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  1. It's just, like, your (and some people's) opinions, man. For councils, it's the other way around. Council picked broken because it's one of the most interesting out of the given 10. There are only 3 real contenders to it: Calligraphy, Hive, and Kamaitachi. As interesting as they are, most of the rest are just very similar to rehashes of current Warframes that we have (e.g. Falconer and Ghost Kubrow - Khora, Ballerina - Octavia, Morpheus - Equinox) or just uninteresting compared to the top themes (e.g. Gargoyle). So, if people are forced to pick one, they'll pick the oddest of the bunch. Don't be too butthurt because your choice doesn't make it in. Not good for your health.
  2. Thanks for the tweaks. Please look into the crewship damage & satellite durability. Crewships almost instantly delete the satellite (if their shots hit) the moment it becomes vulnerable.
  3. Theme suggestion: a juggernaut (not the mini boss) themed frame with an obscene amount of firepower, preferably explosives and/or plasma. Possible kits would be: cluster mines, grenades, micro rockets, plasma cannon, super heavy armor (that probably limits mobility), etc. Something like these guys from W40k, but way smaller and more organic shaped (because Warframes): Sure, we Mesa and she packs a lot of firepower, but I feel that her overall kit feels more like a bounty hunter rather than a juggernaut with tons of firepower.
  4. Will Scarlet Spear be a recurring event like Plague Star? As someone that doesn't play Tridolons actively, I'm really digging the opportunity to get arcanes from an alternate source, especially because we can buy them through currency like Tenebrous Ephemera.
  5. Skiajati Skiajati Skiajati Did I say Skiajati?
  6. Please make it cap at 1023 after we max the initial 4. There is still the unreleased Command tree which needs 1023 points to max. It is exactly how affinities (that are supposed to be converted to Intrinsics) work. Affinities only lose their bonuses (which is a huge chunk of affinity gain) value when aborted. Proposed solution: make bonus affinities able to generate intrinsics, but do not give the bonus affinity on aborting mission instead of making RJ work differently than the rest of the game.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. Will there be further plans to break apart the initial grind of the updates in the future like how Railjack construction was released early before the update? This would really help in lessening the grind intensity and content droughts before big updates. For example, releasing Requiem mods before Old Blood was released would not only break down the amount of grind to manageable levels (while keeping the grind the same amount), but also keep people playing, as opposed to the standard flow that many vets are doing now: hiatus -> big update -> play a while -> get everything -> hiatus -> ... Lastly, out of all Vauban's tools now, Vector Pads are almost useless (almost as useless as old bounce) compared to all other tools that he has given that it is hard to get any value from using it compared to other mines. Is there any plan to buff/tweak Vector Pads?
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