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  1. What upsets me is that they didn't go back and retroactively give Mirage Protea's alt-dodge, while letting Protea keep her normal dodges. Seriously, an acrobatic flip would work wonders for the jester-themed frame.
  2. https://imgur.com/gallery/jEmaacP
  3. I'm gonna add a nitpick or two for the Operator collection, and it's the jacket. Namely, how far out it extends from the body. Reel that sucker in just a tad and we'd have something perfect. Second nitpick's gonna be the hood and how, in spite of it's 'open' nor covering the chin or face that much, how it blocks facial accessories.
  4. I'd be down for the Wolf becoming like he was in Series 1 after you get past Saturn. Making him spawn at random, in addition to those juicy, sizzling beacons, instead of 'beacons-only'. I'd *also* be seriously down for spending Creds to get Wolf Sledge parts.
  5. So I'd like some clarity on 'wreckage repaired', namely if that includes Wreckage that I have fed into the Valence Fusion blender to min-max all my components prior to this update. If it does, great, I'm probably in either Tiers 2 or 3. If not... Hoo boy, we're gonna have some issues. Never mind, requirements got changed, we good
  6. Assassins, as they currently stand, are jokes. Right? I think we can all agree that, short of spawning in at very high levels, the assassins we currently have are pushovers to even halfway decent players, the RNG on loot is pretty bad, and they could use more unique loot. Stalker in particular has the second problem the worst of the lot, since he drops three weapons before The Second Dream, has the spawn rate for two of those weapons cut in half post-TSD, and drops a fourth unique weapon after that quest, mandating more farming, but Zanuka and the Grustrag Three die way, way too quickly, to
  7. Oh man, that Karyst Prime buff. *laughs in crit riven*
  8. After spending over an hour trying to land one specific weapon off of a Larvling, I had a two-pack of ideas to make Lich creation a little smoother on the player's end of things. First off: LET PLAYERS RIG THE RNG. If a player keeps walking away from a specific weapon, let's say five times here, that weapon's spawn rate is cut in half. This persists until either every weapon is walked away from enough to be cut, or a new Lich is created, at which point the tables reset and every weapon is equalized. This should prevent the frustration I've been through of trying to get one weapon off
  9. Honestly, Recovery is a really fun mission type and I sort of wish we could simulate a run through, especially given that after a certain point you just straight-up one shot the Hunter basically no matter what.
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