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  1. Oh man, that Karyst Prime buff. *laughs in crit riven*
  2. After spending over an hour trying to land one specific weapon off of a Larvling, I had a two-pack of ideas to make Lich creation a little smoother on the player's end of things. First off: LET PLAYERS RIG THE RNG. If a player keeps walking away from a specific weapon, let's say five times here, that weapon's spawn rate is cut in half. This persists until either every weapon is walked away from enough to be cut, or a new Lich is created, at which point the tables reset and every weapon is equalized. This should prevent the frustration I've been through of trying to get one weapon off
  3. Honestly, Recovery is a really fun mission type and I sort of wish we could simulate a run through, especially given that after a certain point you just straight-up one shot the Hunter basically no matter what.
  4. Welcome back to Warframe! Here's a 'big ticket' list of what you missed: Three new open worlds have released: The Plains of Eidolon, on Earth, the Orb Vallis on Venus, and the Cambion Drift, on Deimos. Each has their own set of activities within. A new planet, Deimos (replacing Orokin Derelicts). Houses the Cambion Drift and all the old Orokin Derelict nodes, which no longer require keys The Lich system, in which you can unleash a super-powerful enemy on the system and acquire a new variant of Grineer weaponry, entirely unique weaponry, unique allies, and Ephemeras
  5. I wish Necramechs could just wield Arch-Melees, with the Necramech Pressure Point/Fury mods offering a further boost. It'd certainly give all three of those an actual use.
  6. I honestly don't see why this change wasn't just there from the start, along with marking Loid's door (given the newly expanded Vaults, it is a pain to find).
  7. So, in the latest update, they finally added the Machete to somewhere where you can actually acquire it. This is great and all, but when I checked with Simaris, where you're ostensibly able to acquire it? Nothing. Nada. Not a trace anywhere. Now, for context, I used to own the Machete, but only got it to Rank 15 before selling it in a fit of stupidity, years back. Is this blocking me from picking it up from Simaris?
  8. Not really. Combo Fury/Killer can make this mode relevant, plus the added boon of having something constantly ready is a nice plus. Now uh, DE? When is 1H-Melee + Gun coming?
  9. Head to either Eris or Deimos, and make sure that if you're doing the former, you're doing so on a non-endless mission (Hive, Exterminate, Capture, etc). For the latter, do a high-level Bounty.
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