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  1. At the entrance there are pipes/fans that not attached to the wall. This problem is only for two small ones to the left of the door. It looks like there is no connecting texture / object on the right. This two. No texture/object. How it should be (Right pipes from door). How it is (Left pipes from door)
  2. Maybe you should add a slider for a percentage % of secondary color.
  3. Can say same for Khora's and Gara's 1 more or less.
  4. Have some bug with UI or even lost some points of NightWave.
  5. Maybe after the destruction of the legs of Tusk Thumpers we shoud have a cool finisher for it like it was with Exploiter Orb?
  6. So that's why 1-3 kills were enough for each level.
  7. If I remember correctly, then on one of the old devstreams DE said that the status of the cut only for the "shield character" (Hildryn best fits this description) would not pass through the shields. Or did they decide not to use this idea?
  8. Thanks for opening my eyes. Now I'm definitely depressed, because so many years i mistakenly believed in "passive for all schools". Really thank you.
  9. Almost more than a year has passed, but still no fix "Power Spike". It is "passive" so it should work in other schools as main, but it work only with Naramon school as main. I was hoping that you will fix it at least for "melee 3.0". So I'm disappointed and even a bit depressed. I hope that you still ever fix it before the release of 3.0. 😞
  10. Pls button "skip" for cutscenes. Can't waste time looking at it 10+ times.
  11. Same for me: Access Denied You don't have permission to access "http://www.warframe.com/" on this server. Reference #18.6f9b7b5c.1545161060.3017932
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