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  1. I miss my Straith. Rest in Peace, baby. We killed many a Grineer and Corpus goons together.
  2. He wants Warframe to die. It's the only explaination as to why he keeps trying to shout down any conversation about how to fix, or even just feedback that the devs need to respond to. Here's my suggestion to fix the Orokin Vault problem: In the coding, have it scan to see how many players there are. Have it then scan for what keys they have, making sure that al lplayers in the mission has a key. If yes, then: 1 player, one Key? 100% chance of having the right key. 2 players, 2 Keys, each player has 50% of having the right Key. 3 players, 3 keys, each player has 33% of having the ri
  3. I miss my Strun Wraith, when it was worth having, because I earned it. Instead, it was nerfed because the have nots couldn't bear the thought of someone having something they didn't in a PvE game.
  4. Or make it like those doors that usually need more than one person. Make it so that the key you have is the one you need for the door.
  5. You know, I read this and I think "Man, this is much better than it was before." When you could kill over 300 mobs on a Mercury Map, assuming you had a decent Warframe, like Rhino or Nova, However, I think that the real issue is not mob density. It's XP per Mob. What we need is a better XP to Kill ratio for Solo. Here's the thing, when soloing you're not going to get much in the way of drops. Never have. So why not keep that, but expand the amount XP for soloists?
  6. Watch the Livestreams, namely developer based ones.
  7. Would it be too much to ask for a second blade then Excalibur uses this skill? Don't change anything else, just add a second blade so it looks like he's using both hands, like a real warrrior and swordsman.
  8. As much as I hate to say this... Learn to aim? I mean, my cousin loves the Paris and is a freaking dead shot, with the base 72 arrows. Rarely runs out of ammo, and doesn't even have a Sniper Ammo Mute installed. Much prefers the Metal Auger and Shred.
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