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  1. it just seems like the twitch drop changes screwed up things for most players. i'm watching a stream now and it says i'm at 100% but when i click on its at 3% of 30mins WTF ? well i just logged in and relinked it and i claimed the item. that is dumb as hell to relink if its for every single drop
  2. yeah i think i have one or two left from when i hit MR30 but trying not to eat them up til i have more.
  3. that just really burns my ass that i missed the umbra forma for some reason. i was gonna maybe throw one on octavia prime when its done building and i gotta wait til the end of nightwave intermission to get more umbral forma's :-/
  4. I setup my computer for the devstream and turned sleep mode off and i came home and it shows i didn't get the umbra forma. that really sucks
  5. ^bump, this really should've been a thing a long time ago.
  6. make refining a Host only option so they decide when to refine because i'm willing to bet any randoms you play with unless they have experience with the forge will just refine because its there.
  7. I suppose this is a odd question but why haven't we gotten some new augment mods for frames yet or had some mention of it down the line ?.
  8. This needs to be in the game really. clan emblems being glyphs for profiles and emblems and Railjack ect...
  9. Yes. I completed everything but i guess i must've missed the hint for the poems, thanks for the tips.
  10. what bugs me about the kuva lich words is a clan member of mine had an idea that the words have some kind of poem connecting from each word you place in the right order. but the more i thought about it the more i got confused because each lich i killed/converted the order was different mostly. i really wish DE would give us a hint on if the sentences on each word meant something significant or not.
  11. this was the original one and didn't like the white background for the emblem then just made it black lol
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