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  1. Originally, it would immediately open any containers or lockers once they're in the vicinity as long as you're in the same room as the lockers/containers. But, I like this idea. makes it a little less op, and more probable lol.
  2. Thing is, Master Thief (or Scavenge) do NOT automatically open lockers. They UNLOCK the locked ones. You still have to manually walk up to them and press X for each individual locker. The point of this mod is not to unlock the locked ones, but to open the already unlocked ones entirely for the loot to be grabbed almost instantaneously. The mod is meant to save time.
  3. I originally had it at 10m tbh, I wanted to keep it below Vaccum's range... hmm... 6.5m? 1.5 unranked. Then per rank 2m, 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m, 4m, 4.5m, 5m, 5.5m, 6m, 6.5m ?
  4. Are you tired of having to spam X on all those lockers? Fed up with having to use specific builds on weapons, or Warframes just so you can open those unruly containers quicker? If only Ayatan Star farming was much more convenient... I propose: LOOT HAUL! (please excuse my shoddy editing) With this mod, All of your looting needs will be fulfilled. IMPORTANT!: Range decreased from 8m to 6.5m! Unranked: 50% chance to break open all containers and unlocked lockers within a 1.5m radius. Rank 1: 55% chance / 2m Rank 2: 60% chance / 2.5m Rank 3: 65% chance / 3m Rank 4: 70% chance / 3.5m Rank 5: 75% chance / 4m and so forth! Info: It should be a rare, Rotation C drop in either Arbitration or Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. That way players have more incentive to play either game modes, for a chance to receive such a useful mod! And because it's so useful, it should NOT be easy to get, at all! It should NOT be compatible with Master Thief, Scavenge, or Looter! Meaning if one of these mods is already applied, Loot Haul cannot be equipped! High mod capacity requirement! This mod should take up 16 capacity, generally meaning one would have to forma to fit onto a basic build! Players should need to be in the same room as the crates or lockers for the mod to activate! Should NOT open Caches or Rare Containers! It should open Resource Deposits! Will not open containers or resource deposits unless their codex entries are complete! (fully scanned) While it doesn't open Caches or Rare Containers, it can make finding them and other loot such as Medallions and Sculptures a little easier with Vaccum and Thief's Wit, as it will eliminate a majority of the container icons from your minimap and allow you to narrow down their locations! It can make Ayatan Star farming worlds easier, instead of having to choose farming them specifically, you can passively farm them by doing your normal missions with this mod equipped and running into rooms quickly. No more wasting time or falling back behind team mates when trying opening the lockers or containers. It should also (obviously) open containers and lockers for your team mates as well, making it heavily team-friendly Will make farming in open world a little more convenient by allowing players to gather resources more swiftly! All in all, this mod could take Quality of Life to a whole new BETTER level! Tell me what you think about my too-good-to-be-true mod concept~ Like or upvote if you'd like to see this mod in-game! PS: I spent too much time on that edit. I literally took the screenshot of those lockers/container in the Void and went through way too much trouble making grammar and placement mistakes xD
  5. So, you know how Firestorm works on the Opticor? Isn't Balefire Charger basically a mini Opticor? So Fulmination should work on it! It has a blast radius, being able to increase it even just by a little would be superb!
  6. the funny part? you used to never fall off k-drives so easily. they INCREASED the fall off sensitivity so they could add that mod lmao
  7. It used to be easier than it is now, could get a k-drive maxed in even LESS time than that. I don't know what they did, but it is definitely much harder to level a k-drive now than it was when they were first released.
  8. I will agree with this. Though the standing change will be nice, THIS is my problem. While 1k standing per 3k points is a little wonky, the leveling is the much bigger problem. Can get 27k standing easy, but i'd only reach about level 15 with bonus xp 😂
  9. Awesome! Thank you so much!
  10. I cannot stress enough how horribly repetitive, slow, and useless K-drives are. As fun as it was before, it's just downright ridiculous at this point. They take WAY too long to level. Even with the Vallis event booster (even though the bought and weekend boosters don't??? excuse me?) it took me over an hour of constant 3k points just to reach level 17, and that's WITH the end-mission bonus XP. I literally do not have the time or patience for this, but they still give mastery, which I need. If it receives XP, a booster should work on it, not allowing this is illogical. The movement changes or whatever changes were made (because I'm 100% sure there were drastic changes) are the most frustrating thing I have ever come across in Warframe. I cannot grind railings because even the smallest lip will send me flying off or ruin my grind points. Not to mention if you hit the TINIEST bump, you get tossed off like a flimsy doll. Seriously? We are WARFRAMES, who use energy to stick to WALLS, we shouldn't have such difficulties staying aboard a scrap of floating metal! Having to get 3000 points just to get 1000 standing is downright one of the most tedious things I've participated in. Changing how you get points did absolutely nothing but further frustrate players, the most useless change ever implemented was requiring multiple different tricks to gain a higher multiplier. I still go back to the Pearl and grind for goddess-knows-how-long, but this time I just change my tricks between jumps. Still the same old waste of time. It's the only EFFICIENT way of farming anything for K-drives, because everything else is literally broken. K-drives now are essentially a waste of time. Void Dash and Archwing get you places 2x-4x faster, and getting them just for fun isn't on the list because they are no longer fun when you're falling off every 5 seconds. They're just mastery fodder now.
  11. Thank you! Much appreciated fixes ❤️
  12. There's a reason it's like that, please think a little more lol. The mods are too strong, your sacrificing space for them
  13. Energy on the Dax syandana isn't changeable! It's forever a pale blue
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