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  1. Hello everyone. The wiki is kind of lacking the content of the Nyx Prime drops on the Orokin Void page. Does anyone know the confirmed drop locations for each part? I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!
  2. I play like 0-8 hours a day depending on how much time I have and what day it is. I have a total of almost 200 hours. :) And the month is probably wrong, maybe like 2-3 months now lol.
  3. I am new, I started like a month ago.
  4. I'm Mastery 8 with Frost Prime, Hydroid, Loki Prime, Mirage, Nekros, Nova, Rhino Prime, Trinity, Valkyr and Vauban. Currently ranking Akstilleto and Atterax. :D
  5. Read TWD comics. Completely different story and different characters, and it's a lot farther than the TV series.
  6. The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad. :D
  7. Hello everyone. I was just wondering if there was a point for the two cinematics before a mission starts (the ships flying to the planet and where you come out of the vents or whatever). I mean, you load the mission beforehand and you have the option to skip it, so what's the point of them? Just a little addition for the sight? Also, why can only the host of the squad skip both cinematics? That's how it is for me at least. Thanks!
  8. Hello everyone. I have no clue if this has been talked about or not, but around when I started playing Warframe I found a little bug in the map and it seems to still not be fixed, so I figured I'd make a quick thread about it. It's near the extraction with the two Kubrow Dens beside it and it's an opening to outside of the map. This is the area... It seems to have two entrances... The first being near the top of the roots: The second being near the bottom by an opening: Here's a little close-up of the openings: And here's me falling through the map after jumping
  9. Was down for like 5-10 minutes for me, works now.
  10. It's gone for me after the recent hotfix.
  11. I have a little bit of lag in the mission, but not to the point where I get disconnected and it's not TERRIBLE.
  12. Hello everyone. I've played Warframe for about a month or two now, and the only Sentinel I've had was the Shade. It's starting to get a little old randomly going invisible and stuff, and I was wondering if there were any other Sentinels that you all like. I've heard the Carrier is good, but personally I've gotten used to picking up all of the loot and majority of the time i end up picking up more than players do with the Carrier, so keep that in mind! Thanks!
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