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  1. First, thank you for your continued efforts with the hot-fixes and balancing of components in rail jack! Like myself and I'm sure the rest of the community love that the stats of the parts we farm for hours out due the stock ones we have in our dojo blueprints. Second, a friendly reminder that controller support is still an issue. Personally I can not pilot my own ship without being locked in my seat unable to get out therefore having to abort and fail missions. I dare not even try to go into a full squad and jump into a gunner seat or pilot another Tennos ship for fear of locking myself into it. I was going to submit game play of it but found a video showcasing what myself and others of the "small" player base have been experiencing using controller. From YouTuber William Webb! Also, would it be possible to NOT use any resources while in free flight mode? Honestly, I feel there should be no cost to see what munitions do in empty space with no mission objective, enemies, or rewards. Plus we want to see our color choice looks cool when blowing things up and when we FINALLY get Void Hole to drop. Cheers and Thank you!
  2. Oh I've been around for quite a while, lets say I could have been a founder with Excal prime.
  3. Thank you for your continued effort in repairing the update launched before Christmas. However, it has become slightly apparent that you use the player base to weed out bugs and broken game features. Why else would you allow them to be launched with such issues. Not my place to bring it up its actually not a terrible idea in my opinion since WE play the game way more than any of the dev's...I'm assuming, But, in an effort to not turn this into a rant post, please keep in mind that your profile on steam and across the console base is that you support, all be it partially, controller gameplay with this game. So, with these updates on PC please devote some time into making sure that the controller support is still viable for the IDK 12 of use that aren't PC master race keyboard and mouse to play PC games. i.e. While in archwing if you custom your controller to have it be the same as melee(right button) can't be set and therefore unable to use it because the default is "jump".
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