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  1. I agree it would be cool to have the excavators actually excavate something in terms of loot, but maybe cryotic is not the best idea lore wise ? I think it should be a resource that makes sense with the home planet.
  2. I like it ! Bonus points if Tyl Regor the daddiest of all daddies is implemented in this and follows you spewing threats and is unbeatable. No, jokes aside I really like the idea, I hope they go wild with many open words at this point, since clearly it was not a one time thing and the possibilities are endless.
  3. It's all a matter of luck,sadly. The good news, as the user above stated, is that the current drop chance is 25%, which is very good! This is the setup I recommend for kavat farming, I used to be a breeder and farmed hundreds this way: -Equinox in night form built for Rest&Rage, since Rest will put them to sleep / Ivara built for Sleep arrow for the same reason -NO weapon on your sentinel or it will kill them -optional if you have it Ballistica prime, since it's unique skill is very useful: Killing an enemy with a charged shot creates their ghosts, which can also be sca
  4. For future similar questions, you can use Warframe Market, a very useful website that is what the vast majority of players use to sell their prime parts/sets or mods or anything really. You can look for parts, sort the sellers for the cheapest one and directly copy a generated message to send them ingame, or make an account and list on the site all the stuff you wanna sell.
  5. What others said, but I feel like adding some specifications/advices since I suppose you are a very new player if you are asking this. The main great and easy way to farm plat is selling Prime Parts you get from relics. To do this you can farm the relics themselves in certain nodes, and you can google the best place to farm a certain relic type(meso/lith/neo/axi), there are always many great and updated guides. But you can also simply play the game and see if you come across any relic, or even buy relic packs from syndicates for standing (20k standing for a 3 random relics pack).
  6. I am afraid you are completely right. I am currently quite in burnout from Warframe, being myself an old time player that started playing in 2014. I speak as someone that has not yet gone into the steel essence farming, for the same reasons you are using here: I feel like most of the content these days is for new players and I am quite tired of making my own long term goals only to see them erased later(good old void tower endurance runs just to quote one example.) But here is my opinion about this: I don't think the idea of having a small amount of steel essence in alerts is bad, HOWEVER it i
  7. I completely approve this idea, which in fact is a wish I have had for a long time. I would love to have a room filled with my fav weapons and warframes, and in general I would love more customizations for the orbiter.
  8. I am always baffled when I see posts like this. Do you people realize that googling *whatever it is you don't know*+wiki will take a lot less time than writing on the forums and waiting for someone to answer ?
  9. I wouldn't, if I was you. Sure Hydroid is far from good/efficient/meta and I also personally dislike it, but tbh I don't think selling a prime is a good idea, ever. It could get ebtter, it could just get an augment that makes it decentfor a specific purpose.. and the plat required for a warframe slot can be earned with what, the opening of 4 random relics ?
  10. What do you mean no more content, the game is still in beta my friend. On a serious note, I agree that they should focus a bit more on integrating the different systems and make them actually fit together, but I also fear that the day Warframe stops shooting out new content is the day Warframe starts to die. That's is how it's always been, and to be a f2p game that lives solely on the already existing content is basically impossible if you have close to no endgame or pvp. Let's be real, if you are a vet (having completed everything or almost everything and on the game for yea
  11. Tbh I am just going around with the frame I am enjoying at the time, but bringing the most braindead meta weapons I have. I do not usually use meta frames and weapons unless I actually like them, so to give some examples, here is some stuff I find both efficient and fun: 60% toxin Bramma, ignis wraith, rivened astilla, pyrana prime, kronen or any good melee. As for frames idk Khora, Nezha, Wisp, Wukong ? Just shooting some ideas of frames I like and find viable in SP.
  12. Sorry to hear that, I guess you are a bit unlucky. I always had my tickets answered pretty fast, warframe support is actually one of the best/most helpful and fast I have every experienced with f2p games. Could it be that you didn't explain your problem very well ? Maybe try writing it here or make a post in bug report in hope some other player can help you, they could just be loaded with support tickets and the current times are not the best as e all know.
  13. Just do missions and focus on something else, sometime Nora will tell you there is glass resonance in your area, you will see a fissure and enemies will get glassed. Kill them, profit. I think there is no point in actively looking for it, just do other things and in a couple of days max you will be swimming in them.
  14. That really depends on your preferred playstyle. I would personally advice Wukong. But basically, to sum it up: Wukong is tanky and good if you like melee, also if the idea of having an AI controlled twin that has absolutely no chill sounds nice, he is your boi. Rhino is just very very tanky and buffs, Mesa is very high damage but a very stationary warframe. If you don't mind standing still while clearing whole rooms doing edgy anime poses, she is your girl.
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