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  1. Fastest PA buy ever award goes toooooo YOU!
  2. Level with me here man, did you buy it or was it gifted to you by DE themselves?
  3. I'd enjoy this. Can we have this in-game? Like right now?
  4. So a quick series of questions regarding Nightwave: Intermission. Is this going to be a recurring series between Nightwave seasons so we're not left with a drought for Nitain and Potatoes? If so, does this mean Nora Cred will not expire, unlike Wolf/Emissary Cred? If not, will there be any gaps? As nice as GoTL alerts are, they're only every so often as opposed to practically being there on tap. Finally, and I understand this to be a longshot, could the next Nightwave Intermission delve deeper into Nora Night herself? The fact that she's mysterious is great, but maybe teasing us with little hints of how she got where she is would be pretty cool as well.
  5. Wait, something in the math's off. 3 x 5K = 15K 2 x 7K = 14K??? I know we're not meant to blitz the Elites, but given some of them are alarmingly easy...
  6. I see they've gotten over the cryo sickness at long, long last! All the better to kill Natah with. EDIT: Damn, post-Tennocon this is hilarious in hindsight!
  7. Did you do Profit-Taker first? Because that giant chunk of a spider also goes kaboom. Also, advice for the future - Operator's Void Mode can outlast the explosion, just turn off any and all active Warframe powers first. Alternatively, use Archwing, book it out to ~450m, then book it back over to the loot site.
  8. Okay, memes aside... what're you on about? Disruption was entirely working when it launched (save Conduit Shields and that got removed quick) and the Loki exploit. And really, that you looked for exploits kind of blunts your entire point.
  9. You mean the Aura Forma, right? That thing polarizes your Aura slot to grant doubled capacity to all Auras. Because Umbra Forma would've given you a 'where do you want this thing' screen.
  10. Aklato Vandal - Yes Aklato Prime - Implicit breach of contract or a pr firebomb, pick yer poison.
  11. I'm kind of excited for that new pistol. It's basically 'Zakti but it's actually the Lawgiver'. And anything that lets me be the law excites me. As for weapons I was excited for? Corinth and Battacor, the former because I get to tell the Grineer to say hello to my little friend, the latter because it's basically a lasrifle and the Emperor demands praise.
  12. I think what they mean is; The Easter cosmetics will disappear, the event skins won't. This is just a chance to earn them again for people who weren't around circa 2015-2016.
  13. Sol would be much better on Ember over World On Fire, so I can see the fourth power change being easily justified. In fact, I concur with basically this entire thread. Seriously, Sol is such a good damn idea and it's weird seeing it on a ghost/portal frame. Moving it to the fire frame would be a better thematic fit.
  14. So I'd like to discuss the following... Are we going to see Sharkwing get re-tooled somewhat to be faster? On that note, more land-to-Archwing transitions in traditional tilesets when? This, more specifically, can we get options to filter out Relics that have Vaulted parts in them from Relics that don't? Hydroid Prime's Trailer: WHEN? Hildryn's Shield Pillage needs to be able to sap Health, because in 4xCP parties and Infested missions it's basically a non-entity What's the next Umbra and how are we going to acquire further Umbral frames? When is Sergeant getting reworked? Phorid too. Finally, what is the Wolf's spawn rate, and when is it due to increase? And if/when it does, by how much?
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