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  1. We definitely need both of them in the game honestly I review tennogen on my channel there's nothing wrong with the Helmet you made or the infested axe. I assume they will get into the game eventually just keep up the good work. I love that helmet more than anything, and texture wise its look just like Lubox's Helm. I don't claim to know everything though.
  2. Ahem. Like i said, I follow the artists he revised this skin three times from the points and the 2nd version is similar to the 3rd, the 3.0 is shinier, and the Ion skins are all kinda the same the Rhino skin is basically the same as Frost, but just Rhino. OH SNAP ITS YOU, slightly revised your work is PERFECT DE needs to stop being hard on you
  3. Funny how you said that I completely agree. We definitely should have gotten Blade of the Lotus Excal over ION and the ION Frost
  4. I don't like to come to the forums to complain but to be honest it seems that's what a majority of us do here without trying to. I am happy for Yatus that his skills are finally being recognized, but I must include the fact that it makes no sense how the picking of which of his skins were included. The Frost ION skin is his best skin to date made by Yatus, catch me on frame fighter if you disagree >.> . Either way I don't understand how Excalibur was Picked over Frost Ion, I understand Rhino, not many Rhino skins, but the same goes for Frost not having many skins in game. Excal has way too many skins as is. Also I don't see votes but I see favorites and unique visitors, the amount of Favorites and Unique visitors Exceeds Both Ion Rhino and Excal by a long shot when it comes to the Frost Ion Skin. Frosts Rhino Excalibur https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198042897689/myworkshopfiles/?appid=230410 Here's his page if anyone wants to check themselves. I follow these artists regularly. Please DE if you could add at least one more item make it this skin or make it 1st into round 16 cause it was jipped for this round. I'm just trying to give you a little bit of my money and also support the artists work that I like. PS: For Reference Frost has 9 skins in total 5 by DE(deluxe,primed,regular,immortal,Christmas), and 4 Tennogen Skins which all kinda look the same visually, with some textures being moved around. Rhino has 9 as well 4 by DE(Same minus Christmas) and 5 Tennogen 3 of which are very unique model swaps and 2 being retextures Whereas Excalibur has 15, 7 by DE(counting umbra as a skin in itself, plus the prisma, dex and the discord skin) 4 unique tennogen skins and 4 kinda recolors. I am aware that at this point i am ranting but none of what I said is false I am sorry if someone took all the time to read all of what I said. I feel strongly about fashion. If votes actually mattered maybe I'd have less to say..
  5. i think the 2 more logical reasons would be approval from sony, and second being on the same build i guess (second one not sure as much since the switch on older one)
  6. We must dance to improve our energy outputs!
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