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  1. honestly, nekros deserves a complete rework.  NO NO DE PLEASE NOT THE MAG TREATMENT!!! man that was close /s. so yeah i realize asking for reworks didn't really pay off for the most recent frames that got them except excalibur but maybe one day they'll get it right again. 

    let's face it: the current ability set of nekros is underwhelming and he doesn't get used for anything besides desecrate and honestly, i haven't seen a single nekros in weeks pugging. before abilities were scaling with level and had to be equiped via mod cards, most nekros builds had exactly one ability on them: desecrate. since the others haven't changed much since then, it's still whatever if you have 1 2 and 4 available or not. if you go nekros, your intention is to double the loot. 

    this doesn't promote active gameplay. we and also de know that and this is why the ability is getting reworked. the idea to have a toggle seems nice, could be horribly underwhelming though as many have pointed out, if it indeed only rerolls one corpse every few seconds. anyway this might be a good change after all if they get it right so let's rather look at the other abilities of his skillset for a second:

    1...Gentle Touch:  Nekros gently touches an enemy with telekinetic kindness, dealing 100 / 200 / 350 / 500  Impact damage to a single target within 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 meters.

    ya, single target, low damage, cast time. it's not a good ability honestly. it should be at least a targeted AOE ability to offer more utility and justify the cast. point and click targeting and have the radius scale with range mods. like a small explosion with a fun little ragdoll effect. also in case of augment, if multiple downed allies are within the range, they should all be affected by the revive.

    2...Worst CC EUW: Nekros releases a gigantic gas cloud that smells funny and causes up to 7 / 12 / 15 / 20 enemies within 5 / 10 / 12 / 15 meters to enter a state of panic for 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 seconds.

    ya. this one is really underwhelming. there are a lot more convenient cc options in the game so it's pointless to even consider using this ability in party play. also the augment is ridiculously boring and useless. the entire ability should be replaced by something better. and since nekros likes to play with dead things, why not replace it with skeleton arms coming from the ground that drag affected enemies down and cc them similar to the current terrify but with a better cc mechanic and some damage to make it useful. just think about it: if i can hit 4 once on rhino and flip everyone and their mother into the air for more than 10 seconds with a 68m radius, how does terrify compare to that? yeah. just one example to show off the huge flaws of nekros' abilities. 

    3... desecrate toggle confirmed... good, bad, sunika kubrow? stay tuned to find out. but honestly, this ability could also be used as a passive instead. then it would make sense for it to grant additional loot for one corpse every few seconds. the entire additional loot mechanic is questionable in general. punishing players for not bringing nekros / ivara is kinda disappointing but i guess it's well-liked for party play or something so w/e... at least make his other 3 abilities fun then.

    4...Army Of Useless Shadow Clowns:  Nekros summons 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 shadow copies of HIS most recently slain enemies. The copies retain the level and stats of their original selves but will gain 25% / 50% / 75% / 150% damage and 15% / 35% / 65% / 100% health. 

    this ability...long story short: it's useless because of:

    - the cast time which takes longer to complete than excavation sorties with eximus stronkhold stipulation

    - getting kills as nekros to even get shadow clowns

    - clutter on the screen for the entire team to "enjoy"

    - shadow clowns are as useful as sunika dogs and as strong as mr. satan from DBZ.

    - they move at continental drift speed.

    there are some more downsides to this but i think we can agree that the ability does not fit to be nekros' ultimate and also doesn't fit into the fast paced combat that warframe promotes. 

    how about this instead: Reaper's Scythe. Nekros transforms his melee weapon into a deadly scythe while gaining imcreased movement speed and spinning around in the general direction of enemies, ripping them to shreds and healing allies for a % of the damage dealt. also inflicts bleeding dmg. with some noice animations this could actualy be kinda fun. imagine nekros having the upper-mentioned pin-down cc, snaring a group of enemies and blasting through them with an awesome looking scythe. ability synergy hype...yay.

    so yeah please make nekros great again for the first time ever before priming him. that is all.

  2. i dont mind sorties being hard... ... IF!!!! the rewards are according to the difficulty / time invested. and no, a lens or latron part does not qualify as a good reward if you ask me.


