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  1. I have been having a problem for the last couple weeks whenever i tried making a mission of any kind, playing from a non gamer laptop with all graphic options set to minimum, getting a good and steady 40fps with seldom screen freezing, good for gaming, the problem is, whenever i attempt to enter a mission, at least some part of the time, but near always i enter new railjack missions, the game starts a host migration, making me the host and separating me from everyone else in session, causing me to end up all alone in whatever mission i was trying to do, even more when i'm too poorly equipped to finish it on my own, if i get the luck of more people joining in they become affected by lag. It has become nearly impossible to start a mission, at least in railjack on wich i am not kicked into my own session when the first loading screen hits, not to mention it becomes absolutely impossible to join a friends active session, due to the problem mentioned above, sorry if could not get my ideas in order enough to make my point clear.
  2. Sooooooo.... that happened....... he never died...... just aimed me with his hands when i passed near him like he was holding a secondary......
  3. I have found a few bugs, mostly related to the side artillery, turrets, or i am not sure how to refer to it, when another player detaches, it will sometimes remain in a semi-active state of the sort, in wich the "plate" you step on is still "down the rail" as if someone was mounting it, instead of going back up, and the interaction option shows for that plate that is "down the rail", instead of where it is supposed to be but isn't, interaction does not work at this point. Another turret related bug is some of the guns visually appear inside the craft or in wrong places, inactive, frozen versions of the guns that are just there, this one is rather rare. And a bit more common but still unusual bug is related to the ore shaped drop/loot in space, when you break a space ore, as i just call them, it shatter into collectable ores, right?, well, around 95% to so say of these ores automatically collect when the railjack approaches, but that leaves a 5% that will not be collected, instead act like a suspended, physics able item that floats, gets collided by the railjack's hull, and pushed into deep space, like a bullet actually, if you hit them hard enough.
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