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  1. Can somebody good with math confirm if with the extra slot for dmg mod in the place of vile acceleration and the extra cc and cd, we are really facing that much difference?
  2. I feel that the hole update seems random except the nerfs that were really directed and intentional. The nerfs hit a lot harder than the buffs, Im not saying that some of the nerfs were not needed but we are not getting anything in return, I dont see any of the buffs been really relevant As a heavy riven invester, I just feel like Im not going to spend my plats on rivens anymore.
  3. Most of the changes are not really signifcant. If one thing can be learned from this just in case it was not clear from the start - NEVER pay thousands of plats if a rly strong weapon has a rly high disposition unless you are ok with the fact that it will be a time limited thing... Prepare Gram Prime riven owners...
  4. Wow man im sry. It always happen to me as well lol
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