzzle Pirates. They are still in steam, and they tried rebranding, and then a different twist. Didn't work well for them. Other games exist with the same issues and they lost their player bases (I'm not as familiar as I didn't play them as often as YPP or Warframe) The point is you could do a lil research and most players of those games would tell you the reason it died is because DEVS got money hungry. The taste of success is what can make or break a game. You're choosing to let it break it. Instead of working with the community, you overlook the vast majority of issues. People don't want the story all right this minute, unless you announce it. Take the time to fix the problems and you'll see a higher return on the investment of time spent. The other issue with the game is the fact that trading has become DEAD. Rivens abound but no one is buying. The market is broke and no one wants to buy, everyone wants to sell. That's not a good thing. You have plat hoarders in abundance on the US server holding 100k+ plat. When you have people with that much on hand and nothing to buy, Things get out of hand. Primed Chamber should never have cost above 100 plat. AND YET BECAUSE OF THAT we have people hoarding a VAST majority of the plat in the economy that was supposed to be a "fair and balanaced trading system" completely over the top. That mod doesn't do ANYWHERE near the damage of a riven but due to its rarity its 2000 USD in plat value (if not more or less). My point is that A LOT of people are upset. You, as a company and DEV group should know that making changes to your favorite TV show, movie, game, or anything else in your world can have serious consequences. The thing that makes games replayable, fun, relatable, enjoyable, exciting, IS CONTINUITY AND CONSISTENCY. Things which as of late, have gone to the Kubrows. (They're a lil messy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) You could choose to fix that, but instead its all about rushing out the latest and greatest without thought to the old and favorite. Change that and the game would be the best game EVER made. I guarantee it. I hope others speak up with similar thoughts and that something can be done about the "nerfs", "reworks", "revisits", and "changes". The reason we invest time and money into a game is because we like what is currently available, and the potential. When people spoke out previously it was in small groups. If we want them to listen to us, then we need to be united in where we want the game to go. In this case there's already been so many changes that shouldn't have happened, that we as the players don't even know where to begin to fix what's broken. Damage on frames, IPS damage, frame mechanics, mod mechanics, interactions between arcanes and melees damage output coupled with frame damage, riven output damage, and last but not least WHAT ACTUAL END GAME IS!!! DE wants Fashion frame to be end game... then why create scaling content that only a handful of frames can successfully get to? AND THEN NERF THEM. The Veterans wanted the scaling content but everytime something can do damage to level 250+ enemies it gets "changed" for the better! (sarcasm) The goal of this, is that hopefully someone sees this and considers why this is even occurring. Maybe a beneficial change could come about, rather than the negativity that is the current view of the game. But it won't happen unless we as the players speak up together, at the same time, and at the same place.
  5. As a 4 year vet. I've watched all the content coming down the line with anticipation. However with the changes to melee and the Nerf that already has been "reworked" the game has changed from being fun and playable to not worth it. Red text got it right last update that the game is dying. This particular change has killed it. My reason is that melee and modding is what made the game great. The stance you're taking DE of Nerf everything that's OP while correct shouldn't be so drastic. You talk about "dialing down the knobs" but instead you turn them off. The reason other games are successful is because they are at least consistent. You used to be. But no longer are. If Melee 3.0 is the direction that youre wanting to go you're going to lose a lot more players that you just gained. You're changing the ENTIRE way the game is played. And that's not good. Spend more time in development before just turning knobs. But as of now, you've lost me as a player for 3 simple reasons. The functionality of melee not being able to hit through railings, small boxes, and the like. While certain primaries and secondaries have innate punchthrough. The way mods, damage, items, and frames are being nerfed into the ground rendering them useless or unplayable. Changing the game because you didn't see an interaction and so it must be bad, instead of keeping the interaction but "dialing down" it's damage. Don't shun it, make it cool. (Covert lethality, exodia contagion, chroma). Just don't let it do billions of damage. As of now it does 1 damage past lvl 80s and renders a very painful to grind item useless. Other games have issues with OP setups but they don't Nerf them into Oblivion. They embrace it and allow people to feel like it was worth their time but still dial back the damage into a range that works. 1 base damage does not. So due to that I'm stepping away from the game until at such time you get a dedicated direction. Not a flitting fancy to screw with settings while drunk. Lol. Maybe you'll hear others say something similar. Maybe not. But hopefully you get it worked out.
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