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  1. "Communities are public - and we fault no one for wanting information about what they participate in. There's a handful of readers out there who will confuse a program's retirement and replacement with a player-driven system as a mob-justice victory. For these people, facts - such as retirement conversations internally predating any witch-hunts - do not matter. Regardless of what conclusions you draw - do not harass anyone as a result of a good change for the community." This is not about a mob justice victory, the evidence is there, the proof is there, the countless times people have said what was really happening with this corrupt system and how the Guides of Lotus abused their privilege to push their own bias against the community is there too, everything backed up. Getting rid of this system was the right decision because this cannot continue anymore. Be careful with what you do next and please this time don't go again ignoring the community for 4 years.
  2. Just one day to get out hands on this lady!
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