  3. oh boi! DEfender spotted. my take on this mess: it was unnecessary to further cripple the player's ability to level at an acceptable speed. just consider how much stuff there is in the game that has to be leveled at least once from 1-30 to get mastery. and you actually believe it's cool if we do it simply while playing random missions that yield next to nothing when it comes to affinity? EVEN WITH BOOSTERS and minimal leveling setups? do you even notice how many players don't even bring a full loadout to most missions anymore because of the horribly low affinity gain? with draco around, everyone was packed with stronk guns. now maybe one full gun and something to level and that's it. THIS IS NOT OK.

    the fact you had to start over should probably suggest you, that something MIGHT be wrong when you are just willing to throw away 3 years of effort put into your main account just to relive the new player experience. and pro tip: draco was not the issue here. broken scaling is. almost every aspect of the game has some sort of scaling issue and the devs are too busy fulfilling the requested amount of new items to publish in major updates so there's little time to actually tackle balancing issues within each development cycle. so yeah, blame corporate directive. NOT DRACO! 

    but good for you that you finally have fun in the game getting absolutely nothing done efficiently or having to resort to inferior farming spots that are also unfun to play. draco was a good map. many players enjoyed it. if you don't like it, fine. don't play it. but leave the majority alone minding their own business while preparing stuff for endless missions. oh wait, i forgot. that's gone too now. let's all wait then doing sorties once a day until TWW MAYBE fixes this mess.

  4. 1 hour ago, Omnimorph said:

    Stop right there, if you find Nullifiers "a pain to fight" that disqualifies you from speaking as a "veteran", as they should be no great difficulty if you're truly a vet and have a good quick melee, or full melee.  They were a bit annoying when the update came out, because there were simply too many of them, but they're quite manageable now.


    being elitist about nullifiers being "easy do deal with" and everyone who doesn't agree "can't be a veteran" is not true honestly.

    i could always go for the most cookie cutter fail proof setup with like a million effective hp and self sustain and basically run around with a next to immortal frame and have absolutely no issue with nullifiers ever... or i can try to have fun with the other warframes once in a while that can't go full drooling easy mode when nullifiers are involved and i, like the OP, won't have a good time in that mission simply because the nullifier mechanic is unfun and ridiculous if you don't follow a specific playstyle to counter that mechanic. 


    anyway, on topic...my thoughts on sotr:

    - archwing. i hated it before the rework and i hate it even more now. every time de trolls us with an alertium archwing mission i feel the rising urge to force close the game. controls are even worse than pre patch. i never play it outside of nitain alerts because it's a horrible game mode and i have no suggestion how to fix it. best change would probably be deleting it and refunding platinum.

    - kavats despite having a whopping 13%(!!!!!) chance since the buff to acquire 1/10 of a cat with each scan so about 0.6 expected catDNA each ODE mission, the only viable way to farm cats without losing massive amounts of braincells is still to buy them for plat, which is very unfortunate and a questionable business decision. also i really dislike them being a direct upgrade to kubrows in every way. now don't get me wronk mister de, i don't want to see them nerfed. cats are fun in their current state. instead of nerfing them, just buff kubrows please. 

    - starchart 3.0 yes, the icons are tiny which is not a good change imo. the newly introduced feeling of progression might be cool for new players... i honestly couldn't care less about junctions and all that. i just did the one to unlock the segment and went back to the usual grind/leveling stuff which is probably why most people play this game. we obviously like mindless grinding and playing sandbox build simulator. also: the new mission type + name scramble across all planets that came with sc 3.0 was pointless and unnecessary. also removing draco was a terrible move. now leveling stuff kinda sucks because none of the new high affinity gain missions are as fun as draco was. and i will probably never be able to remember the horrible name that the new interception on sedna has gotten. 

    -   new void a good tileset, honestly the best in the game imo. finally playable with random groups and matchmaker which for me is the best change that the update brought but waaaaaaait....of course they took out all the rewards for doing void missions to make it totally pointless. AWESOME!!1111111 honestly, the fissure missions became the most boring thing in the game after like 3 runs for me. i would like to see DE restoring prime part + forma rewards in the void missions and also keep the matchmaker. have every party member use their own relic for rewards in the void. the old void was awesome. i want it back. this would give players a choice which they prefer to grind for items. fissures or void (hard choice indeed yeah...not). there is no reason not to have both see what players like and if void is indeed hated (which it surely must be because you deleted it.../s) you can remove rewards again. just figure out a way how to balance endless void missions + rewards and it's cool again. many (not all obviously) players want endless missions. what's the master plan behind taking them out? 

