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  1. This has been annoying me ever since the glaive rework update, hope it gets fixed
  2. Unless we're talking about Mire and Telos Boltace, as both are very capable of 1 shotting you through shields anyway. Telos Boltace's DoT on spin attacks ignores shield gate, and if they touch you with it you're dead anyway. Mire does far too much toxin damage on slams.
  3. Does it actually take your pve stuff too? You mean I can place a specter into Lunaro?
  4. TYPE: In mission. DESCRIPTION: Trying to slide attack with Sigma & Octantis. VISUAL: https://gfycat.com/inconsequentialparalleldonkey REPRODUCTION: Trying to slide attack with the sigma & octantis, it will force you to attack normally as if you were still standing first. EXPECTED RESULT: Should've commenced a slide attack without normal attacks first. OBSERVED RESULT: An attack as if you were standing happens instead of a slide. REPRODUCTION RATE: Everytime you slide attack with Sigma & Octantis. Actually it seems that even block+forward atta
  5. Yeah I think he should receive the Lich status treatment, and have his adaptation make him immune to that status + dmg type, since it's easily reset by Spoiler mode.
  6. I kept Stalker alive for 18 mins in total to see if an Acolyte would show up alongside him, but he blocks off any Acolytes from appearing while Stalker is around. Opposite also happens, if an Acolyte appears first, Stalker (or any other assassin) can't appear either. I get that this has been a gamerule since forever, but I think it would make sense for Stalker to finally be able to join his own faction in Steel Path now, considering they NEVER appear together. I meant they use the same helmet ffs. After Stalker disappeared, an Acolyte finally appeared. Also would be nice to
  7. Can telos boltace be disabled in conclave plz
  8. To add on, there's players who specifically abuse the cheesiest and most bugged/broken setups for the sole purpose of making other players miserable, and absolutely nothing has been done about it. Hell there's literal cheaters in Conclave that have been reported with evidence and nothing has happened. DE for the love of Teshin, either just put this gamemode out of it's endless misery that only gets worse with each update, and make the syandana permanent or whatever, or better yet actually fix it. There are players in Conclave (or there were lol) and yet it's still being completely ignored
  9. https://gfycat.com/sparklingcommonfox Ah yes perfectly balanced. DE, I think it's time to stop this.
  10. The two archguns that came with the mechs still have an awful delay after using their alt fires. Also Conclave hasn't gotten an update in almost a year. Plz fix tigris 2 shotting people across the map and telos boltace ragdolling.
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