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  1. I've got a similar spec pc but have a 1070 gtx and 32gb ram and don't have any issues your describing. My fps doesn't drop below 90 frames even under heavy loads.
  2. I can't wait till consoles get a M.2's which will be Xbox Series X360 and PS6 they'll still be years behind PC load times lmao. Still its cool y'all can experience some good load times now
  3. I would like to see all mods at max rank on your profile then I might side with this.
  4. This would probably be more of a question directed towards trading. Personal its pretty good roll on, but if you want the big bucks you might wanna look around at warframe.market and go under Rubico and check general pricing there based on your rolls.
  5. As far as I recall no it does not. As the had AGGP (A gay guy plays) as a partner streamer/content creator. I know the filter they do use is hate speech type of stuff.
  6. What is dead may never die. Also, as a note, my FFXIV character is Ember Fire. So does that get a pass ?
  7. First time I'm hearing of these so called 300% mods and I've been playing since open beta. There were mods original that were not supposed to be released but through the transmutation systems players got a hold of these mods. Most of these mods made it into the game (after nerfs), however, a few were taken away from players cause of how powerful they were. I doubt DE would let a player keep a 300% straight mod that isn't in some a riven.
  8. I think its by default actually. I could be wrong tho.
  9. What about those who already hit the max rank, are we gonna get a option to switch that out ?
  10. I am missing my 5th flower which is Wukong, I sub Equinox, Wisp, Protea and nidus, were first in that order
  11. I mean the core gameplay was changed when they added PoE, then OV. So you're saying you want them to change the whole of those as well ? Wouldn't that change the whole of gameplay of open worldness ? Side note. Didn't they add the ability to get gems/fish parts from creatures later on in PoE ? Did they ever do it in OV ?
  12. I mean your entitled to your opinion but just cause you don't like it doesn't mean other players don't like fishing, hunting and mining. You could always just avoid the content and just play the kill things forever grind. The helmith systems is nice but it isn't something that you need to necessarily play the game.
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