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  1. I dont think its useless I hold 1400 traces and would like to use the other 1300 without constantly leaving endless missions
  2. Operation Mergers and its setbacks Operation Mergers released last week and DE worked hard on making the operation playable and enjoyable. Its been one of the most enjoyable operations and has revitalized my love for the game. As a veteran I have been playing this game for 5-6 years and what makes this operation enjoyable is the prospect of gaining immortality in the community and contributing to my hobby of running clans. With that said I want to understand why there is no php leaderboards and how not having this effects the participating of players, members and clan management. Participation of Players: Players that lack purpose and solo players focus themselves on being the best of the best by spending time min maxing their builds for events like this, with the lack of reward such as leaderboards they also lack the motivation to participate in the event which demoralizes DE's numbers on statistic sites such as steam. Members and clan managment: While there is incentives for participating clans to play the event, there is non for members. Sure weapons? 4k run is easy but without a leaderboard less members will go farther then that. Clans struggle to encourage members to participate in the game as it is and events are huge in the warframe clan community. Without leaderboards clans struggle to compete witheachother and clans struggle to incentivize members. Clans with a minimum participation such as mine also struggle to enforce our obligations without access to data on who has participated and who hasnt. DE has a simple solution to increase there player retention, statistics and improve there game. I ask DE to please explain where there is no php so that I can have a answer for my clan and its members.
  3. Whats with the incredibly petty restriction for? What is the reason for this restriction? Why mastery lock UI additions. @DE
  4. No, I cant, thats my complaint, im FORCED to change everyones roles at this moment Also the bug was it was doing LESS damage then expected, so they fixed the bug and NERFED her total damage
  5. You have literally just destroyed the entire clan system with every update you make to it I swear to god, you made it so new members cant get research, you made it so I have to adjust over 250 members to get the permissions they need to get research, why would they contribute to a construction or research if they will never be able to attain it. Do you not take a history in Canada, #*!% its just common sense! Analogy is this-Voting age was reduced to 18 because you were utilized by your country but had no say. Same thing with this brain dead update, members who are 18(tenno for this analogy) are being utilized by the clan (country) but cant vote (get clan research). Who ever #*!%ing thought this was a good idea needs to explain what the thought process was behind this other then "people take things and leave" Its not even a toggle-able setting, I am now forced to change around 250 roles for members so they can continue participating in my clan. Lets move on to the saryn nerf, "Saryn is doing less damage then expected so we are nerfing her." Like what? What is your guys's problem, I swear to god and correct me if im wrong on this point you changed her cause she was a boring nuke the room spammer. So now your changing her back from sustain damage over time to "we are encouraging you to proc 4 burst damage"
  6. https://gyazo.com/b522ded42f29416ca06202d876c299ed This is the single most massive joke on the history of warframes balancing team (which i know they dont have a specific balancing team). What was "your" actually concern with revenant? You built him to spin to win, you literally said so yourself in the devstreams of his showcase, you nerf our ability to even spin? You don't want us to use this ability? You think that thralls are useful in any way? They die instantly, they focus 1 enemy at a time instead of spreading themselves, and they don't scale like nekros's minions. His 2 is mediocre and his 3 is a dash, its supposed to be mediocre (its a tool for him to use in tangent with his 4th ability). Everything you build revenant around was his ability to use his 4 and benefit from his other abilities. You built his 1 so that when he 4s he gets orbs, you built his 2 to keep him safe while he has reduced movement speed in 4, you built his 3 so that he has a failsafe to "gtfo" when it gets rough as a backup plan to his 2nd ability failing. This warframe has become useless on his own let alone when he is compared to others in the same "play category". I can not fathom what your goal was because forcing us to try to utilize his 1 as a main ability is not going to happen with this update If I have it wrong, please let another players enlighten me or tell me what im missing
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