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  1. Ok i get what your saying, i must've missed the stream that they talked about this.
  2. I noticed a couple augments can be placed into the exilus slot but no other warframe augments and was wondering why DE hasn't just made this an option for ALL warframe augments to be placed into the exilus slot ? this slot should really have access to any warframe augment mod. it's not as if allowing all warframe augments to be place in the exilus slot would destroy frame builds or anything it would just be another good option. i'd say most of my frame builds use either power drift or cunning drift since extra power or range is a big help but having another option for just using an augment mod would open up new build ideas for players.
  3. Yeah it would if that was a thing but its not and the NPC running around just adds absolute chaos to Arbitrations that nobody would really want. had two Arbs today back to back defenses and both failed because the NPC died and i couldn't keep it under a frost bubble because the rest of the party moved around too much but my other idea was working until host migration. my other idea was stealth arrow from my ivara on the target but thats a pain in the ass to keep up having to hit a moving target with an arrow ever 20 seconds or so.
  4. maybe the NPC should follow the host and in most missions with clan mates i'm the host and i usually play frost so it would be a hell of a lot easier.
  5. the tenno that runs around and we have to keep alive is a really annoying mission type for Arbitrations and I don't believe anyone enjoys having to chase this guy around trying to keep him alive for the entire mission and Arbs to me are hard enough without this type of mission type and i think most players prefer to defend a stationary pod.
  6. I ran my sorties today using my umbral nidus build and had no problems. I don't stay moving 100% of the time sometimes i gotta stand still and help CC/damage groups that my clan mates are having trouble with as well 16 stacks are fine mostly but i like to feel like a god so getting to 100 stacks is usually my plan in long missions lol. yeah i get what your saying however the most time i've spent in a survival for example is 1hr maybe 1hr30min, i am a vet at the game on console for what its worth and my clan is not exactly the hardcore types that wanna spend hours upon hours in one mission they are more about put an hour in and get out and move to something else. on a side note my clan mate used umbra mods on inaros and got nearly 8k hp which is godly hp for any frame and i thought i could do something with nidus but i suppose that could be just a dream lol. FYI i used my umbral forma on my saryn prime 😛
  7. So in other words i just wasted some formas and time to make a good build to play with. well S#&$. I figured with augment faster stack building helps survivability incase enemy kills me and knocks off some stacks
  8. I would use grace if i had it lol i haven't farmed eidolons in awhile swapping power drift out for adaptation i go from 196 to 181 strength the energy cost isn't too much of a problem but with a big enough pool its easy and i can energy dash so constant uptime on regening energy my other build
  9. Not entirely sure how i can improve this or squeeze another mod on at all
  10. I find that some new and old frames suck after some reworks and to me are just unplayable vs other frames Ember this frame could use a total rework and i don't think world on fire is going to work one way or another and maybe DE should just make a new ability that has good damage scaling without loss of range and increased energy cost. an idea to change WoF would be make it a AoE attack like hydroids barrage except it would be flaming meteors that hit the ground leave a scorch mark on the ground that burns anything that walks into it and if enemies get hit directly take large amount of damage on impact and damage over time and panic/stun or it could reduce enemies armor like frost avalanche & oberon reckoning. Accelerant change to where casting speed buff works on allies as well. Change fire blast to a defensive ability, when using fire blast it could have a stun/damage over time/knockback where enemies can't walk/run in or past the fire blast. fireball should have a trail of fire when activated and add a homing effect so it will go after enemies you target and maybe go through walls like barriers but not thick structures add augment to ember like chromatic blade so energy color or secondary energy color adds element on top of the innate fire effect. honestly elemental warframes like Ember,Frost,Volt should all be immune or heal or gain some form of buff/healing from being affected by their own elements Ash bladestorm i just don't know about it, i played ash prime last week for a few missions and having to basically highlight all enemies and activate it seems kinda meh especially when other players mow down the highlighted targets before you could hit your 4 again. I know bladestorm was maybe too easy originally but then again this rework just seems tougher to use in groups. Nyx the latest rework just doesn't seem like high level worthy and abilities that make you slow or stationary kinda suck so obsorb could use a change like the augment used for obsorb give obsorb that affect and give it normal movement speed and the same energy drain rate as Valkyr's hysteria and keep the damage to energy drain as well so its not as if nyx is invincible and runs the same risk as valkyr just in a different way and nyx can release obsorb at any point and release the built up damage like normal. Valkyr could use a rework, ripline & paralysis to me never seemed like very useful abilities and warcry could be changed or just add in warcry effect to hysteria so when you turn your hysteria you get the attack speed boost and add in the augment that lets you jump on enemies as a alt fire button you can use and maybe let you alt fire jump to more enemies near by say within 10-20 meters. Trinity replace link with something better, this ability people were using as a nuke and otherwise seems like a crutch,maybe give trinity a damage ability like how oberon has renewal for healing,hallowed ground for damge/buffing, I don't see Trinity often in missions and i wonder if its because of its lack of damage abilities. overall i think most frames need scaling damage output so they aren't just trash clearing frames
  11. This could be problematic for small clans that have scheduling issues and such. the trading change is going to probably cause some problems, if we have to use some 3rd party stuff i could see personal info being thrown around or sold but i could be wrong.
  12. because Valkyr will find you if you do !
  13. We are a North American Rank 10 Shadow Clan, we have research up to date and we are a pretty relaxed group that are open for recruiting and have been around since the game started on PS4 we are a decent size clan. willing to help people who join us. so if you are looking for a clan and are willing to put the time in we can help each other out. Mastery Rank 8+ to join I'm on east coast time and some members are in other time zones must be 18+ to join message me on PSN SlyFox5679
  14. hit me up SlyFox5679 PS4
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