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  1. Melee weapons for a long time have been have had their use limited to a small number of weapons (whips, polearms and heavy weapons) with most other weapons all blurring together because of their lack of range, having older weapons with weaker stats, or just being plain boring. A change that could make each weapon class more interesting would be a class feature, here are some that I thought of and if you any ideas please reply with them and I will add them to the list. Blade and Whip - Nothing changed, each weapons charged attack adds some flare to each one Claws - Bleeding and Slashing Dagger - Nothing changed, Covet Leathity's instant kill is more than enough Dual Daggers - Debuff enemy that stacks up Dual Swords - Extra hits Fist - Aoe Hits Glaive - Nothing Changed or Maybe marking enemies with bonus damage when shot with in X seconds Gunblade - Nothing Changed, already unique weapons Hammer - Massive/Powerful slam Heavy Blade - Heavy Attacks deal extra damage Machete - Double damage for each enemy hit within a single swing Nikana - Worthy Oppentent (every 30s highlights Enemy (could be strongest) on kill gain buff based on enemy for long duration) Nunchaku - Increases range every X hits Polearm - Nothing Changed, already generally powerful as a class Rapier - Reduces resistances Scythe - Hook and pull targets hit Sparring - After X hits damage increases Staff - Impact procs or stuns Sword - Extra damage on kill Sword and Shield - Damage resistance and Threat Tonfa - Spin attack +speed Warfans - Charm a enemy in line of sight that will take extra damage and attack foes Whip - Nothing Changed, already have the best spin attacks If you split axes and 2h swords Axes - executioner, fear enemies and boost damage H2 Swords - Each enemy hits charges up next charge attack I tried to keep it all somewhat in line with what other weapons can do without making one too much better than the others.
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