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  1. Dojo duels? Isn't that just a 1 shot fest lol They're even more irrelevent than conclave tbh.
  2. I liked that mode in Halo so I'm down for that.
  3. Still no fix for this bug, been around for months now.
  4. Sweet, now the drop tables are diluted with more garbage coupled with less endo. I really don't need more seeding steps. It's like with every positive there has to be a downside. Edit: Also what happened to the whole "One life" thing? Edit 2 electric boogaloo: "Six melee kills heals pet" There's a mod that does that already on damage, hell a primed version of it. What's the point of this arcane?????
  5. Disruption was the only arby mode I could stand to play. Arbitrations are dead to me now if it's 2 rounds = 1 reward.
  6. Custom game options for conclave private matches would be nice. Since there's no way to introduce people into conclave properly without them getting slaughtered, being able to change private matches to allow vets to teach them could help. Alternatively, the Specter AI could possibly be worked into Conclave to provide a warm up/practice mode. They can use powers, switch weapons, and use parkour moves that players do (albiet it looks buggy), as long as they're not walking aimbots I think it could work.
  7. Just to confirm, Arbitration disruption is still 1 round = 1 reward right? If not then I consider that mode dead to me.
  8. Final Harbinger has some weird pauses/trip ups in it's hold combo, insane momentum in pause combo and could probably do with the whole beyblade of death's speed on the hold combo being toned down a little bit, more like how it was before the chimera update. The clip below demonstrates it's main issue right now. As an avid sword and shield user this has been driving me crazy for months.
  9. The update is finally here! Didn't see anything about this final harbinger bug in the notes though so I'll just leave this here. Been bugging me for months.
  10. Conclave could really do with a tutorial/practice/warm up thing, throw some specters in (Their AI can use powers, switch weapons, bullet jump etc.) to ease newer players into conclave before throwing them against other players. Lunaro has a practice option, why not normal?
  11. Will Final Harbinger get a fix since we don't know when the next phase of melee is coming?
  12. Final Harbinger issues still persist
  13. Final harbinger is still bugged ;-;
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