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  1. Unsure if this is specific to this hotfix, but I just noticed that the Umbral/Sacrificial melee mods are not applying their bonuses when equipped on exalted melee weapons.
  2. AKVASTO PRIME YEET Any fix for K-Drive mastery in the works?
  3. I now have two moa pets and still haven't gotten the achievement for acquiring one pls help Also I'm not seeing mastery rewarded for leveling up K-Drive boards still
  4. Matchmaking is completely broken. Any mission I select will fill the squad and then the mission vote disappears, but it won't let anyone select a new mission to vote on. Everyone leaves and the cycle repeats. Also, Ventkids standing isn't awarding properly. I earned ~6k from races, but returned to have only 1.8k to spend.
  5. Ranking up K-Drive boards is not rewarding mastery like it's supposed to. I've maxed out one and started leveling another and I haven't gained any more Mastery points. Another thing with K-Drives is any combination of parts creates the exact same stats. Also, I can't tell which Moa part rewards Mastery because it doesn't show up under any categories in my profile.
  6. I just discovered there's an achievement for getting a moa pet. This achievement did not unlock when I purchased a "daily deal" moa pet from Legs last night. Is this intentional and can it be unlocked by crafting another pet combination?
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