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  1. Will this update finally make The Chimera Prologue replayable?
  2. Relevant: I still use Loki here and there. His utility is always loved. Switch to set foes to pathfind to the objective, Disarm so nobody's getting shot it, Invis that is just incredibly useful on it's own, and a Decoy which... Well, Decoy's the odd one out, but you can't win 'em all.
  3. But it's fun taking out all the enemies there. On that note, if everyone is waiting for you, PLEASE swallow your damn pride and get to extraction. Also, don't go for extraction early and stay put. You die there, and I'm not going way out of my way to get you up.
  4. Does my gun have two bullets loaded? Yes? Well, no need to be so stingy with my ammo then. As for exceotions, I'd say the entire Sniper category (Slow, awkward, or both, should reward skilled play), Shotguns (Requires closing the gap. High risk high reward), and Melee (See: Shotguns).
  5. Either the Daikyu or the Baza. Secondary could be either Talons (Silent when thrown, so technically it doesn't break her cloaking) or (Ak)Furis.
  6. Yes, sort of. What happens with vaulting is that the relics are removed from circulation. They're not removed from inventories. Basically, they become impossible to re-acquire, but you can still run that particular reward table. So if you got some Saryn relics stockpiled, you can absolutely run them even after the Prime Vault closes and takes these two back to the attic for three more years.
  7. Ah, so now I can charge and toss multiple Teslas? ...Great, but do they now ensure a stun on at least the first shock? There's a lot of details. ...also, oof that spread hurt to watch
  8. I'm not going to say anything as cheesy as 'you are your own worst enemy', but I love my Ogris, and even then I blow myself up at least once a mission. So instead I would like to nominate the Orb Mothers, because if you're not at the top of your game with either, you'll be buried in the snow with naught but your regret for company.
  9. Speargun is a category that's already here, and you had me sincerely confused. Also, the problem with this gun is that we got other guns that do this gun's job better, faster, without being quite as finicky to use. The Tonkor, Ogris, Penta, basically anything that already goes 'boom' without needing to take nearly as many factors into account outside of 'travel time' and 'safe distance'. It's a nice idea, do not get me wrong, but it's an idea that's taken by other guns in spirit.
  10. It's also worth saying that if you can use Arch-Guns on land, you can level them that way, and it's stupidly effective in doing so. But the 'wing and melees are the hard parts since you need to go to Salacia (thanks unbound).
  11. Yes. It's called 'do Archwing'. The trouble with ranking Arch-stuff up is there's no real dedicated farming spot as far as I'm aware, so you'll have to knuckle down and do this the hard way.
  12. Ember. Vauban's being worked on, Zephyr still has niches and her Defense game is strong, Hydroid's still a decent farmer, Ash can reliably kill the Chart (but his scaling sucks), and Atlas can be good fun once he gets rolling. Ember's just bad.
  13. If you want to make it not as scary, take Rhino/Nezha or Limbo for a spin. The ambience will still be sp00py, but you're at little comparative risk of dying.
  14. "Oh? You're approaching me? Rather than running away, you're coming right to me?" "I can't get you with Cataclysm if I don't get closer." "Oh ho! Then come as close as you like!" (I'm not at all sorry.)
  15. Well yes, except no. If Limbo had a Stasis up (and you had no way of knowing this), your guns effectively became worthless for dealing with immediate threats, so you had to run up and start swinging a sword. Having options forcibly restricted by an ally, for a long period of time, isn't really good game design. As Limbo is currently, I can be in the Rift without knowing 'ah great, my fully-kitted Tigris Prime/Vaykor Hek/Synoid Simulor/so on so forth is now useless', which I'd class as a marked improvement alone. I don't have my options shut down because someone wanted to be DIO for a day and carelessly Cataclysm'd before popping the time stop. It wasn't fun for me, it probably wasn't fun for the Limbo getting 'LIMBO STOP STASISING' or reading 'WHY DON'T MY GUNS WORK' in chat, it slowed the game's pace to a dead halt, and gave griefers a metric ton of ammo to shoot at everyone else. When Limbo was in the party, you had to play by his rules, and his rules alone. And that wasn't fun, especially if the Limbo in question either didn't know what he was doing (because, again, game has this problem with conveying information) or knew perfectly well what he was doing and enjoyed your suffering. I do think an approach where the caster's projectiles stopped while everyone else's works in real time could work as an Augment, but unless it conferred some passive benefit to the Ability itself (Casting again only makes Limbo's projectiles move and it lasts until the end of the allotted duration?), I heavily doubt it'd see use because, hey, being able to shoot things that can't move is itself one hell of a buff. tl;dr (and/or snubbing): Limbo forced everyone to change their playstyle on a whim, and that was plain bad game design.
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