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  1. I remember Quick Steel. It was my first experience with Conclave. I also hated every minute of it and got the hell out the second I had the Oro Decoration.
  2. Akjagara, Redeemer, and Tigris. Two were with her Prime Access, one is just a classic frontier hunting shotgun.
  3. When was the last time you cleaned it?
  4. Question. If tap-hold abilities are wreaking havoc on your hand, why not bind a secondary key? Since it's (usually) the second ability that's a tap-hold, rebinding Ability 2's second input to something that's easier to reach might prove helpful, not just for Mag but overall. I do agree that the 'invert tap-hold' abilities should be able to be bound on a case-by-case basis instead of universal, but until that happens, this might be a good enough kludge.
  5. Fourth change: Add Necramech Mods to the Necraloid store at Rank 3 for 10k, 15k, and 20k Standing for Commons, Uncommons, and Rares. Fifth Change: If you want Relics in vault tables, make them Radiant by default
  6. To put it this way; The Imperator Vandal has more ammo, fires leagues faster, and offsets it's lower damage by both being more forgiving to use and, if the Wiki's telling me truth here, reloading over twice as fast as Mausolon out of the box. The Mausolon, meanwhile, while slower all-around, rewards your aim with AoE shots, more damage, roughly equal crit statistics (2% more crit chance, but 2.2 crit multiplier versus Imp Vandal's 2.4), and a deadly laser beam.
  7. I added Infested Mobility to Volt, and I plan on the following: Radial Blind on Loki, replacing Switch Teleport Empower on Chroma, replacing Spectral Scream Dispensary on Vauban, replacing either Minelayer or Photon Strike Warcry on Umbra, replacing Slash Dash Terrify on Inaros, replacing Sandstorm Thermal Sunder to Frost, replacing Freeze At least this list.
  8. Really, about the only thing regarding Nechramech fights that needs changing? Storm Shroud needs a cooldown on it or some indicator of how long-ranged the damage reflection is. Something to make the damage reflection more predictable. Otherwise, I'm okay with the fight being as difficult as it is.
  9. Wait a second, what Okay, thanks for letting me know. I'll now go looking for Son Tokens so I can stop straining my eyes.
  10. Ohhh, the airships. Yeah, Corrosive and Radiation are your best friends if you want to down those suckers quickly.
  11. You mean the flying missile squid things that try to eat your face? Rolling and AoE. If you let them latch on and roll, they die instantly. If you mean the Jugulas, I'd wager anything high-crit, high-damage.
  12. What about a really bright purple? Save for the wildlife of Deimos (which is easily disposed of), I don't think the tilesets incorporate a lot of purple.
  13. Doesn't make the fact I lost the chance of have a Medjay Predasite any less frustrating, nor does it make my any less angry. Don't make me have to boop them with a quick shot to weaken them first, game, just let me have my captured flesh pupper.
  14. DE, please change the color of said pings so it has high contrast. Plains is a lot of muddy browns and grays, so using a relatively bright green (similar to a completed Codex scan) would go a long way. Fortuna... Nah that can stay as-is, bright orange on mostly whites and grays is great contrast. Deimos, though? Orange on orange? Doing me dirty, DE. Perhaps changing the beeps to white would help make it stand out from the environment.
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