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  1. Would it be possible to make frames that use Wisp's noble gain her permanent floating?
  2. Hi, a few bugs that I have encountered: 1. When trying to mount Ropalolyst, sometimes we're stuck in the mounting animation, not being able to move it 2. Daikyu Ormolu skin holster is broken. While it's position is correct, it doesn't fold the bow when holstered like the normal skin as it's supposed to.
  3. Truth has been spoken (in Arbiters voice). Seriously though, that's the main reason I avoid bringing Kavats outside Kuva. They die too fast.
  4. Nope. Properly modded normal (which means none of the outdated low tier weapons like Cronus) weapons always heals the pet in 1 hit.
  5. Important question: what happens to Alad V boss fight? Is there any effort to prevent newbies from getting even more confused with the star chart flow?
  6. Finally! Been waiting for the updates for 2 months.
  7. Just curious, what's the reasoning behind 100 creds per fish oil? That's one of the most unique changes I've seen in a while.
  8. While I dislike using meta weapons, I think a few of the changes are odd or not really justified if the change is based on power level. 1. Snipers are strong. However, they are far weaker than most other assault weapons in contents that don't require DPS race (basically everything outside boss runs). I feel that the nerf to the holy trinity (Rubico, Vectis, Lanka) is no longer warranted after all the previous nerfs (it does if it's still based on popularity). 2. Stradavar Prime is way weaker than Tiberon Prime and it only gets marginally higher riven disposition? I'm not sure what to say. 3. Lato disposition nerf? Why?
  9. Thanks for the data! Is it also possible to show the quartiles (or deciles if possible), median, and mode? As it stands, it can be seen that for some items, the variabilities are very high (e.g. Mios and Sigma & Octantis), this usually implies that the price ranges are very big. For example, Mios' trash unroll price is 60-150, but a good unroll might sell for 400. This is also reflected in the mean (200) and standard deviation (700). Hence, to read the data for such rivens, the mean and SD alone are not enough to draw a conclusion on the price. Also, would it be possible to also release the stats of traded rivens along with their sell prices? I'd love to do some predictive analysis of the data sets.
  10. The amalgams are super creepy. Looking forward to fight them soon! Regarding the energy drain amalgam, is it possible to make a similar (but less shiny) effect for energy leech/parasitic eximus? As it stands now, there's no visual indicator about the energy drain and one just suddenly realizes that the frame is out of energy.
  11. Just say that you just want to buy their rivens when the prices crash. Does that mean weapon popularities will no longer be used as the benchmark? This is good news as the changes based on popularities are often not really appropriate or lagging behind. For example: 1. Sicarus Prime was one of the best secondaries post-buff, but the disposition was not adjusted until last year. 2. Simulor series were the meta. However, after they were nerfed, many other primary weapons beat them in term of unrivened performance. Still, their disposition stayed at 1/5 until the last riven balance despite almost no one using them after the nerf. 3. Boltor Prime was the meta a long time ago and it was not meta or popular during the age of Miramulor (about the same time the riven was released). However, it still possessed crap disposition despite almost no one is using it. 4. Nikana Prime is only a slight upgrade compared to Dragon Nikana. However, it has drastically lower disposition than Dragon Nikana, making Dragon Nikana always better (instead of a sidegrade) than the prime if one has the riven.
  12. Hi. A question regarding Paracesis. Is there a plan to make it a requirement to continue a main quest (The New War etc) in the future? Or is it going to be something that's "really nice to have" but not necessary? Thanks!
  13. Try pressing the archgun deployer again in your gears.
  14. Akjagara: Has weird recoil patterns. Akjagara Prime: "Precision machined mirrorred pistol." I wonder how it'll be. Also, personally really disappointed with the accessories pack. The sugatra is amazing, but the operator cosmetics aren't worth it compared to the previous ones. Compared to Chroma, Limbo (yes, I think his controversial syandana is still way better than the operator), Mirage, and Zephyr, this one really pales in comparison. I'd take any non-sugatra previous prime accessories item (except Oberon's because it only works on Oberon) over the operator accessories if I could. Oh well, was hoping to shell some money on this pack. I guess I'll wait for 75% instead.
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