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  1. This has always happened, same thing happens with Iron skin. It's annoying af but I think it's intentional (for some reason????)
  2. Final Harbinger's combos have been a bit buggy, the pause combo has insane forward momentum, the hold combo has weird delays/trip ups. The video shows off the hold combo trip ups.
  3. Parts of the Stalker's body are pitch black/missing textures.
  4. Will Final Harbinger get a fix since we don't know when the next phase of melee is coming?
  5. Final Harbinger issues still persist
  6. Final harbinger is still bugged ;-;
  7. The video says it all really...
  8. The Pakal armor's energy color (like on the chest) isn't being affected by my color choices properly.
  9. Yeah the staticor is a common cheese weapon now. Even in pc.
  10. Ignis doesn't belong in conclave tbh. The beam weapons overall need some toning down. Synapse and flux rifle are both stupidly powerful.
  11. The bug for Final Harbinger still exists and makes sword & shields feel very clunky with it.
  12. I wanna be able to spawn both stalkers and the acolytes in too, a bigger field in the simulacrum would be nice.
  13. Guarenteed hammer part after each kill. If he's gonna take 20 minutes to kill even after emptying all of my imperator vandal ammo into him, it at least needs to be worth it. Or just make him less tanky. I miss stalker showing up more than ever now, it's always wolf instead.
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