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  1. It's hard and a little unfair to compare the two, but Broken War has a much higher Slash focus and can become good with Crits, while War itself has a good Crit/Status split and does more damage, at the cost of most of that damage being Impact, which means Slash procs are few, far between, and kind of anemic. This said, Fixed War does benefit far more from Status mods, which means you'll be proccing more often, and this gap widens as more 60/60s are added to the mix, and it's got better range. Really, it depends. Do you want a high-slash single handed sword that crits a ton? Or do you want a heavy hammer-sword that's going to proc statuses a lot?
  2. Okay, let me add in something. Assuming the OP is Rank 2, that's because they aren't yet. They're not Gilded (and won't be until OP both gets out of their rut and can reliably pull their own weight), and they lack the top-tier parts needed to make the crit/status chance anything beyond 'decent'. They also lack access to Pax Arcanes, which are another really big reason why Kitguns are a bit overpowered. So, no, their Kitguns aren't endgame viable. Not even close to it. And they won't be for some time. On this, I'm in grim agreement. There do need to be more tutorials explaining weapon statistics, what each status effect does, enemy levels, etc. What we have is still either bare-bones, or out of the way in the Codex. The new player experience in Warframe is still the worst part. It's like climbing a brick wall onto a plateau.
  3. Or you could sell Prime parts on Trade and make plat to buy slots? TBH though this is a new player retention problem. Once you hit Neptune, you'll never hunger for Credits again, but you need to hit Neptune first, and that's a ways off from where you are. So, right now, here's what I'd do. Farm Fissures for spare Prime parts. Somebody, somewhere, is buying parts, even if it's just junk they want for Ducats. Use the Platinum you get to buy more weapon and Warframe slots. Maybe also buy a spare Flow or Streamline if you still need the undamaged versions Now you can make stuff without throwing your Kitguns away Get stronger. A lot stronger. Like, 'I can solo Saturn's boss' stronger Rank up your MR as much as you can in the meantime, as well; This'll give you more mod space to play around with once you gild the Kitguns in question Go back to Fortuna Run T3 Bounties as a pub. Trust me, it's easier to handle bonus objectives in a group, plus people will pick you up off the ground Repeat until you have the Medical Debt Bonds you need If you want to skip most of that (you'll still need slots and strength), get to Neptune and farm Index. I'd stick to Low Risk (since you'll still walk out with 75k Credits per round) if you want to stay efficient, but Medium and High Risk are good if you want to either challenge yourself or make more money in single rounds. Then, buy the Medical Bonds off of Ticker. Finally, a word to the wise: The game does enjoy it's padding, but this sounds like you're trying to dive headfirst into mid-game content with early-game gear and finding a brick wall instead of a swimming pool. So, the real meat of this is basically going to be, 'git stronk and git gud' and that entire thing above is what I'd do in your shoes.
  4. There's actually an implied multiverse courtesy of the Quills, and the quests you're doing are in your branch of the multiverse. Which is really a slight bit of a cop-out, but it makes some sense. You're the special one, at least in that branch; Who's to say the other Tenno aren't in their own branches, which intersect with yours for a brief time (the cinematics with others and, oh yeah, the multiplayer). As for more than one frame that's quest-locked? Yeah that's just gameplay and story segregation.
  5. So I had an idea. How would one rework Chroma? We can all agree his Passive, 1, and 4 need some help. This idea's purely hypothetical, kind of out there, and likely won't be adopted, but that said, I can dream. PASSIVE: Chroma, being the master of the elements, suffers from status effects for only half the time compared to other frames. 1: SPECTRAL SCREAM + ELEMENT CHANGE 2: ELEMENTAL WARD 3: VEX ARMOR Actually this isn't changed. 4 (NEW): ELEMENTAL RETRIBUTION
  6. I mean, either you're reloading all the time, modding Vectis Prime around it (and as a Riven owner for said Vectis, time to re-roll oh BOY) for doubled damage, once. It's a niche mod. In the niche it's in, it's fantastic, but it's still a niche mod.
  7. Contract says they can't. Inb4 lock.
  8. So, getting aside the fact that protests of this sort don't do much of anything, Liches needed to be fixed up. Bad. There wasn't really any reason to engage with them, short of guns that range from bleh (LOOKING AT YOU, KUVA KRAKEN) to game-breaking (LOOKING AT YOU, KUVA KOHM, AND CHAKKHURR). Plus, they're older then Railjack, so we've had time for the dust to settle and common complaints to arise, and while quite a bit of that's been fixed up (you no longer die on failures, you can see what gun you get, your Converts are worth a damn in a fight, and Valence Fusion means you can incrementally work your way to 60%), there's still a few pain points, especially with regards to Murmur farming. They'll fix up Railjack (hell, they have already; squad-wide BP drops, markers for Wreckage and Avionics, both of those being made more common, and the Anomaly Shard system instead of trying to gamble for the Tenebrous Ephemera) as well, it won't be left out to gather dust the same way Orb Mother #3 was. Especially since it seems it'll be pretty vital in the updates to come. So sit down, and relax.
  9. Could we look at the sound design for Grineer language and filters, as well as the sound design behind Cephalon voices? Also, what the heck is that knife?
  10. @QueenofYandxre Had some Plat to kill and was missing the pack myself. Works for both of us really!
  11. Sort of. More than one Acolyte can be present at any given time, but generally you won't see the entire horde of them show all at once. As for the Acolytes themselves, given they have billions on billions of HP and only need 50K to say 'screw it' and run, you'll have plenty of time and chances to hit them.
  12. To make a long story short: Acolytes will appear on the Map. Trick is, we don't know where they are at first. Once a squad engages an Acolyte, it's position gets lit up for everyone to hit it. They'll become selectable in the 'world status' window, as well, to ease up on scrolling through the planets. Once a certain amount of damage is dealt to the Acolyte in that location, it buggers off to find a new node Rinse and repeat until that Acolyte drops.
  13. So, definitely getting the Wisp skin, the 2H-Nikana skin, and the Suprema skin. Bit more ambivalent on the rest of this content drop, though. Heavy Blades and Polearms are already spoiled for choice to the point where that market's outright saturated, Syandanas this round just aren't quite my thing, and haven't we got enough Ivara skins? Chest armor's nice, but when are we getting Tennogen armor sets? The problem with ONLY having Chest Armor is that you're gonna have a bad time trying to make it work with other armor sets most of the time. Regardless, 'grats for those who made it in.
  14. Shwaak's basically the Arca Plasmor of Amp parts. 2/2/3 (or 7 if you like Crits) is still one of the best Eidolon Amps, but imho 2/1/6 (Shwaak, Pencha, Plaga) is better for general use. This said, back to topic: Yeah, it's pretty damn good. Pair with Shraksun and you can decimate Eidolons at a close range.
  15. Dual Kamas Prime. Alongside the Prime Kubrow collar that nobody remembers.
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