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  1. -MortisThorne-

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.5

    Thank you! Much appreciated fixes ❤️
  2. -MortisThorne-

    TennoGen Round 13 - Accepted Items!

    Yaaayy... more excal skins.... 😔
  3. -MortisThorne-

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.2 +

    There's a reason it's like that, please think a little more lol. The mods are too strong, your sacrificing space for them
  4. -MortisThorne-

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.2 +

    Energy on the Dax syandana isn't changeable! It's forever a pale blue
  5. -MortisThorne-

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.20.0

    Also can this NOT be a thing?
  6. -MortisThorne-

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.20.0

    Cool Thanks for completely RUINING the Index. The least you could do is make it a 100 energy drop. It's absolutely ridiculous how limited you are now in the Index with this "fix". Come on, stop breaking things that makes this game actually BEARABLE
  7. -MortisThorne-

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.3

    Saryn's spores are still bugging out and sometimes will just not work completely! Been an issue since the initial update. Her damage counter will freeze at 20, saying there's spores on a single enemy when there's not. Cannot be detonated nor cast on other enemies. Also seeing some GNARLY framedrops in my ship, the first few minutes of missions, and loading into the plains since the mainline! Never had these issues prior to the update. I verified cache, optimized, and updated my drivers. Nothing worked. I keep all my settings on low and I'm still getting 20 frames. Not to mention V-sync and FPS lock isn't actually locking my frames at 60 anymore, they'll go upwards of 200 and then gradually come back down to 60, but the inconsistency of it makes it look like I'm running at 20 frames as well.
  8. -MortisThorne-

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.20.0

    N I C E Also; I don't know what caused it, but I do know it's not intended; while doing a fissure to play with the new Saryn changes, not 10 minutes in Spore stopped working completely. I couldn't cast it on any enemies what-so-ever. Dying could have fixed it, but we planned on leaving soon anyway. Demonstration> Polychrome console can't be placed in a LOT of areas. It also seems that the colored lighting of one room carries over into another despite not having that room's lights changed at all. Serious frame drops. Every few minutes my frames would drop to 20 or even below. V-sync is not working. nor frame capping. I have my frames capped at 60 and V-Sync turned on yet it's still telling me I'm getting upwards of 100, though really inconsistent therefor making it look like I have no more than 40 frames.
  9. -MortisThorne-

    Developer Workshop: Saryn Revisited 2.0

    I'm pretty skeptical about the Spore and Miasma element switch, but I wont mind it probably. BUT, on every Saryn build there is no place for efficiency, almost every top-tier build I see, they always have negative efficiency, because she's a caster and naturally her abilities didnt take too much energy to cast in the first place. But it's still a substantial amount of energy, so please do not remove the energy gain with Toxic Lash + Spores, you know everyone will still mass-cast.
  10. -MortisThorne-

    Coming Soon: Devstream #111!

    Will there ever be a possibility of Focus Lenses being treated as Arcanes, like being able to swap them between warframes/weapons etc. without them being destroyed?
  11. I'm so excited to see what comes of this lil casting call, everyone's operators are looking adorable. Here's my precious edgelord ❤️😄
  12. -MortisThorne-

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.19.0

    Aaaanndd you ruined Exodia Contagion. Thanks. Was really fun while it lasted. Guess I wont be doing 4-5 bounties anymore since that was the ONLY thing that made then truly fun.
  13. -MortisThorne-

    Khora's Planned Changes

    Hey! I have an idea. To me it feels like this change to Khora's 3 would make it slightly boring, she needs some synergy! so I propose this; Venari stays as her passive, and buffs depending on the Mode out of the 3, Attack, Protect, Heal. Attack: Adds a 5%-50% damage buff to you and allies in range depending on the amount of "stacks" built up before switching to Attack. (wold work as if a Rhino Roared and gave you a 50% dmg buff) Protect: Creates a visual around team mates in range of the cast that looks similar to Ensnare, but will deflect 5%-50% of incoming damage. (Looks at acts like Mesa's Shatter shield but instead of 95% dmg reflection, it's only 50%) Heal: Will emit a singular burst that heals teammates in range for 5%-50% of their health and shields. (this I feel would synchronize well with Venari's healing, if they're still too low on health or shields after the burst, Venari can top them off with 25 health per second instead of her initial 50 as it is right now) It requires to be charged (Like Nidus' stacks!) for the BUFFS to take affect. Each enemy hit with Whipclaw adds 5% to the next cast to a max of 50% (No higher, powercreep anyone?) The 50% is a percentage saved up for your next mode switch. You can still switch Venari's modes freely, but it will cost extra energy if you switch with stacks up depending on the percentage, i.e, if you have 50% built up, it will take 50 energy to switch, could be affected by efficiency mods All of these will be based on Khora's duration. Having negative strength will decrease the percentage max, positive strength will not affect THE BUFFS, though it should still affect Venari's output. Each cast WILL consume the 50% therefor requiring you to build up more again A cooldown of sorts should be there too. Maybe can't have all 3 buffs at the same time? Khora needs some more complexity and usefulness added to her kit while also still having an original concept and synergy. This could be the way to go, or it could be too powerful, I don't know I'm not a content creator or game designer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. -MortisThorne-

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.4

    On the Lua Balcony for the onslaught, please lock the side doors and keep the spawns within the outside area. That map is too big to keep up with the enemies who like staying inside on the staircases