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  1. Could you remove a lot of the building restrictions for dojo rooms? Especially for the small gardens, it's hard to build stuff in there with it being so limited. I would also like to be able to clip items into walls without having to get out of bounds in the dojo, for convenience sake.
  2. I posted this last in November but it's still an issue, figured I'd repost it. As far as I can tell, every garden room in dojos have an issue with the coloring on the lights at the top of the room. The curved ends of the lights will change to the selected color, but not the long, straight sections. It makes it very annoying trying to create a certain ambiance for the room when there's a glaring white light beaming down on it. There's an image of the issue linked below. https://imgur.com/M49FP8E Could I also make a suggestion? Those lights should really be dimmer. The colors that aren't black barely make a difference in how they look (that's why I used it as the example). A brightness option would be neat.
  3. When is the Atlas Deluxe skin coming out? I'm very excited for its release!
  4. ETA on Atlas deluxe? I've been looking forward to it since the concept art reveal!
  5. Why was Zephyr's Divebomb Vortex removed in favor of Target Fixation? In my opinion, Tail Wind is meant for mobility and CC, not damage. I would love to play around using Divebomb Vortex and Zephyr's updated tornadoes. The synergy would be awesome for her and her teammates that rely on grouped enemies. Why not have both so people can choose which one they want? I don't see an issue with two augments for the same ability, just make it so players can only use one of them.
  6. Not specifically related to Melee 3.0, but I remember operator melee weapons being talked about around the time POE launched. Is that still something in the works?
  7. Will Umbra still be relevant in the next cinematic quest? I really enjoyed the scenes with him and the operator.
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