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  1. Shadow Stalker stopped being a serious threat to me the day he sprung from the shadows. Perks of having a varied arsenel. I recommend you carry two weapons with different elemental types. One gun for the with the appropiate elemental combo for the faction your fighting, and another thats more utility based. Take your pick of status effect. As nice as it is to have all your equiped gear do max damage against the faction your fighting, It's important to be prepared for anything. Like using radiation, cold, or fire for slowing down a horde of infested with a bajillion ancient healers for example. Good luck with your next encounter with the Shadow Stalker.

  2. 33 minutes ago, TARINunit9 said:

    Alliances were previously used in Dark Sector Conflicts, which have been disabled for about 15 months. The benefits of an alliance will be coming back very soon, though~...

    Wow its been 15 months... damn so much has changed since then. Can't wait to fight rival clans again. (And team up against the strongest clans. War, war never changes.)

  3. Been wanting to join PC for years now. I want to build something stronger than a PS4 and can run most games at high settings and have a consistent 60 fps. Never actually built a PC before. Any tips on what parts to look out for?

  4. The title. Turn the little guy into a badass cube of deth again. He's been largely forgotten in my experience. And having more viable sentinels is always a good thing.

  5. 18 hours ago, BornWithTeeth said:



    I used to be in with the Arbiters. After Second Dream, I realised that they knew nothing of what I/my Operator truly was, and I lost....esteem for them? The revelation of the true form of the Tenno, and the awakened memories, led to a renewed interest in Earth, and I courted New Loka. In effect, the shocking ignorance of the Arbiters forced me to realise that they knew little of what they were talking about, and that whenever they said 'potential' they meant 'power'. I now think that they're just a sect whose beliefs lead them to align with the Tenno, hoping to harness us, trying to encourage the Tenno to stop thinking of themselves purely as warriors, and perhaps start thinking of themselves as conquerors, queens and princes.



    I just want them to cough up a Telos Nikana which almost approaches the level of murderosity of the Nikana Prime.

    "Traitor! Have fun with your so called "purity"." - A honorable honorful honor bound honor honor guided honor Arbiter.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Honestly I want a Telos Galatine or Telos Gram. Or maybe create a new weapon. However, we'll likely get a Telos boltace because ooo it matches the other weapons and completes the set.                                                                  

  6. With all of the upcoming content DE is working on. I'd imagine it's tough to work on every single thing. But one thing I always though DE could work on is AI. However, would DE ever find the time to ever work on it? Would it ever be neccessary? In Warframe, at high level content, CC is often used to well, control the high health, high damage enemies. If the goal is to invalidate enemies? What purpose is it to create smarter AI? At the same time though. Smarter AI could be the step in the right direction towards a more inclusive endgame. Where more Warframes and weapons are welcome. Yet that would require breaking down and rebuilding core components of Warframe  Anyways, what are your thoughts?

  7. Red Veil, New Loka, and the Perrin Sequence are the real villians! Heh, back to the topic. The Tenno are a neutral force. We don't really want to work with the Grineer or Corpus. But if we're running low on supplies or fighting a mutual enemy, we'll reluctantly help out. Otherwise we try to halt the Grineer and Corpus control over the system. The Tenno try to avoid having a presence at the colonies because that would invite harm to them by the Grineer or Corpus. We however do not shy away from creating safe zones like the relays. Places under our protection. 

  8. This thread is aimed towards late game players. You have most Warframes, you have a sizable arsenal of weapons, and you know how most things work in Warframe. With that power and knowledge you know how to pretty much guarantee a victory. After a while you may get bored. With nothing to really challenge you other than crazy scaling (and RNG), you might start using so called mid and low tier weapons to have a challenge again. You hear about raids and sorties. Missions that are supposed to challenge people with the best gear. It's fun for a while, sometimes you have to save a fellow Tenno who's in way over their head. The rewards aren't all that great but you have fun regardless. Then a thought emerges, "I haven't had a mission that was really all too scary or hard in a while". Then you get on the forums and complai-uh, you mean write about how the game isn't challenging for late game Tenno.                                                                                                                      Off-topic Note : This is my 421st post. RIP 420 posts number.

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