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  1. An interesting take. If you can make a braton p work for you with a set up you like then power to you. My point however is not so much about if guns are good enough for steel path but noticable usability and damage output gap between the two on higher level content. Melee has distinct advantages over gunplay such as constant health regen...in many forms. Life strike, healing return, that bow one for nikanas, that exodia mod that restores health with finishers, hirudo and possibly more. Guns have...the furis i think and I can't think of any more off the top of my head. Is there an infested
  2. Well I have a specific build for venom dose as the damage is really nice and silly with a high damage riven. I was going to put roar on to boost venom dose further but I thought if shock trooper straight up boosts the corrosive damage of venom dose then surely its the better pick. Zephs 4 is kinda inconsistent without some sort of grouping ability like ensnare which i don't have subsumed yet thus the desire for a damage boost ability.
  3. You can put atlas' petrify on nekros as the augment gives extra loot so you can double dip your loot drops with both petrify and a nekros with a slash based weapon like kronen prime. Nekros the loot king.
  4. Corrosive is electric and toxin so if I had say both venom dose and shock trooper, would it make corrosive and electric or a really strong corrosive buff. Thanks in advance. Also, shock trooper or smite infusion on zephyr?
  5. I'm stumped. I like the idea of roar as it is useful in a sqaud and buffs weapon damage but I also like the idea of a crowed control ability like radial blind or breach surge as I feel this is more useful in steel path and I can get my damage from a zaw melee. Or if anyone has any other suggestions then i'm all ears. Thanks in advance.
  6. Gotta rank them to 30 every time to sell them on right?
  7. Out of all the resource requirements required to gild things, 10 son tokens is a big time sink compared to other requirements. I mean you can just buy wisps and shelter debt bonds but for 10 son tokens you need to hunt down like 20 different types of animals. Personally i'm just gilding 1 pet and never touching it again. I don't find hunting fun and as far as i know there is no other way to get son tokens but please correct me if i'm wrong as I have not played too much deimos. Edit: I successfully gilded my panzer and am happy with that. There seems to be some confusion belo
  8. That's a whole different topic lol Yeah it can be frustrating when you actually want to aim and head pop things only for the whole room to explode with bramma love. But that sort of thing is really hard to balance.
  9. I actually really like the veldt. My favorite though is the prisma grinlock. I used to use the grinlock back when tower keys were a thing so nostalgia. I love semi auto weapons and shotguns. Even bought a cheap riven for the grinlock as i liked it that much. It does good damage on headshots but doesn't kill fast enough on say a steel path survival.
  10. 100% agree. It's only rewarding on lower tier gameplay as you can take hits. I do wonder if de play their own game. It's very clear that melee is the safest and optimal option on higher level content.
  11. This comment is on point. I tried to get my misses to play once. When she found the melee button, that was it. She just ran around chopping stuff up. Nothing wrong with it of course but just shows how pushed in to melee you are. I certainly find it safer to get in to melee unless im back up in a room where nothing can spawn around me or if i'm in low levels. Aim gliding and sliding helps stay safe while shooting but thats just effort xD
  12. Not sure if this was mentioned but the faction damage mods like smite grineer are really good depending on the build. They don't look great on the surface but these mods essentially let you double dip in to slash procs and I think (correct me if i'm wrong, not 100% sure), any dot effects like fire or electric procs. This will deal more damage overall than having say, a heavy caliber equipped.
  13. Hirudo for the healing. Have not used many other sparring or fist types as not my cup of tea but hirudo is fantastic.
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