    - new market (almost forgot that one because it's kinda wayne) i honestly couldn't care less how it looks. just had to figure out where to find potatoes, exilus and forma packs which took like a minute. but if i had to choose which one i liked better, i would say the old market design was superior. it seemed more polished and player friendly. but if that's not your goal i can totally understand why it got a rework. 


    this is not intended to bash devs. they do a lot of good for the game and it has evolved in the right direction with most updates since i started playing at dunno 12 or something. we'll probably have to wait and see what "the war within" will bring to the game and if that can compensate the shortcomings of the previous updates. warframe for me in it's current state after sotr has been reduced to hieracon, sorties once a day and oneshotting executors in lvl 85 sedna arena because i can and it's fun. also playing the new draco (sedna interception whatever the name is...) when i feel like leveling something. they effectively removed the endgame with the update. and i don't like it. what's the point to 6 forma so much stuff to have fun in endless voids now? all for 3 sortie missions each day? great. please fix and don't make TWW a screwjob pls.

  5. stopped reading at "nerf efficiency" my god. do you even realize what makes this game fun or why 175% builds are so popular? because actually using fancy looking abilities is fun for many players myself included. so no, nerf nerf nerf as you propose is not the solution here. warframe has a scaling issue. enemies as well as players are affected by that. de should figure out how to implement a real endgame and fix enemy scaling before even considering to touch the players ability to cope with all the ridiculous stuff the game throws at you.

    also, feeling powerful when you grind a lot to develop your hero/character is kind of important in grind-based games like warframe, dfo, d3, poe and so on.  

  6. before they raised the dropchance to 13%, i used 40 ODE keys to get a total of 13 dna. just to put into perspective how little this "hotfix" is going to change. the drop chance should not be below 25%. that would be 1.25 scans each run on average so that farming cats at least doesn't feel like a giant waste of time.

  7. BUGREPORT. (sorry if it has been mentioned before, didn't bother reading two pages, too busy not getting dna in ode)

    The kavats are supposed to be invisibile-ish so you can spot them while they move. there's currently a bug with some kavats being COMPLETELY invisible (=model missing). the only way to estimate their approximate location is by using oberon's passive and looking on the minimap where the blue dots are. scanning is already bad enough. but not knowing where the target is at all makes the whole thing ridiculous. 

  8. 7 hours of farming. countless ode/c keys wasted. 8/20 dna. gotta love these "bugs" every time players get a new overhyped toy that can be bought with plat. please for the love of rngsus this needs a hotfix.

  9. oberon works best. just keep in mind with the current droprate you'll probably burn 100-200 odc/e keys before you get the necessary 20 samples for the segment and your first cat... which is pretty BS

  10. the droprate is actually insulting to say the least. and even getting the scans off is tedious since derilect missions are a mosh pit now. let me guess DE, we can expect a patch in a few days saying the droprate was too low due to a "bug" right? just when everyone who wants cats that badly already bent over and bought the dna with plat :) gotta love this game...

  11. As many have pointed out already in various threads, the vulklok was nerfed murdered beyond useability in the recent hotfix.


    I know the TOS basically permit DE to do whatever they want to their content and we don't own anything which is common for online games. anyway...


    now we actually had a decent alternative to carrier prime for a mere week. people liked the ugly interestingly looking new sentinel a lot and many like myself spent plat on it.


    let's do the math for my case shall we...:


    Sentinel: 4 forma + 1 reactor = 100 plat

    Weapon: 6 forma + 1 catalyst = 140 plat

                                                       = 240 Plat in total.



    you know what blizzard does when it comes to hearthstone if they decide to render stuff useless or when they want to correct an unintended change or nerf something because they feel it's too powerful or hurting their game balance? 



