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  1. In other news, I have a friend on discord who is going to help fix the head sculpt, he's also planning on making some minor changes to fit more with the concept i had in mind. I didn't do that much at the time since i was trying to lessen the amount of polycount since the tennogen guide mentioned i should be at least or around 5000 tris, adding more of those rings on the spikes will cause more to the tris, Will post his depiction of the design of the volt helmet sometime when he finishes the base sculpt
  2. Ah okay... well just to be secure, i probably wont be calling "blessing of the unum" but moreso on like "Blessing of the Plains" or "Plainswalker" or something of those naming conventions
  3. And i might need help with the Texturing... Anyone willing to Volunteer?
  4. I've been trying to practice sculpting via blender and here's what i got so far
  5. Yet the Graxx and Copra Series of Skins are based on Corpus & Grineer... and technically speaking Eidolons are a faction as well if i remember... Well Either way, If not cetus theme, then i'll probably just do an original series, but im working on the Volt Helmet idea, so i might texture it differently and call it something else
  6. Wait, since when was that applied? If so, this may not work at all...
  7. Glad you like the design idea, however, it cannot come to fruition until i have someone who can be able to learn Z-Brush, but ill update the post when i do get someone to help
  8. We're now available for recruitment If you wish to join us, join our server or contact MetalGear.Kaiser here for more info on our clan, as we're open for clan members who are willing to help contribute to our dojo, and enjoy what warframe has to offer!
  9. "Blessings of the Unum" will be called something else in the meantime and some of the designs will be changed to follow the tennogen guidelines due to the fact that Sentient Themed skins are not allowed, it will instead follow similar elements of the plains itself and the residents of cetus, some themes will be based on the Zaws and the Amps you obtain from the quills, but they will not follow similar themes to Sentients such as the eidolons. As such this is currently in development, I will progressively update this post on the progress of the first submission: Volt "Plain Strider" Helmet + Skin Hey guys, I have plans for working on a special series of Warframe & Weapon Skins based on the residents of Cetus, the plains of eidolon and the eidolons themselves, anyways for what i have made, isn't much, not to mention i am in need of a model artist to sculpt out these to be used in Warframe itself (Message me if you wish to contribute, it'll be a great help) But Here are my planned designs so far, if you wish to suggest some ideas, that would be just as lovely! Machete/Sword Skin Volt Helmet (Skin's still in the works)
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