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  1. Also noticing lots of initial stuttering under DX11 now on liset and beginning of missions. R5 1600AF+1650S. edit: cleaning the caches mentioned above also helped the situation here.
  2. Try to switch back to Dx11 in the launcher cogwheel options. With DX12 I've had very low CPU (r5 2600) and GPU (1650s) usage around 20% and frames stuck around 40 in Orb Vallis today, it runs fine under 11.
  3. The scrap wreckage UI when your inventory is full has been missing critical information all this time. Every time I need to scrap I have to go to the dojo dock to see the stats on the items. I try to keep one of each with the highest stat found for possible future use but this leaves very little room and scrapping with a dojo trip is required after every couple of missions. Anothher scrapping related annoyance in the dojo screen, I have them sorted by name, when multiple of the same name are present in the inventory, after scrapping one in the dojo sometimes the or
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