    OFFER FREE REFUNDS FOR A LIMITED TIME SO PEOPLE DON'T GET ANGRY AT THEM. No support (man-hours) involved, just full & immediate refund by clicking a button ingame to disenchant nerfed changed cards for full price.



    yes, sure some players will probably laugh at this and tell me to never invest into content before waiting for several months in case DE decides to nerf it but honestly, ask yourself this:


    how long has hydroid been useable with pilfering swarm before he got rendered useless due to - wait for it: "Quality of Life" (xD) -changes?


    in this case, waiting didn't matter. they still killed him eventually.


    will he become useable again in a future rework? maybe.


    but for now he's dead and any forma / reaktor that's stuck inside the frame is basically wasted for the time being.


    the point is: it doesn't matter how long you wait before investing into items that you like to play with or how "obvious" it is that something will get nerfed eventually. 


    there's just something wrong with screwing players out of fake currency that was bought with actual money to support this game.






    Have this be available after each patch for the items affected for a limited amount of time like 48h or something. 


    Please consider this DE: it's not the players fault when YOU change your mind about the stuff YOU designed in the firstplace.


    Stop punishing us for that.







  12. just one example of the horrible AI/kubrow mechanics

    - tyl regor 3rd phase

    - kubrow stuck underwater

    - dies to dot,

    - i dive down to revive,

    - impossible to revive it in trashwing form for whatever stupid reason

    - loyalty goes down like titanic.


    how can this horrible, limited!!!!! loyalty decay/restore mechanic even be in the game if the dogs die to BS like this ever so often.


    now i dont feel like even playing with my maxed out, 7 formad dog anymore because every time i try to enjoy it, it dies to crap, gets stuck in impossible places or does nothing useful at all.


    kubrows are expensive when it comes to plat and time investment so not to be greedy or something but i expect changes in that regard and there is no way to defend the horrible state they're currently in.


    thanks for your time.

  13. funny how there's always someone defending awful game mechanics that add nothing but a sour taste in the mouth of the players. there's credit sinks in every aspect of this game already and even though i couldn't care less about the 75k it's still trashy design by default. kubrows are sentinels nontheless. ordis should take care of the dog maintenance - for free of course.


    by the way, since we're already at it: remove this awful, awful loyalty system. ty.

  14. Weapon agumentation mods were design to strenghten weaker wepons to put them closer to more powerful ones. Creating agumentations for god tier weapons would only make the gap bigger. Weapon aesthetics is a matter of taste.


    they say a lot in dev streams. i'm glad you have faith though.


    i much rather read patch notes since you can be sure that what is mentioned there actually made it into the game.

    (btw, they talked about kubrow changes a lot too a while ago and look how much of that made it into the last 10 patches. right, no changes/fixes/reworks at all beside that useless scavenge fix for the 100 creds per locker...and of course the color palettes... awesome.)


    as for the augmentations, like i mentioned: it's pretty pointless to make players farm ridiculous amounts of rep just to make specific bad weapons useful or close to being on par with the decent ones. it's just a wrong approach to balance things when you could just raise numbers instead.


    also, as it is right now i would have to trust their testing team that these mods are actually super good and make awful weapons at least equal to the good ones. and since that's not even guaranteed and i don't have any faith in the testing team whatsoever for obvious reason, i'd rather not bet on these mods being useful since that could end in a lot of disappointment.

  15. first something positive.


    the syndicate dailies now actually give me a reason to play +-15 minutes a day and do low level missions instead of grinding sechura out of boredom.


    these missions still offer no reward at all and everything you get out of them is horrible and not worth mentioning but at least thats 1k rep / day with very low effort.


    - Ability augmentations are underwhelming. i would rather equip vigor instead of having any of the available mods take up a slot so i have no intention to grind that deep into any syndicate.


    - the available weapon mods were made (almost) exclusivly for the least used weapons which is just horrible. there is a reason almost noone uses them besides for mastery rank. why don't you improve usable weapons to give people an actual reason to level syndicates above the required rank to purchase large restore kits & t4 keys? did you ever think about the possibility that maybe people use specific weapons because the visuals or the playstyle (or both) are very appealing? if a weapon looks horrible, i won't ever use it no matter how good the stats are. 


    - 1476134176 different sigils that don't add any reputation bonus for purchasing & wearing them.

    why were they even made? to fill up space and make it look like there are more "awesome" rewards in store? well awesome...


    as always, i'd like to mention that i see a lot of potential in warframe and i'd love to play it exclusively but you should really stop to push out tons of unpolished content without even having a reward system that's worth mentioning in the game for the time players invest into it.


    right now it's just use weapon till maxed, use frame till maxed rinse & repeat and never touch maxed stuff ever again because playing with it will give you nothing. 


    also do you guys remember those awesome dogs we got with u14? i almost never see anyone using them anymore. seems like sentinels are appearently way more convinient than those dogs with loyalty disfunction, trash-dna and that awful defrost time. but yeah i'm glad the plat-sink paid off for you, de. i guess there's no reason anymore to put work into them.

