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  1. I feel like the new Bounty stage Bonus objective where you kill tumors to get the throwable then kill marked infested is not very pug friendly. It relies on people not randomly killing infested, and not using CC like Wisp not placing the electric stun mote which can be already in place after doing other bounty stages in the same area. To get the required amount of infested in 1 group under 3 tries the whole team needs to come together and camp which is a bit hard to organize in public groups IMO (at least now, when people don't understand what to do), but I don't think people in pugs will
  2. Nice. Is there a way to make "optimization" feature of the launcher work without so much free space requirement, could it do it in smaller chunks or something? I only have Windows 10, Office (+ some documents, browser cache, game saves etc), and Warframe installed on my 128GB SSD and it's been impossible to run that for a while, I just tend to redownload the whole game instead to reduce size a bit.
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