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  1. I was doing a kuva survival relic farm, going for 30 minutes with the 3 random players i joined with, in order to complete my nightwave mission.

    we reach 30 minutes and the 3 extra as i kinda messed up and was a few seconds too late, host migration kicked in and loaded me back in, but had the "mission complete" screen where it shows all your Frame, weapons, exp and items from that mission, but it was completely blank. Like the grey rectangles were there, but my frame didnt show up, nor did anything else. And then i got sent to my ship. 

    im kind of annoyed as it didnt complete the nightwave mission, and i relogged and got the lich mods we got from the relics but nothing else. No kuva, no exp, nothing. 

    Is there anything that can be done? All i cared for was the kuva really, and would like some back if possible. If not then, at least i kept the mods.

  2. 12 hours ago, [DE]Danielle said:

    So sorry about that! Unfortunately mainline updates can do that, resetting your bindings should hold them as we've found. 


    Why is this a continued issue? This has been happening for a while now. Please try to find a fix for this, im kinda tired of having to rebind my controller and now i had to refix all my settings which I probably missed a few.

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  3. 23 hours ago, [DE]Connor said:

    Soma is an interesting case study - the Soma Prime is a constant staple across all levels of play, ever since we gave the weapon as part of Twitch Prime in 2017. With an MR restriction of 7, it’s intended to be one of the first Primes a new player will acquire. This overall prevalence initially resulted in a low disposition, but our internal rankings will help bring it to a more respectable baseline in the future.

    "Its intended to be one of the first primes a new player will acquire" not if you keep it vaulted all the time... if you have this mindset for it then unvault it and replace it a different prime that's overextended its welcome?


    I like the idea. But just starting out, your either not gonna have enough plat to trade for it (which prices change depending on person and time, and spend money to get it via trade) or farm relics (which is also flawed to an extent as some people want to run 4 of the same relics and if you dont have it then no) plus other then the unvaulting, where will you get the relics aside from trading? 

    I feel like this needs to be changed in some way if you want it to be one of the first weapons people can/should have access too without having to trade or wait for specific events once (maybe twice) a year....

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