    ...also, thanks for at least giving us a refrigerator for storing them forever after formaing each dog 5 times. very convenient...




  16. this thread must be some kind of joke. people can't seriously like this eye-cancer causing effect right? 


    if this is indeed to be taken seriously, maybe create an OPTIONAL <--- NOT MANDATORY!!!1111 graphics effect for the roleplaying tryhards who actually like the fog/grain/whatever.

  17. Please tell me how its anywhere near that bad?

    And please tell me how many F2P games you've played, because time gates are *very* common in F2P games.

    And its not like the game stops you from doing anything else while your waiting.


    hearthstone, world of tanks, league of legends, dota2, smite, planetside2 and some other titles i don't remember right now but w/e.


    i don't know what kind of noname 1000 players-ish games you are used to play but i kind of go with the big ones. and since warframes numbers are pretty impressive (if they're acurate) i'm just wondering why they chose the inconvenient time lock concept instead of a decent one like all of the above mentioned games have to monetize.


    well anyway, i'm out since i made my point that there's too much inconvenience in this game and i couldn't care less about people correcting minor points of the op. it always amazes me that people constantly fail to see the big picture or quintessence of a wall of text consisting of many examples of the actual issue.

  18. Put it where you took that. As always, only bosses scale with conclave and they did so before even adding a conclave rating.


    so how come some low geared people report the limbo interception mission would be piece of cake even without mods or superior defenses and a maxed steel fiber/ health/shields/vigor rhino prime that one hits enemies with the archwing-melee gets torn to pieces within seconds? 


    it must have some sort of scaling. too bad i couldn't motivate myself to actually test it with like 700ish conclave rating after getting molested two times (solo & party) with my tank rhino. but after giving archwing a shot for 10h i just gave up for now. it's horrible and shouldn't even be released in this state.


    - minimap not 3d

    - archwing guns both really bad vs. the melee that oneshots most things

    - no bosses just trash that surrounds you like crazy thus requiring massive APM spam to melee warp kill all of them while struggling with decreasing shields/health

    - pretty lackluster mods like 25% max efficiency. wanna use abilities? better get those energy plates....

  19. when playing warframe, I'm feeling like I'm dealing with packages of cable companies.


    "oh, you want to use your dog now? sorry but you will have to wait 3 hours to do so..... orrrrrr you could purchase this special one time use only mega de-frost package including 300 channels in portuguise to use the dog immediately."


    pretty big inconvenience stunt DE. but besides the dogs being full of horrible mechanics like dna-stability, loyalty und death, there's even more horrible stuff in this game that doesn't belong in it! 




    it's really counter intuitive having to equip your sigil on EVERY. FRAME. SEPARATELY.


    like come on DE, what the acual frog were you thinking?


    "ppl gonna want to have different sigils on all their frames for sure since it makes farming so much more fun when you do every faction simultaniously when you switch frames right?!ß!ß...oh wait, we have neg rep right so that won't be possible... "


    imagine coming home, doing sechura run to start off the evening just to notice at w18 that you forgot to equip the sigil again on the 10th frame.


    you know, every other day something like the sigil issue makes me lose interest in the game for the rest of the day at least. sure you can blame me for forgetting that little matter because you hid it very very deep in the appearance menu instead of having a flashing bright red light on the front page of the equipment screen when no sigil is equiped. but yeah, why would you make it so easy for customers right?


    another awfully counter-intuitive mechanic is conclave scaling. WHYYYYYYYYY and i emphazise on this especially since it bothers me since day1.


    WHY do bosses scale with your stuff? WHY do you get less faction points when you bring decent gear into high lvl missions? why does everything molest you horribly in archwing missions when you bolster your defense to oblivion? what's the point to actually get good gear beside the frame and a top tier primary if you don't get more powerful because enemies also scale up with your gear? 


    you guys really manage to implement the most awful mechanics in a game with otherwise very high potential to be awesome but...yeah. instead of having a nice gear and level curve you chose cable company style to run your game.


    some keywords what is actually wrong with the current approach beside the upper-mentioned issues:


    - waiting times in general. making people wait days for stuff is like the biggest blasphemy in the entire game. it's almost as bad as having to pay plat to enter missions. 


