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  1. As stated many times before I was never angry and neither am I attempting to force anyone to play the way I want them too. That is only how you percieve it to be. Perhaps implying someone is toxic is in itself a toxic remark and by doing so you are only propagating toxicity.
  2. Actually I've learned the parts drop on the lower tiers it's just not as effiecient. Secondly, where did I say I was reluctant to recruit? I never was reluctant to recruit. I have tried to focus talking on the pug side of things as that is the origin of the topic post. Yes public is for casuals, which is what I am so it makes sense that this is about puging. The endurance event and survival while sharing simularities are very different such as the types of rewards and the event is time sensitive. Suggesting that people should not leave until life support ends is different from
  3. I never said I have an objective for the sqaud though. I have an objective sometimes the same as others, sometimes not. It certainly is not unreasonable to suggest people farming parts specifically could also use recruitment. They do not have a counter objective. They have a different objective that can affect others objectives, my own included. It's no ones fault, it's just the way it is. It can and has effected peoples runs otherwise we would not be debating it. We will have to disagree as from my perspective the reverse is very true. Person A has an objective, Person B a different
  4. I did not say the same thing, I said 'two sides of the same coin', implying two different things, in this case an objective that can be achieved in the same way with recruiting. I fail to see how that is conceding as conceding is the admitance of something as true after first denying it. I do not remember denying that recruitment chat is a solution. If I was 'claiming', people who drop out early should go to recruitment then that would be a counter argument. If your issue is with the specifics of 'people leaving early are not expecting others to do what they are doing', then i'd ask
  5. Those numbers seem pretty close and it seems it would take maybe two or three extra orthix kills to achieve the same amount of cells you would get on endurance. I understand it's just easier to endurance so I appreciate what you are saying. It's just as easy to say it's up to the people who want to drop out early to find an appropriate group in recruitment. Two sides of the same coin it seems. Yes there are a mix of drops. Someone made a suggestion before to increase the drop chances of said parts the further along the mission goes, to encourage people to stay longer. I suggested re
  6. I think you may be overcomplicating it. If someone is leeching then they are sponging off other players while contributing no effort to the sqaud. This dude is hopping to another sqaud then putting work in once in a sqaud he deems appropriate. Different things. It would be more appropriate to call it a morally grey area, annoying or unecessary but leeching it is not. We was discussing the meaning of leeching and our differing views of what that is, not if I should be annoyed with this type of behavior. I was never overly annoyed with players leaving early, more baffled than anything. That
  7. Either loki or wukong. More so wukong. Something about being a cheeky trickster is very appealing to me. If anyone has seen 'the forbidden kingdom', then that is how I percieve wukong the monkey king. Strong, confident, sly, cheeky, and always optomistic even when in a bad situation. Everything i'd like to be. I'm sure many can relate.
  8. I have taken to asking people at the start of the mission now if they are cool with going to 36. Did this today and one guy said 'nah I have to go', he left the group. The other two said yes and we stayed all the way. Ask and you shall recieve as they say. This of course does not always work and sometimes people just don't want to talk. Understandable I guess.
  9. Not overcomplicated. As you stated they already place better rewards on higher rotations such as lua's distruption that garuntees axi relics after at least one conduit saved in the later rounds. It would be a good idea to implement and encourage players to stay longer. A compromise.
  10. That is a good compromise. I want to spitball another suggestion and that is to just remove the the frame and weapon drops placing them in the lower tier mission or missions. This would mean there is no reason for people to farm endurance other than cells and relics. I may be missing something though with the drop tables but surely it's flexible enough. Perhaps future events could be more focused and refined instead of mashing in drops together that encourage two different types of farming objectives. It seems strange to have one thing that encourages players to drop out early and an
  11. A ban on leeching is not one if my rules - it's one of DE's. And while I do expect pretty much anything from randos in a pub squad, the player I was responding to is doing something more: not only are they leeching, they are then coming into the forums and boasting about doing so, recommending that other players do it too. Is what that player doing an effective way of getting the rewards if they are too lazy to actually put in the work? Yes. Is it effectively theft? Absolutely. Should things like that be approved of or encouraged? Never! But they should always be called out!
  12. Valid point. The event was buggy as hell and kinda still is. I have a heart attack when there are random host migrations.
  13. I don't believe that is true. Protea while not as good as hildryn can certainly provide energy that does not have to rely on enemy spawns and In case team mates are killing everything. Wukong is great for getting across the map as is titania and speed frames. Gara's augment for her mirrors generates tons of energy orbs. Now hold up. Did you not say a page or two back not to expect anything in pug groups and not to expect people to play by your rules? So is this statement therefor not a little flawed?
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