    - pvp being a total joke without any rewards at all. why not make it a decent gamemode by giving people something for participating? (and disable ash of course.)


    - everything beside derilect, void, survival and defense is a total waste of time since no rewards involved whatsoever. 417h into the game and i still couldn't manage to motivate myself to play through all the planets beside 4 for maximum extractor capacity (which i currently can't use btw because except for 2 planets the bloody archwing missions just won't count as finished no matter how many times i play through them... thanks for that.)


    - random alerts that last for an hour. you know, everyone has different times to play. why not make them last 24h like the special devstream ones? limiting it to such a small timeframe just makes sure most people won't have access to it and getting so frustrated in the end that they just bend over and take the helmet/vauban/whatever for plat.

    also: rewards like 3k creds. seriously. every new player who doesn't have access to sechura will sooner or later be able to figure out google.com what the best way to earn credits is and everyone who has the node just laughs at alerts with such a pitty reward. please rework....



    i'm pretty sure i could go on with this thread for the entire evening but i guess you can see my point. no matter how many people defend bad gameplay mechanics or inconvenience, it's just not right and you know it. there's a reason most successful games actually raise convenience for the players as they grow and updates get released. why can't you do the same DE? just bug fixes won't do good in the end of the day. and little smart moves like excluding abilities from warframe mod slots isn't enough to compensate for the bad mechanics that enter the game with every update. 

  20. You're aware that all bosses also scale off your Conclave rating, right? Tactical alerts aren't the only PVE thing that involve your Conclave.


    yes i know and i dont like it much for obvious reason. and since i never saw a mechanic like that in any other game i played i can only assume there's a good reason why it's not present elsewhere. ah right, because it's counter intuitive and anti fun maybe. but thats just my layman opinion of course.

  21. This is probably the most reliable answer. Try stripping down your WF and going again.


    no. there's a reason why i despise tactical alerts. that can't be the answer for a well thought-through gameplay. else what would be the point of even farming / maxing mods if you handle every mission that way...like... going in naked. no...

  22. I'm a Founder. Been with the game since closed beta days, I think right after patch 4 or 5. I've spent several hundred dollars on the game and on DE, buying platinum and two Prime Access packs -- the full pack, mind you. The ones that are about $150. I even have one of the Excalibur statues. Going by what you said, because I've spent so much money on the game, I should have higher-than-normal expectations and thus be disappointed with the update... and yet I'm not. If anything, I've been loving the update.


    It's not because of lowered expectations. It's because I'm reasonable -- I know this mode is new. I know it's gonna have bugs and will receive tweaks as time goes on. I know I shouldn't go into high-level content with very few mods to keep me covered. And because I know all this, I'm happy and content. I'm still enjoying the patch, and I know that the necessary changes will be made.


    yes so we're at the same level of supporting this game, glad we figured that out.

    you're implicitly suggesting again that i made this rant because i don't have enough mod coverage for the "high" level mission. well i already explained that that is not the case at all. transmutation & spaming missions actually nets you quite a lot mods you know... and leveling < r5 mods isn't too hard as well, but you know that im sure.


    and considering the quality of new content, my point still stands. it's comparable to the development of world of tanks. when content isn't ready for release yet, when it would cause more trouble than worth, it will stay on the ptr. i know there are plenty of other examples in terms of publishers / games where testing of new content was taken waaaay more serious than in warframe.


    and there is not a single reason why wf shouldn't have a ptr. i gladly wait a month more or less for a big hyped update like 14/15 when it actually delivers once it's live. and no, hiding behind the "they make 10 hotfixes the following days" is not the way to go in my opinion.


    looking through general discussion, i found a lot of underwhelmed / angry threads concerning this update and i can't blame any of the OPs on that since it's preventable.


    treating PC as console testing grounds is anything but okay considering the huge playerbase. you can't just publish with an attitude of trial and error thus breaking the game every time something major changes.


    glad you're happy though. i'm gonna go play some game from gaben. at least valve delivers 99.9% functioning content at release day and not 28 days later like DE handles this subject.

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